Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Those Crazy Ghostbusting Israelis!

ז' ניסן תשס"ט
Raven 7

Last night I dreamt.

There were preparations going on for a formal awards-like ceremony-meeting, but it wasn't quite ready to begin yet. At first, I was alone in a line of people who had arrived for the ceremony-meeting. There were many nationalities of people there. I had the distinct impression of Israelis being among the crowd. I had already entered into the big ceremony room's entryway, but hadn't found my seating place yet. Then, it was announced that it wasn't time for the ceremonies to officially begin yet, so everyone could go back outside and wait in the fancy restaurant dining area and have dinner first while preparations were being completed.

Then, I had a date beside me as I went up to a table in the dining room area. I wasn't comfortable with my dress suddenly, as if someone had ripped it or something. Sensing my discomfort, my date put his coat over me so that the rip in my dress was covered. Then we sat down with a few other couples.

Suddenly, I was in a second room with tables in it. I was sitting there with several other women who filled the places at the table. My boss was sitting across from me. The focus was on my French manicure - which was beautiful. My boss was going to fix me up with a fresh manicure. She had a little pot in her hands on the table. Inside the pot was a white pasty material, something like, but not quite like, the acrylic the manicurists use to strengthen long nails and to keep the tips from breaking. She stirred the pot before her, swirling the material inside it around and around. As I watched her, I didn't get a fresh manicure. Instead, the tip of the nail on the finger next to my pinky on my right hand broke off as she was watching me intently.

I frowned. I was thinking about how now I would have to go to the ceremony with a broken nail and a messed up manicure. (You see, I diligently care for my nails now that I can and get a French manicure every two weeks to keep my nails in good shape.) I sighed with resignation. I wasn't going to enjoy the ceremony now that my nail was broken and my manicure was messed up. Such is the vanity of a woman - LOL. I derive pleasure from my beautifully French manicured fingernails.

Just then, I heard a voice say in my ear "don't worry, the Israelis are going to pay to get your nails done." Behind it, I heard another voice remark to the first voice who had spoken to me, "those crazy Israelis!" The second voice obviously thought the Israelis were crazy to pay to get my nails done. I merely wondered why they were going to do it.

I woke up. And went back to sleep.

Then I dreamt a ghostbuster-like dream. I probably had this dream because of the article I read on Jameel's blog last night before I went to sleep. Nevertheless, a ghostbuster-like dream I dreamt. Jameel and his cohorts are Israelis. Hmm.

The ghosts were flying about doing things ghosts do - spook and chase and slime people. I hid under a pile of stuff from the one coming toward me so I wouldn't get slimed. He couldn't lift the stuff up to see if I was under it, so he poked his long green ghosty finger through it in places trying to feel if I was under there. He kept missing me, his finger poking onto the floor. Pretty soon, he decided I must not be under there and moved on.

I woke up.

What crazy dreams. BTW, I don't really have a broken fingernail or a messed up manicure. It's in perfect shape at the moment.

Hmm, I wonder ... hey, if there are any crazy Israelis out there who want to pay to get my nails done - (LOL) donate here:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ghost Spooks London Rabbi

ו' ניסן תשס"ט
Raven 6

London rabbi spooked by ghost
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 03.30.09, 11:43 / Israel Jewish Scene

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe tackles complicated halachic questions sent by the rabbis of the continent on a daily basis. But nothing prepared the RCE for a recent query by a London rabbi, who sought the center's help in getting rid of a ghost he said was dwelling in his new residence.

The RCE's Response department in Israel, which provides halachic answers to the questions of European rabbis, was approached by Rabbi Levy Yitzhak Raskin of London on behalf of a fellow rabbi who asked not to be identified.

According to Raskin, when the distraught rabbi turned to his congregation for help, "they confirmed that these strange events have occurred in the past, and estimated that the noises were caused by the ghost of a rabbi… who was the synagogue's first rabbi and passed away 40 years ago, and is now seeking tikkun for his spirit."

Read entire article at link above.

HT to Jameel at The Muqata

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Letters Of Fire

ג' ניסן תשס"ט
Raven 3

Commentary on Tzav from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Letters of Fire.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unexpected Blessing Today

א' ניסן תשס"ט
Raven 1

My father bought my mother a 14K gold 1/2 carat 7-stone marquise cut diamond ring for their 50th wedding anniversary. Only a mistake was made - when the ring was ordered, two rings instead of one were purchased. They were purchased on sale at a substantial discount, a very substantial discount. So, rather than send the second ring back, they offered to let me buy it from them over time. Is that not cool or what?

The ring is absolutely stunning and not something I would have ever purchased for myself under normal circumstances. It is just such a good deal for me though and relieves my parents of returning it and trying to get their money back.

Such an unexpected blessing! I've never owned anything so dazzling.

