Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Final Test & The Blood of The Ancestors

י"ג שבט תשס"ט
Imbolgen 13

Last night I had difficulty falling asleep. When I finally got to sleep early this morning, around 3 AM time, I dreamt.

Pursuers were trying to capture and control me (and through me, my descendents), but I fled capture, avoided their traps, and maintained my freewill. As the Matriarch of my line, the fates of my 'children' and 'husband' were tied to mine. Though our fate was a Singular fate, 'forms' of my 'children' and 'husband' were also represented in the dream in connection to mine.

I entered a Universal religious building. The pursuers followed me into it. The course of their pursuit was altered and delayed by being in the Universal religious building (I was protected for a time by being there), but it was inevitable that I would have to face and confront in 'battle' my pursuers. My choice was to choose whether or not I would confront them from a position of strength (and be victorious) or from a position of weakness (and be defeated). To arrive at a position of strength, I had to face 'The Final Test' of my own soul.

The Final Test is an assay of worthiness and results in only one of two possible outcomes, namely life (Strength) or death (Weakness). It was within the Universal religious building, and among all those present in it as witnesses, that I entered into the decision to undergo 'The Final Test'. The witnessed decision once made was irrevocable - it was an oath, a covenant rite, and the ritual energy proceeding from it would unfold and roll out to full completion, into my death or into Strength (Life). It was a Blood Ritual - I (and my 'children and husband' in connection to me) had to survive Assay by the Blood of the Ancestors.

To do this, we had to sit in a tub containing (like a pool), and through which naturally flowed, the Blood of the Ancestors - no one but the worthy could survive sitting in it. The unworthy were entirely dissolved and consumed by sitting in it.

Again outside the Universal religious building, the pursuers pursued me. I ran to the tub of the Blood of the Ancestors. I entered into and sat down within it. A drop of my own blood fell from my fingertip as a natural thought-bare (אין) 'acknowledgement offering' of kinship recognition. My 'children and husband' did the same and 'offered' the same. The pursuers did not - they feared they would die if they entered the tub of the Blood of the Ancestors. I and my 'nuclear' family sat in the tub of Ancestral Blood, looking our motionless pursuers in the face. Then, we transformed into faery-like beings of light and 'jumped' into the bright Summerland. I was a Greenwoman and Faery Queen.

Our pursuers pursued us into the Otherworld without bathing in the Blood of the Ancestors. The main male pursuer fancied himself a Greenman - proudly leading his group into following me into the Otherworld.

My family and I went on to bliss, but the real Greenman met the man who fancied himself a Greenman as soon as he arrived in the Otherworld. The real Greenman spoke like a friend to the Greenmanwannabe and said he would give him Greenman power in exchange for possession of his body. The Greenmanwannabe eagerly agreed. The man's body was given over to Greenman and the Greenmanwannabe steadily transformed into formlessness - he and his group died in the Otherworld.

I woke up, alive with Strength.

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