Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mazel Tov Celtics!

כ'ו באייר תשס"ח
Mab 27

I'm not much of a sports fan, but this just posted (Sunday now in Israel) over at Israel Matzav I find interesting.

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics who beat the Detroit Pistons last night 89-81 to make the NBA finals for the first time since 1987.

'Celts' are known for shamanic 'cauldrons of creation', while 'pistons' sound - well, excuse the language - but 'pistons' sounds like 'pissed ones' (as in, angry). Driving anger, the language of idolatry, is not a winning sound, and definitely not a sound welcomed into her garden last night.

Certainly, the win (see Celtics Polish Off Pistons at Foxnews) is not a moral judgment between the two sports teams, but names do have a powerful connection to that energy through which we are known by the Universe. While 'pistons' can be used for good - to move engine mechanics, for example - the focus of the Universe this Shabbat has been on 'wholy peaceful sound'.

Shamanic Judaism

כ'ו באייר תשס"ח
Mab 27

Hat tip to Asherah's Place for posting links to two available YouTube (of three) videos featuring topics related to earth-based Shamanic Judaism. The teacher in the videos is Rabbi Gershon Winkler of the Walking Stick Foundation.

Part 2

Part 3

I want to make a drum like the one in the videos.

Hishtavut - Her Sound In The Garden

כ'ו באייר תשס"ח
Mab 27

Erev Shabbat (counting yet not counting yesod of yesod - or 41 days which is 5 weeks and 6 days of the Omer - by both the Ari and the Gra), a long line of tornadic thunderstorms rolled through the midwest. In some of the surrounding counties hailstones the size of golf balls came down, Doppler Radar 4x reported live on channel 10 last night. Several tornadoes touched down. In Indianapolis, CNN reports this morning:

At least 14 people were injured late Friday night as a severe thunderstorm with at least one possible tornado ripped through Indianapolis' east side and other nearby counties.

Buildings were heavily damaged at the Falcon Point apartments on Marietta Drive, off 38th Street and Mitthoeffer Road.

About 150 people from the complex were evacuated to John Marshall Middle School.

Foxnews reports that no deaths have resulted from the severe tornadic storms that rolled through the area last night. That 150 people were evacuated to the Middle School is particularly interesting, because this is what happened to me last evening.

What would the Shabbat storm tell me?

During the height of the storm in my area, I prepared and dressed my Shabbat candles, one of which was a stone charged, herbally charged earth element green pillar candle. Carved with mystic symbols, dressed with my own blend of Ceridwen oil, and handrolled with a special faery blend of botanicals, I brought their flames to life.

Then, I went to get a stick of dragon's blood incense. Only, after picking up the package of dragon's blood, I decided I wanted to use a stick of Witches Brew instead. Opening the drawer to one of my herb cabinets, I pulled out a package of Witches Brew stick incense. I have several packages of Witches Brew stick incense. I held for a moment the first sealed package I had picked up in my hand, then replaced it back into the cabinet drawer, picking up a different package of Witches Brew that had been taped closed. Not this one. Exchanging the packages for a second time, I returned to the first package I had originally picked up, opened it and pulled out a stick of Witches Brew incense.

אב with a gematria of 3, restoration of the broken vav of shalom.

The incense-containing ends of the incense in packages of Witches Brew are not visible. One chooses an incense stick by the bare wood ends that rest near the opening of the package. The Witches Brew incense stick I pulled out was split several inches up the grain of the wood on the now-double (like Shabbat loaves joining 7 heavens with the ark of the covenant in the core of the earth) ended incense-bearing end of the stick. In other words, the bare end was whole (one) and the incense end was split (two). Both lengths of the split bore the Witches Brew blend of botanicals. I lit both ends simultaneously in the earth elemental Shabbat candle flame and placed the incense stick smoldering side down into the Celtic triquetra smoking bottle style incense burner on my altar.

My shamanic alphabet divination consisted of 3 Hebrew letters and 1 Ogham letter.

First, around 8:22 p.m., using my standard and rather simple procedure (where I do not see the 3 letters I am selecting from among 22 otiot), I pulled out 3 Hebrew letter cards, in this order:


With a gematria of 150, the word means 'your sound' as found in Bereshit 3:10 - "and I heard the 'sound of your voice' in the garden."

