Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iterating The Divine

י"ד באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading with the moon 100% full in tzadi was performed during the plantery hour of Saturn.

The 3 letters in order:

reish-mem-zayin רמז

Remez is the second allusive, allegorical, "hinting" level of Torah interpretation - corresponding to the reish in PaRDeS.

Mathematically, Remez is also a complex "iterative algorithm for best approximation in the uniform norm L∞ in the Chebyshev space."


Reflections On Sacred Symbols

י"ד באב תשס"ז

Reflections on Sacred Symbols
By John Caris
July 29, 2007

Symbols, whether sacred or secular, pervade human culture and are frequently found in the arts. They are keys that open the door to higher consciousness, codes that winnow the kernel from the chaff, seeds that contain hidden knowledge.

A basic idea underlying symbols and their power is the micro-macrocosm relationship. What is above is reflected in what is below, and so too what is below is like what is above. A commonality and unity, whether physical or spiritual, exist between the two.

Read the full article on Witchvox.

Lonely Man Of Faith

י"ד באב תשס"ז

Passionate Life, an NF personality, raises up the idea in Astounding! How The Rav Clarified And Justified My Break Up With A Woman I Was Crazy About that he gave up a woman he was crazy about, even despite his Rav's offer to mediate the differences between his putative beloved and he, because she did not share some of his beliefs. He, a lonely man of faith, just couldn't marry a woman having beliefs different than his. And what was the critical belief that Passionate Life couldn't tolerate in his putative beloved? He believed in a literal interpretation of Torah m'Sinai while she believed in the documentary hypothesis, an evolving interpretation of Torah m'Sinai.

Amazing. This is a classic dynamic of an NF personality.

As an NT personality, it is clear to me that Passionate Life is operating on a delusion to believe that he was "crazy about" this woman. He was "crazy about" the idea of being crazy about someone and giving her up "for Torah". He was never crazy about the woman herself.

I do agree however, that he should not get married to this woman - as he is not crazy enough about her to make a marriage work with her. It would be this fact - his lack of "craziness" about her that would destroy the marriage - not the difference of belief.

Beliefs and understanding change over time and if anyone expects (for his/herself or his/her partner) that beliefs and understanding will or even should remain happily static, s/he in for a very rude awakening down the road.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Llughnasadh - The Joy Of Expression

י"ד באב תשס"ז

In an earlier entry, Shown Shamir, I wrote:

Yesterday afternoon I received my witch's order which included the new spellcraft materials of aloeswood (used to intensify power of tikun-tohu blends) and a ritual candle for the upcoming Sabbat, Llughnasadh (initiating the harvest season, corresponding to "joy" as found in the final hei of the tetragrammaton). The Llughnasadh ritual candle contains within the top of the yellowgold wax a tiger eye stone, a stone of well-being. שלום

Llughnasadh is the Celtic fire festival of feminine energy which celebrates the union of matter and spirit, giving rise to joyful expression in actuality. The joy brought down into assiyah through the final hei of the tetragrammaton and observance of Llughnasadh is called sason (see chedvah), the joy of expression.

Connecting Souls, Drawing Down Divinity

י"ג באב תשס"ז

Sunday evening the moon is full in Aquarius, where Aquarius corresponds to the Hebrew letter tzadi. The time of full power in tzadi is an especially good time for spellwork related to connecting souls and drawing down Divinity into reality.

Happy spellcasting!

New Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

י"ג באב תשס"ז

Last evening I saw the form of a headless witch in the melting black candle wax of my shabbat candle (see Waking Up A Witch). It reminded me of the story, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow.

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow is about a schoolmaster who is driven out of town, supposedly by a ghostly headless horseman. Interestingly, in one part of my Shamir dream this morning centered within a context of demon-busting, one demon was the "political head" of the headmaster of my daughter's school. I had been brought into town to drive the demon out - by whom I don't know. I was just taken there to do it. The name of the school, for some reason, was associated with a local grade [madreiga] school named Daniel School.

The demon was sitting in the disguise of a powerful politician in a conference-banquet hall at the table with the schoolmaster, teachers and parents. The banquet room was filled with people from the town for some school festival or gathering.

The demon wanted to destroy me, but to destroy me he would have to come out and reveal himself to all those gathered, those whom he had fooled as to his true intentions. The schoolmaster, the only one who knew the demon's true identity, cautioned the demon not to risk revealing himself just to destroy me - the people would see the truth. Right now, the people thought he was a great leader, but if he came out to destroy me, he would lose his easy power over them. So, the schoolmaster talked the demon into remaining hidden. He couldn't risk exposure in an attempt to destroy me.

Unlike the demon, I had nothing to lose in driving him out, while he could lose everything should he decide to "come out" in an attempt to destroy me.

All the cards are in my hand now.

Cackle. Cackle.