Just wow. That Passover Protection Ritual Oil and its magical sale are loaded with blessing. I would never have imagined the magic to begin working as well and as quickly as it did!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Close-Up Digital Photography

כ"ז אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 28

I am grateful to my mother for allowing me to use her digital camera to take photos of the items I'm listing online at my etsy shoppe, but despite that, the auto-focus camera quite frankly sucks. LOL. It takes LOUSY close-up photos. I definitely need to invest in a digital camera capable of taking clear close-ups showing item details.

I know next to nothing about digital photography. I know I need a camera, a memory card and a USB cable to get the photos from the camera to my computer and that's about it. Perusing the internet, I am thinking about purchasing a Canon PowerShot A80 4MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom. Anyone have any thoughts about or experience using this camera or suggestions about another one? Think inexpensive. I don't want to spend a fortune at this point on a digital camera, but I do want one that can show item details and not blur them when shooting a close-up of the item. I want people to be able to see the item clearly and distinctly.

I think armed with a good camera with zoom capabilities I might be able to take decent photos, develop my photography skills, and take shots with a little bit more artistic perspective. Right now I'm rather limited in the camera area, but this will change and my photos will get better.

Ancestor Mysteries & The Tree Of Transformation

כ"ו אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 27

A reader emailed to me an inquiry regarding ancester mysteries. His question may be answered in the dream(s) I had last night.

Up Through Time, The Snake Tree

For some reason it wasn't such a good thing to be a head of this family. The reason was not so much because of the family, but because of the position of being the heads. The heads were in the most dangerous unprotected position in the family and more vulnerable to attack.

Adam and Eve were the heads of this family tree, literally. The entire family line was joined together like a single organism in the form a tree. Adam and Eve were the head trunk-limbs. The head trunk-limbs were in the form of two snakes branching up straight and high through time together from the main trunk of the snake tree. Their heads were at the summit of the tree, their faces like two pieces of white fruit among the uppermost leaves. Like fruit, the heads of Adam and Eve were always in danger of being eaten by the ancient animals of the primeval forest-garden.

One ancient animal flew up like a bird to the snake tree. The ancient creature had a long sword-like bird-like beak, but like a spider's jaws might, the ancient bird thrust into one of the fruits of the snake tree (which was really an individual human) below the heads of Adam and Eve. Like a spider, it injected venom into the human which was a fruit, liquifying the innards of his body. Then, like a spider might, the bird sucked out the juices of fruit-human, eating him this way.

It was not easy to be a human in those days, when humans were like fruits on a snake tree.

Down Through Time, Folding Over Continents

I've forgotten much of this dream, but it pertained to ancient family matters through time as well. It also had a stellar aspect to it, including the idea of finding lost family members down through time. It had an element of cataclysmic nature in it too.

We were from the stars, but in folding over the north american continent, many were drowned under the sea, lost in time. I remember vowing to find you, stepping out from the sea onto the new shore to do it. I had not been drowned by the sea, and like a mermaid, had survived the cataclysm of folding over continents.

The Snake & the Fish, Two Totem Meanings of the Hebrew Letter Nun

The Hebrew letter nun in modern times carries the Aramaic meaning of fish in the sea. The Hebrew letter nun is derived from the ancient pictograph meaning snake.

In my dream, Adam and Eve were formed like two sofiyot, like two straight extended final letters nun extending through time.

Prophetic Kabbalistic Witchcraft, As Above So Below

Every night before I go to bed, I do a quick dream divination using my Well Worn Path witchcraft deck. Last night, using these cards (which I keep by my altar in a handmade Dark Forest Divination pouch), I drew the card 'As Above So Below.'

'As Above So Below' is also a kabbalistic teaching of the Hebrew letter nun.

Complete alignment and harmony exist throughout my Celtic-Jewish shamanic practice of kabbalistic witchcraft.

The Tree Behind the Hedge, Hedge Riding to the Tree of Transformation

The first two items listed yesterday evening at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu, are related to this week's Torah portion Vayikra, and discussed on Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Two Turtledoves In Action.

Hedgecraft is a form of witchcraft which redefines witchcraft as centered around the journey to the Underworld and contact with the Unseen to transform the essence humanity into something greater. Hedge-riding is the act of doing it.

Related - Red Thread Witch Tea made with a base ingredient of Ancient Forest black tea.

Three Oakland Police Officers Murdered

כ"ו אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 27

Three Oakland police officers were murdered today in California. Foxnews reports:

OAKLAND, Calif. — Three Oakland police officers and a suspect are dead, and another officer is in grave condition, after two related shootings on Saturday, the first after a traffic stop and the second after a massive manhunt ended in gunfire, police said.

The slain officers were identified as Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, who was killed at the first shooting. The two members of the SWAT team who were killed at the second location were Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35. Officer John Hege, 41, is in grave condition.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said it was a tragic day for police officers. "All four officers dedicated their lives to public safety and selflessly worked to protect the people of Oakland," he said in a statement.