Then, also according to my simple standard procedure (where I also do not see the 1 letter I am selecting from among 20 feda, each fid pyrographed into one of my 20 Ogham staves), I pulled out 1 Ogham letter stave:

Nin - the letter of support, connection, feminine power and writing for clarity and contract. It can also mean "fork" (like my Witches Brew incense stick was "forked" at one end). A fork is a bifurcation within chaos with the power to radically change the course of reality and history.

In Ogam, Weaving Word Wisdom, Erynn Rowan Laurie writes on nin:

[Nin is a fid of] weaving together individuals and energies into a greater tapestry of cooperation and peace. In Gaelic terms it expresses a concept akin to the Lakota phrase mitakuye oyasin or "all my relations". Nin is a fid of relationships, both familial and conceptual.

Relationships with others also bring obligation as well as support. Where you are supported, you are also in a place to provide support to others who need your assistance. Nin is the fid of a friend.

Nin's magic is that of weaving and community creation. It can be used to help bring people together for a common cause, and is good for working on peace projects and other tasks that bring disparate people and communities together. Its link with letters and contracts means that it can be used in workings for clarity and understanding in written communications and to help keep legal proceedings in a clear and cooperative space.

With the celestial current, this fid is one of clarity and communication. It suggests harmony and peace in relationships, and speaks of friendship, cooperation and common cause among diverse people. Nin brings connections through communication, and urges you to look for deeper meaning. Nin's link with writing and contracts by necessity brings a connection with the law and the establishment of social order through legal means.

Legally whole peace of rare strength.

Nin corresponds to the ash tree and the herb nettle.

Nettle cloth is stronger and wears better than linen, though fewer fibers can be gleaned from nettle than from flax.

In Ogam, The Celtic Oracle Of Trees, Paul Rhys Mountfort writes on nin/ash:

Ash is a check on peace, for from it [the ash tree] are made the spear shafts by which peace is broken [or restored].

Erynn and Paul both teach that according to Celtic tradition, ash/nin corresponds to 'the contest, boast or flight of women.' Consequently, the contest of women can break peace apart or women's weaving can bring it together into a freedom song of flight. The reality of whole peace or broken quasi-peace/war is given over to the Divine Feminine, manifesting through the collective soul of Womankind.

Paul writes further on nin/ash:

Nin is the ash, a great and sacred tree in Celtic mythology ... presiding over the processes of transformation and manifestation.

This ogam is linked to fate. This does not mean that destiny is iron-cast, but points to the unique fate-path that you have to pursue in this world - one which, although it contains many possible options, is singular to you and no one else. Nin counsels you to regard the continuous unfolding of events as signposts, prompting and guiding you on your journey.

It also challenges you to take up the wand of manifestation and make reality anew for yourself. Positivity, creative visualization, ritual and spellcraft are all instruments of manifestation you may wish to draw upon.

One of ash's greatest features is the massive height to which the tree grows; up to 150 feet. It has quite a sheer trunk with widely spaced branches, and this pole-like appearance contributed to its association in Celtic and Nordic thought to the axis mundi: the central column and axis that supports the sky. As such, it also appears as a type of bridge between the earth and heavens.

Ogam wands were originally made of ash, and the root word nin means 'letters'.

In both cases [of illustrative myth stories shared in the book] we see a symbolic transformation or rite of passage from being controlled by fate to having it in one's own hands. From this flow nin's associations as a tree letter of empowerment in matters of transformation and destiny. In drawing the nin, it is as if you have been handed a magical tool of ash with which to work your will in the world.

I carved the letter nin into my Jewitch wand (the two forms of the letter shin already carved into it at the wand's initial creation), a tool of destiny within my hands, here now in this post with real-world and earthy correspondences to:

* magical letters of creation and transformation

* shins of chochmah (300) and binah (150-150), distinct yet as one

* the middle pillar, ha-emtsa

* hishtavut, magical-mystical balance (nin/150 - קלכ/150) and achieving an immunity to curses

* double-loaved challah, tikun and transformation of evil into holiness

* transformation of a 'curse' (קלל) into a 'blessing' (קלכ)

* restoration of the Divine Feminine

* restoration of the Kohenet Tzedeket (axis mundi, tzadikim nistarim)

* unification (height of nin and gematria of קלכ equals 300/shin)

* restoration of the broken vav of peace (the halved, broken wand of Pinchas transformed into a messianic split middle vav of the Hebrew letter shin)

By this time after carving my wand, the fury of the storm had passed over, but it was still raining heavily and thunderous outside, with lightning dancing across the dark skies. I went outside, felt the magic of the fiercely gentle wind in my face, and let the cool rainwater pour over me as I walked widdershins (holding the essential power of Dark Light) 3 times and 4 upon the wet sacred ground where I walked barefoot like a point of connection joining the entire expanse of heaven with the center of the earth. I felt the soft current of connection sparkling most intimately through the soles of my feet - the heat of the heart of heaven joined to the heat in the womb of the earth as they collided together in the wet cool grass against my skin.