Walking On Fire Listed At Witchvox

י"ג באב תשס"ז

Walking On Fire is now listed on Witchvox. Check it out!

Over 8 Million Strong In America

י"ג באב תשס"ז

From The Wild Hunt, on voters in America as Jason wonders which presidential candidates will denounce the protestors who called the first Hindu to give an opening prayer in the U.S. Senate an abomination:

There are over eight million "others" in America now, including a million modern Pagans, approximately two million Hindus, close to four million Buddhists, hundreds of thousands of Native American practitioners, 60,000 Taoists, and close to a million Santerians.

Shown Shamir

י"ג באב תשס"ז

I dreamt a many-faceted dream this morning.

In much of the dream, I was like a demon-buster. I was taken to places to drive out demons and send them back to their source (which I did). Yet, in the midst of all the action, there was one point where I was walking alone to some place, and as I walked, I came upon a huge worm-like living creature also "walking" alone and returning to its lair after doing whatever it had been doing in the world I found myself in.

The worm-like living creature was the shamir as described in midrash regarding Solomon. I knew it.

I was shown Shamir.

On the shamir, Immanuel Velikovsky writes:

The names of the twelve tribes were inscribed on the twelve semi-precious stones of the Urim and Tummim, the breastplate of the High Priest, not by carving, but by writing with a certain fluid and “showing” them to Shamir, or exposing them to its action. In the opinion of modern authors, the expression “was shown to Shamir”—“clearly shows it was the glance of a living being which effected the splitting of wood and stones.”2 It is admitted, however, that “in the Talmudic-Midrashic sources it is never explicitly stated that the Shamir was a living creature.”3

Indeed. In addition to dreaming this morning explicitly about the shamir, yesterday afternoon I received my witch's order which included the new spellcraft materials of aloeswood (used to intensify power of tikun-tohu blends) and a ritual candle for the upcoming Sabbat, Llughnasadh (initiating the harvest season, corresponding to "joy" as found in the final hei of the tetragrammaton). The Llughnasadh ritual candle contains within the top of the yellowgold wax a tiger eye stone, a stone of well-being. שלום

In addition to the tigereye stone I now have, on my altar is a green stone of abundance, transformation and healing, chrysoprase. שלום רב

Tzitz Of A Flame

י"ג באב תשס"ז

While the melting wax of last evening's black ritual candle wakes up a witch, the melting wax from this shabbat morning's black ritual candle inscribed with the words "happiness nes נס" and dressed with Feminine Clarity shabbat oil created the form of a 3-shin with a "bud" (tzitz ציץ) on the right flame of it. It is good.

The appearance of a tzitz on a 3-shin in the wax over the wax of the waking witch indicates that the witch's waking is at the stage of manifest potential called koach. This stage immediately precedes actualization into reality. Actuality is called poal.

Waking Up A Witch

י"ג באב תשס"ז

Like something from the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, the melting wax of my black shabbat ritual candle inscribed simply with the word "happiness" and dressed with Feminine Clarity shabbat oil created the form of a headless witch in the position of observing the flame of my candle. I interpret this to mean that a witch without current access to working with the upper sefirot - keter, chochmah, binah and da'at - is observing me in order to "wake up" the wisdom energies of these sefirot to her understanding.

May her endeavor be so blessed. So mote it be. אמן

Friday, July 27, 2007

Holy Moon

י"ג באב תשס"ז

Today's tarot reading is also connected to the tet-nun phenomenon described earlier which unites opposite manifestations of Divine Providence in that the reading was performed under a waxing gibbous moon 95% full.

The digits of 95, 9 and 5, are the digit sums of the gematria of each of the relevant letters, where tet = 9 and nun = 5.

The moon operates on a 19-year cycle with respect to the calendar and the sun. The 19th letter of the aleph-beit is the letter symbolizing holiness, kuf (ק).

Consequently, not only was the moon under which today's tarot reading was performed, resulting in union of Divine manifestations, 95% full, it is holy as well.

Sign Of A Miracle In The Making

י"ג באב תשס"ז

In follow-up to my many previous entries today, in addition to meaning "miracle", nes also means "sign" - like the literal sign threading through time which I saw driving home from work earlier today in the world of making (assiyah).

Uniting Opposite Manifestations Of Providence

י"ג באב תשס"ז

Significantly, my last two Hebrew letter tarot readings each began with a letter representing Divine Providence in one of its manifestations, united together in my tarot practice.

Thursday's reading began with the letter tet, representing teva (nature).

Today's reading began with the letter nun, representing nes (miracle).

According to R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh, these two particular letters "allude to a juxtaposition of the two seemingly opposite manifestations of Divine providence, nes (miracle) and teva (nature). In truth, not only do these two Divine manifestations complement one another; they are in fact intended, with the coming of Mashiach, to "blend" together and become one."