The mood was somber outside the police station in Oakland, and flags were flying at half mast. Officers hugged and consoled each other.

"This is probably one of the worst incidents that has ever taken place in this history of the Oakland police department," Thomason said.

Read full story at link above.

Baruch dayan emet.

"Harm an oak tree and all the oak trees in all the world know about it. The big problem, the way I see it, is that humankind doesn't want to recognize, appreciate and honor the consciousness of other kinds of life forms, including plants."

Two Turtledoves In Action

כ"ו אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 27

Commentary on Vayikra from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Two Turtledoves In Action.

Friday, March 20, 2009

In The Spirit Of The Holy Days

כ"ה אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 26

Today is my oldest son's birthday. It is also Sabbat Ostara, marking the spring equinox.

Today, I filled and adorned two bottles of Passover Protection Ritual Oil (which had been prepared on Purim and set aside at that time for later completion). The two bottles of Passover Protection Ritual Oil completed today were filled and adorned during the planetary hour of Mercury, with the waning crescent moon 28% full, and with the sun in the 29th degree of Pisces in the 8th degree of the constellation Pisces.

I'm planning on taking pictures of the two bottles and listing them for purchase at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu sometime this weekend or early next week prior to the official opening of my etsy shoppe March 29 so that they can be delivered to whomoever may purchase them in time for Passover April 8 (should anyone actually want to acquire them for their ritual observances). My photography skills are not professional at all, but I'll do the best that I can.

These two bottles of Passover Protection Ritual Oil are true ritual treasures, offered in the spirit of sharing the magic born of spiritual liberation. The price for each of these two bottles of ritual oil will cover my cost only - no monetary profit will be made from them.

It is with this spirit that I bless those who might purchase them, I bless the spirit of WITCHCRAFTS, I honor my oldest son's birthday, and I honor the spirit of the holy days, namely Purim, Ostara and Passover.

So mote it be!

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!

כ'א אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 22

My order for certified organic Pomegranate Seed oil came today! Yay!

Black Gold Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction will be ready by the March 29 opening of WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Photos

כ' אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 21

I used my mother's digital camera to take these first edited photos for Red Thread Witch Tea, one of the first handmade ritual treasures to be listed March 29 on my etsy shoppe. I'm definitely not a photographer, but what do you think about these? Are they okay? Any photography tips? Which five do you think showcase the item the best?

I can use five photos to list each item on etsy. I'm inclining toward using the first five, although I especially like the bottom 'artistic' one. It's wicked! :) Next time I think I need to take a picture of the blended tea in a bowl or something before the jar is sealed, so people can see what the tea looks inside looks like. Photography pointers welcome - I'm new at this.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yad Ramah, More Than An Idea

י'ט אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 20

Commentary on Vaykhel-Pekudei from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - Yad Ramah, More Than An Idea.

Countenance Of Radiant Gold, Robe Of Light

י'ח אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 19

Thursday night, the night before last night's dream (Black Gold), I dreamt.

Near the end of the dream, a man was able to rise up from an initially crouched position, breaking out as a radiant being of light, and regally unfolding like a majestic angel with large brilliant white outspreading wings. They were beautiful wings! His garment was a cord-belted white robe of light. His head was luminescent light-golden and on the crown of his head was a Mercury-like halo-hat of radiating brilliant gold light.

"Soon, we're coming upon it", were the words I heard as I woke up.

Black Gold

י'ח אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 19

Last night I dreamt.

Many 'scientists-alchemists' had searched for the cure, for the answer, for the 'right formula'. But no one had found it yet, and the few who had been brave enough to try into the final but multifaceted dangerous step had ended up with a disfigurement of the skin and face. Like Moses.

The disfigurement was cancer-like and would slowly eat away at the person's form, eventually making the person crazy-like mad and turning the person into hard stone which would itself then easily crumble into dust. One man had found a treatment that would stave off the disfiguring and cancer-like progression on the skin for a limited time, such that even though he had the condition, his skin had not progressed to apparent disfigurement yet. Time was running out though, and he needed to find the cure before it did.

Then came Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction. Like a mad scientist myself, I had prepared my own alchemical concoction, my own attempt at the 'right formula'. My final extract poured down from its vessel in the sky, down from the upper horizon of and into the dream as a thin line-like stream of pure-black oil.

I saw the man reach out his hand to catch some of the 'black gold' in his own black mortar. I heard the words 'black gold' as he did it. As he was catching the black gold as it poured down, he slid his hand into the stream until black gold poured over his hand as well - this was a very dangerous, potentially lethal and intimate act of immutable connection to it, and to me, the creator of the black gold. The black gold contained Awesome Divine mystical power. It could easily kill a person to touch it directly. It was dangerous enough to just catch it in one's mortar, but to touch it directly, to take it upon one's skin - well, there was no turning back and no way out of taking it to the end now, whatever that end may be. This one and I are immutably and irrevocably joined now.

