Saturday, February 28, 2009

Messengers Of The Black Goddess

ד' אדר א' תשס"ט
Keolwulf 5

In my dreams Thursday night, within the eastern (תפארת) sky (שמיים), I encountered a black tornado hosting through bright sunny skies. This odd tornado of the bright sunny skies caught my amazement, delaying by critical moments my return to a house that disappeared into an oceanic fire of molten earth.

The unique tornado in my dream was not associated with an approaching dark storm. Instead, it kept me safe and led me to Lily, a shining black pearl standing alone amidst an endless bare desolation.

If the black tornado was not connected to an approaching dark storm, the question then must be asked - what is it connected to? Clearly, it is connected to the feminine mysteries of witchcraft, specifically to the mysteries of the Black Goddess.

In the Underworld Tradition of Celtic Witchcraft, sylphs are the air elemental found in "high places such as mountains and high buildings, or in a hosting as a tornado, dust devil or cyclone." [1] Sylphs are elementals associated with "motion, extension, opening of ways, breath and life." The sylphs in my dream are messengers of the Black Goddess.

Consequently then, we can see that the mysterious and beautiful Black Goddess opened up my way of escape from fires which disintegrate material form, from murderous destruction, and from those who seek to illegitmately possess my magic power. Into me She breathes the breath of life.


[1] The Faery Teachings, Orion Foxwood

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