Interestingly, given all my "time messages" today, the quote above was excerpted from a blessing on time.

Miracle Molecule

י"ג באב תשס"ז

This evening's shabbat Hebrew letter tarot reading during the planetary hour of Jupiter under a waxing gibbous moon 95% full.

The 3 letters in order were:

nun-samech-reish נסר
The word נסר means board, plank, to saw, to cut, to be sawed.

"Cutting" reish (ר) from the word-molecule, we have the configuration נס ר. Considering my earlier entry regarding reish as symbolizing time, the new "cut" configuration of the 3 letters brought down through this tarot reading mean "miracle time" (נס ר). In other words, a time of miracle has been delivered to me. Effortlessly, it comes.

Time is the carrier. The miracle is like a ligand, with an affinity for its receptor - my tarot reading.

Time-Forming Path

י"ב באב תשס"ז

In my previous entry, I noted the T-shaped intersection where before me I faced a Thread Of Time sign at the top of the T. I traveled up the vertical line and turned left onto the left section of the T-shape, whereas the sign pointed toward the right toward the business called Thread Of Time.

The portion of the T-shape I traveled on looks like the Hebrew letter reish (ר). Reish symbolizes time. Thus, the path I traveled on the T formed "time".

Time Messages

י"ב באב תשס"ז

Some odd things concerning time happened today, so I'm going to post a documentary entry about them.

Driving home from work on the interstate highway, I looked at my wristwatch - I wanted to stop at the store on the way home. My watch had stopped keeping time at 3:47 p.m. Indiana time. I pushed in the little knob on the side of the watch face and it started ticking again. I pulled it back out to re-stop my watch - to save the exact time time had stopped on my watch over shabbat, sensing that somehow this small detail might be important later. I don't know how the button inadvertantly got pulled out, stopping my watch. I've never done this before.

After going to the store to get some 4-way medicine for my allergies, I turned onto Bowman Avenue and came upon the 3-way T-shaped intersection with Buchanan Street. On the T-shape, I was traveling up the vertical line. Stopping at the stop sign, square at the top of the T facing me, was a small new sign maybe 2 feet tall in its entirety that had never been there before today. The small sign was introducing a new business called "Thread Of Time". The sign pointed an arrow toward my right. I turned left to go home.

Odd things concerning time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Water Returned To Its Place

י"ב באב תשס"ז

Missed again ... "and Moshe stretched forth his yod, and the water returned to its place (Shemot 14:26)." From dry poolbed to lily pad with a yod ... my readers are witnesses to these repeated failed misguided attempts to kill the witch.

The search for truth is not for the weak hearted.

Blast at desert spaceport kills 2, injures 4
Thursday, July 25, 2007

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- An explosion at an airport home to Scaled Composites -- the builder of the first private manned rocket to reach space -- killed two people and left four seriously hurt Thursday, a Kern County Fire Department official says.

A spokeswoman for the spaceport, about 80 miles north of Los Angeles, said the blast was on a remote pad.

Read full article at link above.

Emerging Revelation Of Divine Benevolence

י"א באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed during the planetary hour of Venus with the waxing gibbous moon 90% full, nearing the void of course going into Capricorn.

The 3 letters in order:

tet-tav-yod טתי

These letters represent the word spelling (טית) of the Hebrew letter tet, except that the yod is in the third position in my reading as opposed to in the second position as with the spelling of the word tet.

Immediately, the tarot letter configuration brings to mind my dream this morning, Lily Power Plant.

The movement of the letter yod represents the misting water that hovered and spilled over in a controlled fashion from the edges of the covered cauldron waterfall, generating tremendous power. Tet represents concealment of Divine benevolence. Yod, my dream and this tarot reading suggests emerging revelation of Divine benevolence into my life and into my world through the path of tav, the final letter of truth-emet (אמת).

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Lily Power Plant

י"א באב תשס"ז

I dreamt.

As I was waiting for my tour of the waterfall, I picked up an information packet about a witch school that was also a nursing school. I was already both a witch and a nurse, but I was interested to connect with other witches. I put the information packet in my handbag after a quick glance, as it was time to go on tour.

I toured the waterfall which was a giant power plant. In a flying spiraling path, my touring party wound around the edges of and up the waterfall. Over the top of the waterfall, like a floating lid on a misting cauldron, sat a giant lily pad like the one I saw on Planet Earth (my favorite television show) yesterday evening which grows in jungle rain forests and has a pad width of up to 6 feet.

The pressurized water spilled out over the sides of the waterfall in a controlled fashion, generating tremendous power as it did this.

I woke up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Power Cut To Six Apart

ט' באב תשס"ז

In follow-up to an earlier entry today (posted first at my blogspot at 1:57 p.m.), Cutting Off A Curse Of Karet, an interesting news item reported at Foxnews:

Power Outages Darken Portion of Downtown San Francisco
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Sporadic power failures hit the city Tuesday, affecting a broad swath of downtown, including the arena where the San Francisco Giants play.