There were two 'areas' which pertain to the long-sought cure - the one which has been known by all those who have tried alone in the past, and the other concerns 'balance'. The man's act contributed balance where all others have not. We are on our way, going now where no one has gone before.

In the dream it was clear, no one in the history of humankind had ever gotten this far before.

I woke up. And decided to add a naughty touch of lampblack into the final preparation of Black Goddess Underworld Initiation Ritual Concoction.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


י'ז אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 18

Oooooh, I'm so excited! I'm giddy with glee! My largest order of certified organic herbs arrived today to make the debut products for WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu! I feel like a mad scientist puttering about in her own lone little laboratory ... cackle, cackle. This weekend I'm gonna fly with delight in mine. I have never been so happppppppppppeeeeee in my life!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Foundation In Time

ט'ו אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 14

I've made my first product for WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu - a very small batch (15-20 mL total) of Passover Protection Ritual Oil. The batch was made today on Purim-Shushan Purim, during the planetary hour of Saturn, with the wishing moon of Keolwulf/Adar I 100% full.

It will remain corked and cold-infusing in the dark until the new Dark Moon of Raven/Nissan (March 26), at which time I will transfer portions into 2 mL spell bottles, charge each portion with a rainbow moonstone, seal each bottle, and adorn each with a star of David.

On March 29, all but the one I will use will be available for purchase at WITCHCRAFTS for Passover.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Heavy Downpour Ran Through It

י'ג אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 14

An(other) interesting synchronicity of my dreams with 'future' reality - within the context of a dream I dreamt last night - an extremely heavy downpour of rain ran through it, in the area surrounding my house and a neighbor woman's house. In the dream, I felt secure that my house would withstand the high waters. Well constructed and sturdy, it did.

This afternoon, between times of bright blue sunny skies, an extremely heavy downpour of rain ran briefly through the area.

Happy Pour-em! LOL.

In Fear Of A Witch's Truth

י'ב אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 13

At some time in the past, someone hacked into the Amazon widget (shown in the sidebars of this blog and on Craftwork of a Jewitch) which features witchcraft books from my library that I recommend for those interested in learning more about real witchcraft. She/he/they took out and deleted all the more advanced titles from it, leaving only the 'introduction to witchcraft' titles (mostly about simple ritual forms and tools) in it. While there was nothing wrong with the titles which were left, clearly, the act of hacking was meant to be dismissive of my personal spiritual practice, and to discredit me (in the eyes of any new interested visitors to my blogs) as a witch to take seriously. It also shows some indirect familiarity of the culprit with the titles deleted, and some understanding that real witchcraft is not just 'make believe superstition' but a valid path of personal and universal transformation. Witches, not unlike practitioners of other spiritual and religious traditions, are co-creators of our world.

To whomever did the act of hacking my widget - your act betrays your fear of me and of my truth.

I've fixed it now, but I have no idea the length of time the widget had been 'broken' by the ill-will of others.

Featured Reads From My Bookshelf

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Old Irish Blessing

י'ב אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 13

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.

May all life's passing season's bring
the best to you and yours.
So Mote it Be!

HT to BellaLuna

There Is No Plague Among Them

י'א אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 12

Commentary on Ki Tisa from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - There Is No Plague Among Them.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Light Among Lights In A Deep Dark Night

י' אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 11

My dream last night was simple - I was a star among stars, a heavenly body among heavenly bodies, a light among lights in the deep dark night.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Female Jewish Mystics

ה' אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 6

A blog by Rebecca at Mystical Politics - Jewish Women Mystics discussing her evidence that Jewish women engaged in mystical contemplation during late antiquity. She also hints as to her thinking regarding the 'type' of women prone to do it.

Thundersnow In Metro-Atlanta Today

ה' אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 6

In follow-up to yesterday's entry Messengers of the Black Goddess (discussing my dream observance of an unusual weather phenomenon), earlier today as I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, I heard Foxnews reporting on thundersnow in the metro-Atlanta area today - the female reporter reported "it's not only snowing in Atlanta today, there's thunder and lightening too. Have you ever seen anything like this?" She was clearly astonished.

Thundersnow is an unusual weather phenomenon. It is not only snowing heavily in Atlanta today, but the snowstorm is being accompanied by thunder and lightening, typical of rain-producing thunderstorms but atypical of snowstorms.

Read more about it:

Atlanta Thundersnow!!!
Heavy Snow Falling Across Metro-Atlanta, Thundersnow in Newnan
Thundersnow in ATL
Thundersnow in Atlanta
The Weather Geek Corner: Thundersnow

Dare to be true to yourself.