Sunday, July 27, 2014

Move That Monolith

The Dutch make good on their promise to end multiculturalism ... hail Halland!

The Netherlands (also known as Holland, Hoyland and Halland), another one of my ancestral lands, has actively rejected the drive toward the globlaist plan of monoculturalism.

I, Illuminati

Everyone who knows me knows about my claim to conscious experience (and continuous remembrance of this awareness) prior to its firm possession of my physical body a short time after birth.

Maybe I remember my experiences of preincarnate consciousness and journey into physical existence, not because of my Neanderthal or Denisovan ancestry (as I've hypothesized before), but instead, I have this anomaly of awareness because I am of the Collins bloodline. My mother's father's surname is Collins and he was a 32nd degree Freemason (often tied to the Illuminati). So it all fits - I am a descendant of the Illuminati Collins bloodline. And even better - the Collins bloodline has more occult power than both the Rothschild and Rockefeller bloodlines - is that not cool or what?

So now, I've just got to figure out how to use all of my occult power to wrest control of the world from the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

[Evil cackle.]

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Ancestors Guide Me

According to The Student's Manual of Ancient Geography:

...the inhabitants of the Scandinavian peninsula, who bore the general name Hilleviones, the Chief tribes belonging to these groups were located in the following manner ...

Now I have no doubt, with these two new synchronous connections to my dream (*students* and the *general name* for my book at first in the dream), that I am definitely on the right track and that my ancestors are guiding me down this path.

Hilleviones, Halland and Hylte

According to Lady of the Labyrinth (a Norwegian scholar):

... many of the German tribes had legends of a Scandinavian homeland, and many tribes did in fact separate in two groups during the Migration Age (beginning in the second century BC and lasting until the fifth AD), where the second group emigrated to the southeast – which is why Poland was so densely occupied by Germanic tribes. Thus it is entirely possible that we see a Scandinavian and a continental branch of the same original tribe, like we do with the Swedish Götar (Geats, Gauts) and the Central European Goths.

In 1883, Grimsby (“Nordisk Familjebok”) suggested that the Hilleviones were an early population of Halland in Sweden. If so, they could be the same as the Hallin tribe of the Scandza island, mentioned by Jordanes in 551 AD. Jordanes place the Hallin in Scandinavia. After having described the Andogit and Scredefennae of Northern Norway, he mentions one tribe of Suehi (possibly the Swedish tribe known as Svear) before he counts up several other tribes, among them the Hallin:


According to Tacitus, the Helveconae are one of the tribes belonging to a confederation of tribes known together as the Lugii, (there will be a later post on the Lugii). About the Helveconae is simply said to be among the most powerful Lugii tribes. His geographical description is usually thought to be referring to areas in Poland, although it could easily be understood as Norway or Sweden.[/quote]

[quote]The Goths and the Vandals (if indeed they are distinct) both are assumed to have come from Sweden. Many believe, without much evidence, that there is a connection to the Hilleviones of Sweden. The name can probably be segmented Helvec-on-ae, where the -on- is a Latin productive suffix used to generate people and place names. Helvec- might be further segmented as Hel-vec-, where -vec- might be “settlement”, as -ing would be “people.” As for the Hel-, there are as many possibilities ...

Hail my patroness Hel! 

Note in the map of Halland, there is a subarea within Halland called Hylte (which links to my feeling that the name was associated with the name Hoyt for some reason.


In follow-up to my previous post (Finding My Tribe), maybe the name in my dream was Hoyland (Holland-Netherlands or related to Halland-in Sweden)!

I was looking up ancient Germanic tribes and one that caught my attention was the people Hallin (of Halland in Sweden). Looking this up, I came across the information that Holland is also called Hoyland - which fits the letters in my dream really well.

Google also says that:

The surname Holland is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational surname deriving from any one of the various places in England called Holland or Hoyland, such as those in Essex, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

My Dad's genetic I-M223 fatherline is Anglo/Saxon-Viking-Germanic, so Hoyland is a very plausible possible link to the identity of my own ancient tribe.

This is so cool!

Google says of the surname Holland:

Toponomical surname indicative of ancestral origin in the Dutch region of Holland, the Netherlands, or the English region of Holland (Lincolnshire), or the English towns of Upholland (Lancashire) and Holland-on-Sea (Essex). It is also an Anglicized version of Ó hUallacháin (or Houlihan or Holohan) and is a common surname on the Beara Peninsula in southwestern County Cork, Ireland. It is also found in places where Beara immigrants settled, such as Butte, Montana and southeastern Massachusetts. 