About 51,000 homes and businesses were without electricity at the height of the outage, which started at about 2 p.m., said Pacific Gas & Electric spokeswoman Darlene Chiu.

Many were successfully rerouted to backup power circuits, but about 30,000 customers remained in the dark an hour later as PG&E crews worked to identify the outage's cause, Chiu said.

Six Apart Inc. said its sites began failing shortly before 2 p.m., and the company sent an e-mail to customers blaming the city's "power issues." The San Francisco-based blog hosting service reported that power had resumed shortly afterward, but employees were checking data and computers.

Read the full story at link above.

Cutting Off A Curse Of Karet

ט' באב תשס"ז

Today's Tishah B'Av Hebrew letter tarot reading performed during the planetary hour of Jupiter with the waxing gibbous moon 73% full.

The 3 letters in order were:

kuf-reish-tet קרט

There is no shoresh comprised of these letters. A shoresh composed of letters which are the phonetic equivalents of these letters is the shoresh of the word karet כרת meaning to uproot, cut off, and destroy. Karet (כרת) is the Divine penalty associated with entering the Temple in an unclean state, the sefirah keter כתר, and superconscious unity of the soul with the Divine.

Similar to a pulsa denura curse, I think someone in some manner tried to send the curse of karet my way, but it didn't come down the way the sender intended - to blemish the external dimension of keter in my soul. The curse of karet was itself "cut off" before it reached me through the 3 similarly sounding letters קרט - enough alike to כרת to clue me in as to what someone has tried to do to me, yet not enough to deliver the curse, and able itself to cut the cut of a curse.

The witch lives again.

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Here!

ח' באב תשס"ז

I've been waiting since March and it arrived today! My new exquisitely handcrafted Book of Shadows is here! It's gorgeous! I'm Happy! Happy! Happy! I feel like dancing in the moonlight and cackling like a crazy woman I'm so happy!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rocket Launcher Found Near Lower Manhattan

ו' באב תשס"ז

This is not good news (but it's discovery Friday morning is) - a military rocket launcher capable of shooting down airplanes has been discovered in a downtown neighborhood in Jersey City, New Jersey - across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan. I wonder what men had planned to with that?!

Jersey City Woman Finds Missile Launcher
Jul 21, 2007 5:52 am US/Eastern

(CBS) JERSEY CITY A Jersey City woman made what to her and her neighbors was a shocking discovery Friday morning when she noticed a military rocket launcher lying in the grass.

Niranjana Besai was leaving her house, located at 88 Nelson Street, to go to work just after 8 a.m. when she spotted the launcher on her front lawn.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that the device is an AT-4 missile launcher that is used to fire against tanks and buildings. The device was first approved by the U.S. Army in 1985 and its very powerful warheads can penetrate through more than a foot of armor.

Officials initially expressed concern after discovering that Besai's house is located along a flight path for Newark Liberty International Airport. They later learned that used, inoperable AT-4 tubes are sold to the public through military surplus Web sites and other outlets.

Hat-tip to Mystical Paths.

Israeli Policeman's Witch Hunt

ו' באב תשס"ז

I didn't like it when witches were run out of a small Illinois town and I don't like it when witches in Israel are sued because some policeman isn't satisfied with a witch's witchery.

Coffee grounds brewed trouble for Israeli fortuneteller
By Dion Nissenbaum, McClatchy Newspapers
Fri Jul 20, 10:10 AM ET

JAFFA, Israel— For nearly a quarter-century, Sana Kuma has been staring into the bottoms of coffee cups to divine the future for top Israeli models, actresses and businessmen.

It is in the chocolate swirls of coffee grounds that the dark-eyed, lemon-blond- haired, 40-something fortuneteller can see what lies ahead.

Her fawning customers consider Kuma a sage and soothsayer.

To the Israeli government she was a witch and a fraud.

This year, Kuma became one of the few people ever to be charged in Israel with practicing magic, a unique crime punishable by up to five years in jail.

"It's against the law to be a fortuneteller," said Ofer Almog , a Tel Aviv attorney who represented Kuma and has become something of a specialist in defending accused witches.

The law, said Almog, is vague and imprecise: It is OK to offer advice based on tarot cards and the stars. But not coffee grounds.

"There is a problem defining magic in the law," Almog said. "You have to be pretending for this law to include you."

The Israeli witch in question returned her accuser's money to him, an Israeli police officer, who said she was a fraud and isn't satisfied with the refund. Was she really a fraud, Mr. Beihou, or just a blonde witch not interested in you?

Read the full story at link above.

