Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saga in Grímnismál

Grímnismál ... Odin and Sága happily drink there from golden cups while waves resound ...

Odin and Saga - yes, as I've related in other posts, I have never been alone, and my preincarnate experiences were experienced in companionship with another.

happily drink there from golden cups

and the final seeing (vision of forthseeing) was of "that which should be" of a profound destined happiness I've called "the brightening and the brilliance" in other writings

while waves resound

carrying the visions of seeing forward into manifest reality and incarnate remembrance such that I can report of them to this day

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Heid said...

"Saga is, as the name directly implies, the Goddess of History. Her dwelling is Sökkvabekk---(the sinking, the deep brook)---the stream of Time and of Events, where Odin (Spirit) visits her and is gladdened by her instructive discourse."


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