Wholy awesome!

Kept in a black resin pentacle box at the face of my altar when not in ritual use, I slept with my spirit cord around my waist this Shabbat night last night.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Holy Half-Shekel & Removal Of Death Tumah

כ'א באייר תשס"ח
Mab 22

The night before last night (Saturday night following Shabbat), I dreamt. There is more to this dream than I am going to blog, but here is the end of the dream.

I was with a rabbi, believe it or not. I'm not sure exactly what our connection was, but he had taken me up for some reason, like a teacher or advocate or something.

He took me into the inner outer court of "the temple" (which was like a makeshift diaspora shul) covered within the folds of his cloak or robes of some sort. After we were inside, I came out from among the folds and stood there within the midst of the room.

There was a long table in the middle of the room where judges sat. The head judge sitting at the middle of the table was a woman.

A large group of people came into the room from the outside. I was now surrounded by a large group of Christians whom had agreed to pay $50 per person for the opportunity to see inside the temple. Some of them began to secretly and quietly sing Christian hymns around me, which seemed to try to incorporate me as one "lost" in the crowd among them. I didn't feel they were doing this specifically to me, but to the temple room itself (as if trying to imprint the walls with the presence of their song). I felt so unseen and marginalized standing there surrounded by people to whom I did not belong. I could hear them because I was surrounded by them. The others inside could not. I wanted them to go away, I was feeling smothered and suffocated by the covert singing of hymns by some of them.

The head woman judge spoke to the crowd who had each agreed to pay $50 to be there at that moment, surrounding me, and told them that their $50 worth of time was over now, to bring the money forward to pay for their visit, and directed them that it was now time to leave the shul-temple. Visiting time was over. Each one was to bring his or her $50 to the person at the end of the table collecting the money for the visit.

The head woman judge looked at me. "I don't have $50, I didn't agree to pay $50," I said. "I'm not one of this group. I came in with him," I said, pointing to the rabbi who was standing away from the whole fiasco. The rabbi acknowledged me. The group left and I stayed behind in the room.

We all went into another less formal room. Everyone was now chanting Hebrew prayers and such things. The head woman judge said to me, "Do you think you could fit here?" "I don't know", I said, "I haven't said the prayers in a long time."

The scene changed. Now the rabbi was using me as a divining tool of some sort. He was holding me around the waist and I was leaning out from the waist, like we were attached at the waist. My arms and hands were free floating out into the space in front of us, as if my fingertips were "smelling" the air. I did not consciously direct the movement of my arms/hands, they moved as if they were a sense organ seeing what could not be seen, leading us toward something.

My fingertips touched different places in space and we all followed were they led. Suddenly, my fingertips turned around and I touched myself.

We were then inside a cave where a woman had been held captive for a long time. At first, the cave appeared empty. Again, I was used as a divining tool. There was dirty iron pot sitting on the ground near one corner of the back wall where waste had once been collected during her captivity. The rest of the cave was immaculately clean and well kept for a cave. She had been held prisoner here for a long time. Where was she now?

I looked and found a shallow grave, like a bump in the floor shaped like a body. Her body was still in it, protectively covered over by tightly woven soil (held together by fine plant roots) like an earthen shroud. With my hand, and my face near her face, I was able to poke through into the woven soil around her face, into the space in front of her face, and then started to pull back all the woven soil which protectively covered and sheltered her from the deathly dankness of the cave. As I did, exposure to the fresh air (we had brought with us by finding and opening to enter the cave) agreed with her. She didn't disintegrate like a mummy or once-enshrouded dead body exposed to air might have. Instead, death left her body and she came back to life. The shroud made of woven soil had kept safe her life.