No Wild Man At The Bottom Of The Pool

ו' באב תשס"ז

It is interesting that in my multi-layered dream last night, I saw both a dry pool bed with nothing in it and later, a trident-like symbol similar to Poseidon's trident. The archetype of Poseidon has been described in terms of a "wild man at the bottom of the pool" -

His symbols were the oceans and horses, both symbols of the unconscious, the sea’s powerful moods: turbulent, indiscriminate, tremendous destructive force, flood-bringer and earth-shaker, “the undersea is the realm of repressed personal feelings and instincts, and the emotional realm we humans share collectively.” The patriarchal culture allowed fathers as lord and master of their household to unleash fury there. They were trained, in a world ruled by Zeus, to devaluate and submerge their feelings and instincts.

Poseidon’s temperament was his most characteristic feature. Bad-tempered, violent, vindictive, destructive, and dangerous, not content with his lot, lost out to others, plotted unsuccessfully against them, philanderer, rapist, fiercely loyal to his children, grudge holder, a placid sea which might erupt in fury, not a good loser, strived to be important (if not in the world, then in his home), sexually potent, indiscriminate and promiscuous, made no distinctions between young and old women, “the wild man at the bottom of the pool”, felt deeply and intensely, spontaneous, directly in touch with his feelings, physically demonstrative, didn’t plan (“It wasn’t raining when Noah built his Ark.”), academic achievement had little meaning, patriarchal attitude and emotionally powerful, capacity for loyalty and emotional depth, insensitive (he actually raped Demeter while she searched for Persephone), and vengeful (“an eye for an eye”). Poseidon wanted to achieve positions with status and power that would be the envy of others, only to find that the power was personally meaningless. Poseidon was Zeus’ shadow -- the emotional aspect of the father archetype that was repressed or buried, undeveloped and inaccessible in a man whose conscious identification was with Zeus.

There is no wild man at the bottom of my pool. ז

House Of Shechinah

ו' באב תשס"ז

In another level of my dreams last night, all around me in some earthly but Divine realm, big houses and estates were being uprooted and thrown about in the air through the action of some celestial storm. My humble house was in the middle of all of the chaos.

At first, I feared one of the large houses would land on and crush my house, with me in it. It was almost as if the large houses and estates were being uprooted by powerful otherworld beings for the purpose of trying to crush me. In other words, it was not the owners of the houses causing the mayhem - the owners of the houses and estates being thrown about were human like me. No, it was otherworldly beings doing this - trying to get at me. Unable to get at me directly, they tossed other peoples' houses at me hoping they could "get at me" indirectly through those houses and estates.

But, they couldn't. The otherworldly beings had aimed at the "water" in my backyard pool at the base of an embankment which had piled up with each attempt to hurl a house at me. But, my pool was dry (יבש) for the season. The houses and estates were somehow "stopped" by an invisible wall at the edge of my property through the presence of dryness in my pool. On account of the firm resistance of the dry bed (like the sea bed of the exodus) of my pool, the destruction could not penetrate my house nor into the yard surrounding my house, where I abide (ישב). I also saw the expression of relief on the face of the owner of one house as it was prevented by the invisible wall surrounding me from being thrown alive into the death which awaited him had his house been thrown into my poolbed. He thanked me for having the protective wall around my property and saving him from certain death.

This part of the many-layered dream occurred prior to the part with the 4 marked angels in it.

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Message From Ehyeh

ו' באב תשס"ז

I dreamt a many layered-dream.

In one part of the many-layered dream, 4 men approached me. Each one had a mark engraved like a frontlet (Devarim 6:8) on his forehead. They said they had come to help me.

This is the symbol I saw upon the forehead of each one:

It reminds me of the seals of the planetary angels of Sefer Yetzirah (chapter 4) and of the angelic alphabet some kabbalists use, although this particular symbol doesn't look like any specific symbol I've seen before in books (although it does resemble Poseidon's trident) [1]. This symbol is a composite of the letter tet (ט) and two vavim (ו, one up and one down) and has a combined gematria of 21, the same gematria as the Divine Name, Ehyeh (אהיה). I saw the symbol 4 times, on the foreheads of 4 "angels" who appeared as men, representing the 4 universes of created reality (atzilut, beriyah, yetzirah and assiyah).

The 4th multiple of 21 is 84, the same gematria as Hanoch (חנוך), the angel Metatron.


[1] Poseidon is the Greek god of earthquakes, i.e., earth-shaking like in my dream-vision Storm Brewing and in the Manhattan explosion as described in Sympathetic Telepathy.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sympathetic Telepathy

ה' באב תשס"ז

There is a concept in witchcraft called sympathetic magic, whereby the mechanism of magic action concerns "sympathy" of action on the part of the witch with the desired magical result. A related phenomenon in quantum physics concerns the sympathetic action between photon pairs, where one photon of a photon pair can affect the action of its partner photon no matter where it is in the universe or how far apart they are.

