Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Common Ancestor

י"ט שבט תשס"ט
Imbolgen 19

A comment on DovBear:

What Darwin said (and subsequently the facts of biology supported him) is that monkeys and men share a common ancestor.

I actually had a dream earlier this week (Tuesday, I think) where a few (one becoming two 'brothers' initially who became a small group) ape-like creatures became increasingly able to speak when they took the path [1] to the house I was in. They joined my little human group on a journey, and together as a single group of humans and speaking ape-like creatures, we battled the huge horde of swine that attacked us, fighting the swine horde back with fire-blowing torches. The ape-like creatures became more human as we traveled together toward some bright horizon. Is that not cool or what?


[1] The initial male ape-like creature had exited a long line of various kinds of ancient animals traveling south on an ancient migration path running between my 'two houses'. He had been drawn out of the 'ancient line' by seeing the pool in the yard of the western house. I observed (looking out from the eastern house toward the western house) him splash and play in the pool's water. As he splashed and played in the water, I called to my son (who was inside the western house) to come over to the eastern house because I thought the creature might be dangerous. At that point, the ape-like creature noticed my son and followed him over to where I was in the eastern house. In the course of following my son over to where I was, he acquired the nascent ability to speak. When he arrived at the door of the eastern house, he asked to be allowed in. I consented. Then he brought forth his brother. Inside the eastern house with my human group and I, the two brothers became a small group of evolving very sweet ape-like creatures, developing a finer ability to articulate. When we left the house together (as a united clan) to set out on the 'vast journey' across time to a bright future, the creatures could articulate complex ideas and understanding, were just beginning to lose their ape-like appearance, and began to walk with a more human-like gait.

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