We had to get her to the surface, and did quickly. Once on the surface, she was me I think. I could make no distinction between us. The rabbi pulled something away from us. It looked like a huge slate blue rock the size of a small boulder covered with a filmy luminescent membrane like that which covers a newborn. The thin membrane isolated the bulk of the rock from contact with everything else and held it congealed together like a ball. I knew what it was - it was death tumah. He threw it out into the water which was flowing like a river, to be carried away in the current of running water.

I woke up.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New MySpace Upgrade

Well, since DovBear recently made design changes to his blog, I got in the mood to upgrade the look of my woefully neglected MySpace page. See my upgraded MySpace page here. I rarely visit MySpace, but at least the page looks somewhat tended now.

I also moved my playlist on this blog. It was so scrunched in the sidebar. It has room to breathe as a "sticky post".

Don't bother making design suggestions, because I probably wouldn't listen anyway. LOL.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sheydim In Beit HaBechirah

י'ב באייר תשס"ח
Mab 13

In contrast to today's earlier entry on the collapse at Angels Camp, here is an entry on sheydim (commonly, yet incorrectly, identified as demons).

Excerpts from Magic Of The Ordinary: Recovering The Shamanic In Judaism (Gershon Winkler):

The book of the Zohar, one of the most classical of the Jewish mystical texts, describes the sheydim as "half human, half angel" ... (beings who) dance between both the spirit world and the physical world ...

who await their completion during Shabbat*.

"And the Source of Powers said: 'The earth should bring out of itself the Life Spirit ...", taught Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi, "these are the sheydim, whose souls the Creator fashioned and whose bodies the Creator was about to form when the Settling Time (Shabbat) arrived ..."

Jewish tradition recounts quite extensively how sheydim were invoked by people for evil or good.

Although "demonized" by religious scripture and folklore, sheydim are also mentioned in more positive contexts. Shlomo, who was Chief of Hebrew tribes during the ninth century B.C.E., is recorded as having made positive use of sheydim as have several of the early rabbis. Dabbling in the arts of invoking sheydim is therefore not to be confused with "demonology" and was never prohibited by Jewish law except in instances when sheydim were invoked as primary source powers rather than supplemental aids in "supernatural" maneuvering [1]. But invoking sheydim as aids for effecting "supernatural" phenomena rather than as primary causes of such phenomena, is althogether different and permissible in Jewish shamanic practice.

In Jewish shamanic practice, the "supernatural" is none other than a deeper "natural", and there really is no such thing as the "supernatural":

The various permutations of the various Sacred Names can effect or rearrange the "natural order" of things, since the natural order of things and their makeup are animated by Creator whose creative essence is concealed within many Names. The kabbalistic rite of the permutation of the Sacred Names would then be like rearranging molecules with the intention of altering their structures to effect any variety of manifestations.

The MaHaRaL noted that the realms of both the physical and the spiritual share the same Primary Root Cause, the Creator's ineffable Name, which, when pronounced properly constitutes an invocation of that attribute of the Infinite that manifests in the ever-unfolding dynamics of ever-continuing creation. Therefore, a supernatural occurence invoked by chanting the Sacred Name constitutes no disruption of the order of the physical universe. In other words: there is actually no such thing as "supernatural" ...

The secrets of sorcery and of ancient mystery wisdom altogether are exclusively to be discovered neither in books nor in workshops but deep down in the cobwebbed cellars of each and every one of us, buried within the murky mystery of our Essential Self. After all, the masters quoted in these ancient and early medieval texts must have gotten their inspiration and wisdom from somewhere other than books. For the main part, this body of wisdom was transmitted orally since Avraham, who in turn may have learned a lot of it from Eber and Malchizedek, whom the ancient rabbis considered the primary mentors of the first Hebrews.

One idea (inserted above*) regarding the sheydim that I will bring down into Rabbi Winkler's excellent instruction is this - the sheydim are made Holy when completed in the beauty of Shabbat consciousness. So mote it be. אמן


[1] Rabbi Menachem M'iri in Beit Hab'chirah on Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 67b

Collapse At Angels Camp

י'ב באייר תשס"ח
Mab 13

Central Yo-Yo Pole Collapses, Failing To Support Riders

ANGELS CAMP, Calif. — A carnival ride at the annual fair celebrating the popular Calaveras County jumping frog contest collapsed Friday, injuring all 24 people aboard.

Three were airlifted to hospitals in Modesto and Sacramento, but the extent of the injuries was not immediately known, said Sgt. Dave Seawell, a spokesman for the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department.