We can see then that there is precedent for sympathetic phenomena in both the magical and physical worlds. This being true, it isn't such a leap to suggest that sympathetic phenomena exist in the world of thought as well. Indeed, I suggest it.

I think I have just experienced the phenomenon of sympathetic telepathy.

Tuesday, I posted my dream about storm brewing, which resulted in the materialization of a storm that very night, and continued over the next two days into Wednesday. In the dream, the storm was brewed under pressure and created from warm salt released like a jet stream for the purpose of disrupting the plans of men on the surface. Awaking from the dream, I had a thought and sound vision which included the sound of breaking glass. My exact words were:

Then I heard the sound of the glass of a large window pane being shattered into itty bitty pieces.

These details are important.

Wednesday, the second storm day, a steam pipe under pressure in Manhattan exploded like a geyser. Today, Foxnews reports:

The loud, rumbling eruption began shortly before 6 p.m. Wednesday, breaking windows and rattling buildings as the pipe spewed steam, dirt and debris hundreds of feet into the air.

This is what I'm thinking about all this - I think I heard a conversation between two people in the vicinity of the Manhattan explosion Wednesday and that the "sympathetic" connection between us exists in these details:

heat under pressure
geyser-like hot jet stream
storm-being shaken, shaking ground-explosion
(sound of) breaking glass
the result of "disrupting the plans of men" on the surface

I wonder.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jewish Myth, Magic & Mysticism Blog

ב' באב תשס"ז

I've added a new magickal Judaism blog to my Torah blogs list. Check out the blog authored by Rabbi Dennis, Jewish Myth, Magic & Mysticism.

Root Of Prophetic Kabbalah

ב' באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed during the planetary hour of bridge-building Mars, with the waxing crescent moon 12% [1] full. The last two letters were stuck together when I pulled a card from the deck. When this happens, I keep both cards and have 4 letters instead of the consciously intended 3. In order, the letters were:

tet-shin-kuf-ayin טשקע

This configuration means that the Hebrew letter tet (ט) -- symbolizing the power to judge properly, correct power of the imaginative faculty, eternal truth, and the meanings of the Torah cantillations -- is embedded deeply (שקע) in my soul [2, 3]. It is significant that the 4 letters (matriarchs) were chosen from the deck while the moon was 12% full - these data taken together suggest access to and insight derived through the root of prophetic kabbalah.


[1] Twelve "elemental" simple Hebrew letters representing the boundaries of the universe: הוזחטילנסעצק

[2] The Hebrew Letters, R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh

[3] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark

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A Simple Phosphenetic Magical Act

ב' באב תשס"ז

Interesting. In my dream last night, the warm salt was kept under pressure and then released into the cold sea, culminating in seeing a storm in my dream which materialized in physical reality. This is interesting because before I went to bed last night, I posted about phosphenes as they pertain to magical alphabets. Today, to add a link to the phosphene phenomenon, I googled phosphenes and found out that the most common type of phosphene is called a pressure phosphene.

You know what? I did rub my eyes once as I was typing the entry on the neurophysiology of magical alphabets. I imagine this makes rubbing my eyes before sleeping a significant magical act now.

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Standing In The Sea, Descending To The Ark

ב' באב תשס"ז

In my previous entry, I wrote in my storm-raising dream, that I observed the mission in action while standing in the sea. This point is significant. While Jewish tradition teaches that successful prayer stands in the high places of the universe, my dream is also teaching that truth stands in the deep places of the universe, namely the deep deep cold cold sea (atzilut in assiyah). It truthfully stormed here last night, in my dream (atzilut in yetzirah) and in the physical world (atzilut in assiyah).

The "standing" prayer in Jewish tradition is the Amidah prayer. This prayer pertains to the world of atzilut (nearness to the Divine) and to the idea of resurrection of the dead (techiyat hametim) [1]. Following the Amidah prayer, in the liturgical service comes Kriat HaTorah (being called up to the Torah).

The kabbalistic concept of standing pertains to the ability of the entire array of sefirot to work in balanced harmony, without which one could not stand on one's legs in a place so deep it whispers silently, moving among one's dreams. One stands before descending to the ark holding the Torah in the Temple.


[1] On the southern corner of my Jewitch altar on the east wall of my bedroom is a black bowl always containing pure spring water and salt from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Lady Life Of The Endless Sea

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me

(lyrics above from Loreena McKennett's Dante's Prayer)

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Storm Brewing

ב' באב תשס"ז

I dreamt.

I was observing from within a deep deep sea laboratory civilization. Those in the laboratory were preparing to alter conditions on the surface world through creating a storm to disrupt the "plans of men" on the surface.