Also, Holland (the Netherlands) is by the North Sea, and my Dad's I-M223 genetic fatherline is believed by genetic scientists to have arisen in Doggerland which was submerged under the North Sea when the ice Age glaziers melted. It all is fitting together quite nicely! So, my ancient fathers may have migrated from Doggerland into the area we now call Holland (and the Netherlands). The people Hallin of the area in Sweden called Halland may be related as well.

UPDATE - I've found out that in some old surnames, the terminal D is sometimes dropped - that may be why in my dream, I felt the name endsed with an "N", but that there may also have been one more letter that I didn't see (but felt might be present) - the terminal D! HOYLAN was the name of my book! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding My Tribe

I'm really excited - I believe my ancestors are trying to communicate to me the ancient tribe to which I belong!

This is going to be a convoluted post, but I want to explain recent events that have happened (through which the "story of transmission" is being communicated) and also the mechanism by which I think this communication is being transmitted to me so that my experiences and the numinous power through which my "folk story" is being built from connections to these events is given such that recognition among others in my folk may be ignited (to both help me identify my tribe and to help others identify their tribes as well).

Before I go into all that, I want to put out there my conclusion - that the ancient tribe to which I belong / come from starts with the letter "H" and also has the letters "O", "L" and "Y" in it, and has a similar number of letters (or one more) in it as does the name "Harlan." I am also associated my tribe's name with the name "Hoyt" for some reason, although the tribal name isn't the name Hoyt (but may be related or similar to the name Hoyt in some way). My tribal name may also have a letter "N" in it at the end, but I'm not as sure about that as I am about the other letters. I am most certain about the tribal name beginning with the letter "H" (so this is likely why my patroness is Hela, and my birth letter is Hagalaz). Maybe something like Holboyn or Hoylbyn (but not necessarily exactly like these, as this full name part is foggy).

Anyway, the events with necessary details and the numinous power to drive the construction (by my ancestors) of my "folk story" in my dreams are these:

1. a Conan post by Steve (on a Asatru forum) which led to my dream of my transformation into a Valkyrie
2. another post about another Asatruar searching for his own genetic tribe and his own family's name Harlan
3. a RedIceRadio radio show that I listened to last night with English Asatruar Dan Rayner, who wants to awaken his folk
4. the Mjölnir Dan Rayner wears on the radio show's program banner - on Dan's facebook page (which I visited after listening to the interview), a commenter on this RedIce program FB post asked where Dan got the hammer he is wearing - Dan hadn't commented yet, but I sell one "similar" (if not exactly like) the one Dan is wearing, so I linked the guy to where (on my website) he can get a hammer like the one Dan is wearing (this highlight's the Law of Similarity or the metagenetic Law of Near Relatedness, as my family most recently came from England as is Dan an English-Germanic person).

So, these recent events in my life (as many dreams are constructed from details present in recent life) are the events which held many of the details and the numinous power necessary to fuel the construction of the dream through which my ancestors are trying to communicate to me the name of my ancient tribe.

Since historically most tribal affiliations are inherited through the father's line, I am assuming my own tribal affiliation is also one from my paternal ancestry. My dad's surname is Taylor, which is an English occupational surname - where occupational surnames are relatively recent inventions and do not identify the tribe. The tribe is not an occupation, so the name Taylor is not my dad's ancient tribal name - it must be something else other than an occupation (although occupations may be passed down through families as well, so the historical occupational name is not without its own clues).

My dream last night was this - I was in a very large university class - like the ones they hold in hall-auditoriums). We all brought a class-book in which to record our work for that class (like a lab book and/or a grimoire). The book each of us brought was named, each one we brought had a general name that could fit many people. My book (at least after I had recorded my work in it) had a general 4-word name - at first. After everyone had done the work for the class, we recorded our work each in our own book - only I ended up with a general book that another woman had brought into the class (as I had) and another woman ended up with my general book. It was the way it was supposed to be - the woman who had brought the book I ended up with had a different book now - we were all happy with the books we ended up with (the one in which our own individual works had actually been recorded).

We were to each be graded on the work in our book by the professor of the class. We all got into a line to make our appointments with the professor to have our class work graded - and as we did this, the names of our generally named books changed (at least mine did I know). As I neared the front of the line of students waiting to make appointments with the professor, the male "secretary" helping the professor to make the appointments for work-grading called out for the student with the booked named "Harlan" - I opened the front cover of my book to look again at the name of my book (which had been 4 words) - it had changed to a 1-word name. My book's name definitely started with the letter "H" and had the letters "O', "L" and "Y" in it and was similar in the total number of letters (or maybe one more letter, as I wrote earlier) as the name Harlan. It was something like Hoylbyn or Holboyn.

So, does anyone reading this know of an ancient tribe among our Northern European folk with a name like this?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I, Valkyrie

I watched Conan the Barbarian last night before I went to bed. Conan the Barbarian is a movie based on the sword and sorcery stories of Robert E. Howard. There is magic in that saga, for after I watched the saga, I dreamt an "another story" hinted to at the end of the movie as to how a "Conan"-figure became king by his own hand ("but that is another story").

