Saturday, February 02, 2013


Hel's Hall Eljudnir in Niflheim is beautiful like this.

I watched the film Prometheus last night - the opening scenes are magnificent and very close to how I experienced Niflheimr in my dream posted not too long ago. My heart jumped with some kind of innate love when I saw those opening scenes. This kind of place is what makes my soul sing. I looked up on the internet where the opening scenes were filmed - it was in Iceland and Scotland. I have ancestral genetic connections to both Iceland and Scotland according to mtDNA and autosomal genetic results.

Hel's Hall, Eljudnir, in Niflheimr, is beautiful like in the opening scenes of the movie Prometheus.While I didn't care for the "Alien-horror-type xenomorph" at the end of the movie so much (which I feel ruined the movie), I'm going to buy the DVD just for those opening scenes - to watch those scenes over and over and over.

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