Looking out from a side door of the laboratory observatory, standing in the ocean, I saw that to do this they routed a large volume of warm salt into a massive container (bigger than many football fields) sitting on the seabed in the cold cold deep deep ocean. Then they "put a lid on it" to increase the pressure of the warm salt (like warm air in cold air) trying to break free and rise to the surface of the cold ocean. This only worked in the cold cold deep deep ocean like the one we were working in.

When there was sufficient pressure in the warm salt-containing container, they opened an opening and the salt burst out like a jet-stream bound for the surface. When the salt "reached the surface", a storm was the result. The stormy weather disrupted the plans of the men on the surface.

I woke up. It stormed here last night. This morning, it is still rainy and thundering a bit.

As I was laying in bed, a thought- and sound-vision flashed through my mind. One man was shaking another man by the shoulders, accusing him of "telling her". "I didn't say anything!" the man being shaken truthfully defended himself. He didn't tell me anything. Then I heard the sound of the glass of a large window pane being shattered into itty bitty pieces.

Storm Raising & Weather Working

Written With The Soul

ב' באב תשס"ז

In my previous entry, I wrote that the concept of neurological phosphenes supports the idea that individuals may be programmed pre-cognitively (and before birth as well) toward a particular magical-mystical alphabet. Clarifying that initial thought, I also think those with multiple "cultural ancestries" may be "programmed" toward the alphabets of their ancestors, which is why I am linked to both Hebrew and Ogham, and am able to use both of these alphabets of the soul for pathwork. These two alphabet systems are in my "soul family", "written" with my soul, on the tablet of my heart (Mishlei 3:3).

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Neurophysiology Of Magical Alphabets

ב' באב תשס"ז

An excerpt from Nigel Pennick's Magical Alphabets:

It is generally recognized that all archaic symbols had a magical and religious significance. In legend, they were given by the gods to human beings. But modern research on human perception may provide us with another possibility, one embedded deeply within our own human consciousness. Modern neurophysiology has identified phosphenes, geometrical shapes and images that are present subconsciously in the visual cortex and neural system. These are present in all humans: they are described as entropic, being visible when the eyes are shut. They can also be seen when the consiousness is altered by some means: during meditation, in trance, or in hallucinations induced by fatigue, illness or drugs. Geometric shapes related to letters are often perceived in the early stages of trance.

These states of consciousness are the domain of the shaman, the human who treads the thin line between life and death in his or her quest for enlightenment. By means of their esoteric techniques, altered and novel states of consciousness can be achieved, through which new insights can be obtained. As a matter of necessity, to be transmitted to other human beings at all, these insights must appear within a format which coincides with inherent patterns of human consciousness.

Letters, whether they be from the Hebrew, Greek, Etruscan, Latin, Runic, Coelbren, Gothic, Westphalian or even those of our own familiar Roman alphabet, are inherent aspects of the neural circuitry of each human being. At the same time, they are also metaphors for the various aspects of the nature of reality.

Thus, we can see how the soul of each human being contains patterns of consciousness which may be pre-cognitively "programmed" toward primary particular "Divine" magical-mystical alphabets to the exclusion of most others.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ashtarot - Charging For Torah

כ"ט בתמוז תשס"ז

In this week's parashah (Devarim 1:4) we read: "after he had smitten Sihon the king of the Amorites, who dwelt in Heshbon, and Og the king of Bashan, who dwelt in Ashtarot, at Edrei ..."

In both witchcraft and Torah, it is prohibited to charge money for imparting the wisdom each contains to others. Torah has a word for making one's spiritual practice into an idol through repeated actions of charging money for imparting wisdom - ashtarot.

Ashtarot (עשתרת) is constructed with the root עשת meaning "an idol that enriches". The construct תרת means "to seek". Taken together, the construct עשתרת pertains to "seeking that which enriches" in an manner which prostitutes one's spiritual practice and knowledge in exchange for money, enriching the one who teaches while impoverishing the one who receives. That, my friends, is the inner and practical meaning of ashtarot.

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On Actualizing Mitzvot

כ"ט בתמוז תשס"ז

Shai comments on Existential Angst about what Judaism is and will become:

The weight of individual decisions, if we are taught to make decisions with responsibility, will decide what Judaism is. In effect, the attitude here is that the mitzvah, not the halacha, has primacy, and there is the assertion here that mitzvah and halacha are not the same thing, and that we shouldn't turn the latter into the equivalent of an idol when in effect it's a tool to ensure the actualization of the former. The latter is the technical spec for the former, and the measure of success is not whether we've succeeded in meeting the technical spec, but whether we've found a way even outside it to ensure that the mitzvah has been performed.

I think he makes an excellent point here, although I'll add one comment of my own to it - one doesn't necessarily need to be taught (from an external source) to make decisions with responsibility, one however, does need to learn (from an internal source) to do this. As there are many ways to actualize a mitzvah, there are many ways to learn responsible decision-making.