The gist of my dream. It was a very cosmic-feeling, symbolic and archetypal dream.

At some point in the past, my true identity hidden, I had become pregnant with the prince's (the Conan figure) child. It was otherworldly how it happened, and I really can't explain how, as soul mates, this had been accomplished, but nevertheless, I was pregnant with the king-heir-apparent's child and he didn't know it was me who he had lain with (although I knew it was me who had lain with the king to be).

Actually, neither he, nor anyone in the kingdom, the king included, knew it would be me who was mother to this star child of the Cosmos. They all thought it was someone else, someone with a known pedigree. I had no known pedigree to anyone's knowledge - my pedigree was hidden, like was Seigfried's (as he was fostered by a dwarf blacksmith after the death of his father). The royal family had waited a long time for "Conan" to father a child, for this person who had been chosen for him had been barren for long years.

Finally it was signaled in the stars that now a child had been conceived (of "Conan's line) who would make "Conan" king (as Conan could only inherit his father's throne and become king after he fathered a child). Everyone thought it was this other woman who had finally conceived. But it was not, it was me. I knew it.

Just as the Cosmos had revealed the conception, so too did the Cosmos compel that which played out next. Just as was "Conan", I was lifted into the Cosmos to meet "Conan" - we were to fight one another in hand to hand combat. As I ascended, I was transformed into a shining Valkyrie, with a shining sword and shining winged helmet (just as was the woman in the movie). I was to fight my match, "Conan". Only after battling one another to stalemate, would our union be sealed. As I was ascending, I knew everyone else expected this other woman to meet "Conan" on the Cosmic field of battle, but they were all going to be shocked (as would be "Conan") when I arrived.

I woke up.

Interestingly, a few days ago (July 10 to be exact) before I watched this move, I created a new oil for my witchcraft shop called STAR CHILD.What an awesome precognitive synthcronicity!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Odin, Bringer of Victory


I dreamt of Odin this morning. This was the first dream I've ever had where the figure of Odin appeared to me as clearly identifiable as the Odin of my people's collective consciousness (as opposed to appearing as someone uniquely fitted to my personal consciousness). He appeared as the dark-cloaked figure similar to in the image above.

Right before I woke up, after a few other preceding dreams, my dreaming consciousness turned toward the center of my home. No one was present there but my own consciousness watching in the dimness of the pre-dawn light as Odin stood up, just like in the image above, as if he had come to a decision, was making judgment, and was acting in his role as the warrior-shaman-ruler of gods and humankind. He was making a statement, rendering his judgment.

Immediately after he finished standing up, his judgment rendered, I woke up in the light of day to the cha-ching sound (notifying me of another sale at WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®) coming from my cell phone resting on my bedside night stand. I reached over and picked it up, checking my email as to the sale I had just made. In the sale among the items purchased was my WARRIOR SEAHORSE talisman (for unmatched success and powerful protection), my KEY TO THE CROSSROADS (Witch Queen) oil, my BAT'S BLOOD (Hex Reversing) oil and my CHARMING (Good Fortune) oil. In the sale's 'note to seller' from my customer, it was written, "Lori, you are an artist! These things are so beautiful." I take that as a compliment from and the judgment of Odin (the bringer of victory) as well!

Hail Odin!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Infantile Amnesia - Why (Most) People Can't Remember Being a Baby

This article (Research explains why you can’t remember being a baby) discusses new research claiming to explain infantile amnesia - the reason why babies can form but later forget memories formed in childhood - you know, that thing that doesn't apply to me (and to a few others too), as I do still have memories of my babydom - including memories I formed in my brain regarding my experience of preincarnate consciousness.

They claim infantile amnesia directly results from rapid neurogenesis as children grow. But, that can't be true, because I'm pretty sure my childhood "rapid neurogenesis" proceeded along just fine similarly to other children. If this rapid neurogenic phase has any impact on intelligence, then the scientific hypothesis definitely can't be true as presently understood. I have above average intelligence, graduated valedictorian of my class several times and have been in accelerated academic classes all of my life. My parents were approached when I was in grade school to advance me up a grade, but they wouldn't do it because they thought it would hurt my social development. So, I'm damn smart - suggesting my childhood "rapid neurogenic phase" went along just fine. So, if rapid neurogenesis has any influence on the phenomenon of infantile amnesia, it is pretty certain in my mind that it isn't solely responsible for it.

I even wrote a story about 20 years ago of the first memory I formed in my brain! I still remember it. I've retitled the story several times over the years, but the original title is A Story of Quantum Consciousness.

Dare to be true to yourself.