Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sagas in My Motherline

Two Saturdays past, I came upon the discovery of my spiritual connection (through my own preincarnate Cosmic Memory) to Frigg, the Queen of Asgard, through her name Saga (embodying the Power of Memory). At the time of that discovery, I created some new candles in her honor (one of which can be seen here).

Today, researching my ancestral genetic motherline, I came upon another connection to Saga ~

This map shows possible prehistoric entry routes of my maternal lineage (U5b1b-U5b1b1 in this image) into Fennoscandia. [source - The Peopling of Europe from the Mitochondrial Haplogroup U5 Perspective]

The paper Migration Waves to the Baltic Sea Region discusses mtDNA migrations from the Baltic Sea Region and states:
U5b and U5b1b1 were common in Karelia and especially among the Viena Karelians where U5b1b1 reached a high frequency 16.1%.

Here is a map showing where Karelia is located (for consistency and perspective against previous map):

Looking up Viena Karelia (where my maternal lineage reached high frequency), I found this interesting tidbit:

The birth site of the world renowned classic, the Kalevala, lies in the Viena Karelian villages, an area still surrounded by primeval forest. The Finnish national epic owes its existence to the folklore collected from the region´s unlettered peasants.

I think it's cool that my maternal lineage is directly connected to the preservation of a national folkloric epic "saga" and my spiritual connection to the Queen of Asgard is through her name Saga. Importantly, this thread of connection winding down to me around the scientific genetic evidence suggests to me that the transmission and actualization of my preincarnate memory is intimately connected to my ancestral genetic motherline.

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