Most of the riders were children, and all were injured, he said.

The carnival ride, called the Yo-Yo, collapsed shortly after 6 p.m. Friday at the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee, about 80 miles southeast of Sacramento.

The ride has metal arms, each with a seat at the end attached by a chain, that swing outward as the ride picks up speed. The arms rise and fall as they spin around a center pole, putting the seats horizontal to the ground.

The pole apparently collapsed, causing the arms to crash back toward the center, said Dennis Townsend, a chief in the Calaveras County unit of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention.

"The mechanism that lifts the people is the one that collapsed," he said.

Read the entire article at link above.

On an opposite note, erev Shabbat, I indelibly colored and consecrated my magic staff of beauty, which stands at the foot of my bed, with דת.

Shaped in the form of a tzadi sofit (ץ) and the Bardic u/s, near each of the upper two points of my staff are inscribed the letters יה, which together form the Divine Name יהיה.

Monday, May 12, 2008

אחן - I Will Favor

ח' באייר תשס"ח
Mab 9

This morning, I had another waking vision. I saw the thin veil between realities pulled back, as the face of a neutral earth-toned creature peered around it's edge, with curiosity, looking at me.

Today was gypsy day at work. Jars of fortune cookies were located at each of the three nursing stations. Walking by one, I picked up a fortune cookie for myself. The slip of paper once hidden in my cookie read, "someone is watching you from afar." Interesting.

This evening's divination, consisting of one ogham letter, was performed under the waxing gibbous moon 59% (אחן) full during the planetary hour of Venus.

Gort - the garden of growth, safe haven, sanctuary of peace, place of greenest pastures, abundance, blessings, rest and restoration, a current of happiness runs through it, color blue.

Greenest of pastures and blue. Hmm. I also received my aqua aura crystal in the mail today. It's beautiful, like today.

And He said: 'I will make all My goodness pass before thee, and will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.'

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forming Light & The Staff Of Gazing

ו' באייר תשס"ח
Mab 7

In a vision this morning right before waking, in the place between moments I beheld, as if the gaze of my "looking" was carving into a reality made of pure light. No light was removed from the original matrix of light, as the line of light I was seeing "carved" was formed.

Instead, mountains made of light were pushed up and valleys also made of light were sunk low, by the act of carving and forming through beholding. The line formed by gazing was "connected" to a line I had carved into my magic staff before going to sleep last night! For a moment, I perceived with clarity the perfection with which the two were one - the carvings on my witch's staff and the astral double of those carvings imprinted into a matrix of pure light.

It was an electrifying sight to behold.


Perusing the blogosphere, I find this tidbit at Balashon:

Degel דגל is an interesting word. Ask any Israeli - or any Hebrew speaker for that matter - and they will tell you that it means "flag". That certainly is the uncontested meaning in Modern Hebrew. But I imagine that only a precious few will know the meaning the word had in Biblical Hebrew (do you?).

In the Tanach, the word degel primarily appears in the beginning of the book Bamidbar, in the section describing the arrangement of the camp. Verse 1:52 says:

וְחָנוּ, בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, אִישׁ עַל-מַחֲנֵהוּ וְאִישׁ עַל-דִּגְלוֹ, לְצִבְאֹתָם

The JPS translation is: "The Israelites shall encamp troop by troop, each man with his division and each under his standard". The translation of degel here is "standard", which originally meant a "flag or other conspicuous object to serve as a rallying point for a military force".

Similarly, verse 2:2 -

אִישׁ עַל-דִּגְלוֹ בְאֹתֹת לְבֵית אֲבֹתָם, יַחֲנוּ בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל: מִנֶּגֶד, סָבִיב לְאֹהֶל-מוֹעֵד יַחֲנוּ.

is translated, "The Israelites shall camp each with his standard, under the banners of their ancestral house; they shall camp around the Tent of Meeting at a distance"

However Milgrom, in his (JPS) commentary on Bamidbar, disagrees with the translation of degel as "standard". On 2:2 he writes:

Hebrew degel possibly originally meant a military banner. This is supported by the Akkadian dagalu, "to look", and diglu, "sight". The meaning "banner" was later extended by association to include the army division, just as shevet and matteh, the two terms for "tribe", were probably derived from the "rod" that served as the official tribal insignia (cf. 1:45; 14:17-18).

Interestingly, both shevet and matteh not only can mean mean tribe, they can also both mean staff (like a magic staff or walking stick). Consequently, by way of connection to shevet and matteh, Hebrew degel or Akkadian dagalu, may refer to a staff of gazing - as in my vision this morning.

Dave of Balashon also notes:

There are those who claim that the Akkadian word dagalu can be traced even further than its Semitic roots, and is related to the Indo-European root *deik, meaning "to show", and is the source of many English words including "teach" and "diction".

Indeed, I was "shown" in a vision of gazing, thereby taught the direct theurgic effect of my carving from the world of action on the creative matrix of light.

My witch staff is a real and awesome magical tool.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pronouncing The Divine Name

ג' באייר תשס"ח
Mab 4

I recently received the following email inquiry from a reader whose name will not be mentioned unless he chooses to acknowledge it as his in a comment:

Viewing and learning from different documents, conferences, meetings and websites, all people conclude that THE DIVINE NAME of G-D is only one, but how could a neophyte person and also a non-Jewish person know the real pronunciation of that sacred and holy name?

The question is worthy of a published response, so this is my response to the reader's inquiry:

The Divine Name is uniquely "pronounced" by each individual. To learn how it is pronounced within yourself, be faithful to your most true self. The more you discover who you really are and align your perspective in congruence with your discoveries, the closer you will come to learning how to "pronounce" (unfold into reality) the Divine Name as it is explicitly expressed through you.

There are many, many Divine Names, but the question and my response concern the Divine Name commonly called the Essential Name of God (shem ha'etzem), the Tetragrammaton (YHVH), shem hameforash, Havayah, shem hameyuchad, etc.

Sefer Yetzirah teaches that there is yet a deeper mystery (described by the "mother" letters) than that of the "father" letters (YHVH). In Celtic Druidry, Awen is the Essential Creative Divine Name corresponding to the mother letters of Sefer Yetzirah from Jewish Kabbalah.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sabbat Consciousness

כ'ז בניסן תשס"ח
Annwyn 28

In follow-up to my previous entry, In The Current Of An Epiphany, I note that the Sabbat fire festival called Beltaine is traditionally observed tonight, and astrologically observed May 4 in my location. Veronica Cummer in her new book Sorgitzak, writes of Sabbat consciousness:

The Sabbats in ancient times were as much altered states of consciousness as they were celebrations tied to a particular place or season. The powers that were called upon and raised were as much within each Witch as they were in the sacred hilltops or the secluded valleys or forests where the rites took place, for we are all filled with webs of energy in much the same manner as the Earth. To work with one is to work with the other, as the inner reflects the outer and the outer reflects the inner.

In this way, when we activate those webs inside us, we also activate them in the Earth. We spin into physical being the patterns of energy brought down ... To be clear, Witches of old entered into altered states of being when they attended their rites and so became as one with the very patterns they created, whether old or new ones.

In The Current Of An Epiphany

כ'ו בניסן תשס"ח
Annwyn 27

This evening's Beltaine and Yom HaShoah Hebrew and Ogham letter tarot reading was performed under the waning crescent moon 17% full, during the planetary hour of Venus. Three Hebrew letters and 1 Ogham letter were ritually chosen with a Beltaine flame lighting my altar.

לעז, a shoresh meaning to ridicule as strange [1].

When Israel came forth out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language;

The shoresh לעז is used in the above phrase from Tehillim, leading one to understand that the state of expanded consciousness called "the house of Jacob" is directly derived from the experience of being ridiculed for being "strange" and different. The house of Jacob also refers specifically to the female experience corresponding to the Jacob state of consciousness.

Following the Hebrew letters, came the fid ailm. This ogham letter has the following meanings [2]:

*loudest of groanings
*cry of birth and death, where birth and death are one
*celestial current of consciousness
*point of initiation
*a new thing coming into being
*a new cycle of experience and enlightenment
*moment of discovery
*rush of an epiphany

Clearly, the Hebrew and Ogham letters are lucidly, harmoniously and meaningfully interwoven together in my tarot reading this evening. Both the Hebrew letters and the Ogham letter equally touch and elucidate the same liberating story of consciousness. There is complete prophetic-divinatory peace between the two mystical alphabets for me.


[1] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R. Matityahu Clark

[2] Ogam, Weaving Word Wisdom, Erynn Rowan Laurie

Dare to be true to yourself.