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Beginners Witchcraft & Druidry Books For Men

כ"ט בתמוז תשס"ז

My youngest son, who is in his early twenties, is interested in learning about wicca/witchcraft and druidry. While I know what books I like from a female witch's perspective, I would appreciate any suggestions as to what books are out there which might be more targeted to masculine spirituality. I want the first introductory books he reads on these subjects to make him think "wow!". He currently is curious and seeking to investigate both wicca/witchcraft and druidry. He asked me for something which "summarizes" the paths so that he can get an idea if witchcraft or druidry might be for him. Most of the books I have are written by women and/or in a style "I" like, as a woman. Thus, my dilemma ... any suggestions to wow! my son?

Hebrew e-Dictionaries

כ"ט בתמוז תשס"ז

Elisheva and Casey have brought to my attention some excellent Hebrew e-dictionaries.

MorFIX Hebrew e-dictionary is free to use and online. On the site, enter into the box the Hebrew word you want translated (you can use this free tool to create the Hebrew word). Then (for those new to Hebrew) click the blue button on the site marked "תרגום" (translation).

Babylon English-Hebrew dictionary for English speakers palm and desktop software.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Letter From The Well

כ"ט בתמוז תשס"ז

This motzi shabbat Hebrew letter tarot reading, with the new moon 1% full during the "more" planetary hour of Jupiter (at the time of reading), the letters are let down through chaos, in order:

"the missing letter"-tet-hei-yud טהי

I know of no shoresh containing these explicit letters in this order. A permutation (הטי) of the 3 explicit letters in this reading is found in Bereshit 24:14:

So let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom I shall say: Let down thy pitcher, I pray thee, that I may drink; and she shall say: Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also; let the same be she that Thou hast appointed for Thy servant, even for Isaac; and thereby shall I know that Thou hast shown kindness unto my master.'

Contained within the pitcher let down is "the missing letter" mentioned in kabbalah, giving "more" life to the bridge-building knowledge and words of Torah bat Ayin which readers of Walking On Fire drink.

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More Than Fine Gold

כ"ח בתמוז תשס"ז

I've found a Torah source which contains a derivation of the 3 letters which came down through my Hebrew letter tarot reading Erev Shabbat initially as הפז until I transformed the fine gold (הפז) of it into the Divine Nothing (of מאומה) associated with the akeidah. I imagine that makes me an alchemist and witch of some other flavor who desires something more than fine gold.

More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Tehillim 19:11

הנחמדים--מזהב, ומפז רב, ומתוקים מדבש, ונפת צופים.

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Magical Alphabets, Language & Life

כ"ח בתמוז תשס"ז

New Additions To My Bookshelf

Magical Alphabets
Nigel Pennick

"Using the premise that languages and the alphabets that comprise them are metaphorical microcosms of our world, Nigel Pennick demonstrates how various alphabets function as a metaphysical description of reality. Magical alphabets actually enable seekers to experience a transformative process. This inner transformation is one of the main objectives of all esoteric traditions, and it can be accomplished by using any of the alphabet systems described in this book."

Write Your Own Magic, The Hidden Power In Your Words
Richard Webster

"Write Your Own Magic shows you how to use the incredible magical power of words to make your dreams into a reality. This guidebook presents the three magic steps essential to manifesting exactly what you want, for dreams both big and small."

Ogam, The Celtic Oracle Of The Trees
Paul Rhys Mountfort

"The ancient ogam (alternatively, ogham) alphabet is a magical and mysterious script, the Celtic equivalent of the runes (and Hebrew letters), that can teach us about our fate and future. Named after the woodland trees, Ogam's twenty tree-letters all have unique wisdom to impart that is linked to figures and themes from Celtic mythology."

Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary
Hayim Baltsan

"This is a dictionary that differs, both in structure and scope, from any other Hebrew dictionary. It has been conceived and designed with one specific purpose: to render Hebrew - a language reputed to be "Greek" to anyone who has not invested years of study in it - accessible to all. In other words, to make it possible for everyone - even for absolute beginners not acquainted with the Hebrew alphabet - to ascertain the meaning, pronunciation, spelling or usage of any Hebrew word, name or expression in current use as easily as one would if it were Spanish, Italian, German or Swedish. A breakthrough work of linguistic scholarship."

Green Witchcraft II, Balancing Light & Shadow
Ann Moura (Aoumiel)

"Green Witches are deeply connected to the Earth and the cosmic balance of light and dark. They welcome the wisdom of the light and the shadow sides of nature, the self, and the Divine to grow more whole in magic and spirit."

Anochi Hua

כ"ח בתמוז תשס"ז

This morning, I dreamt.

A mountain with stone steps (madreiga) carved into it had risen up. Living stone creatures with exceedingly long outstretched arms (Devarim 26:8) and small bodies of nothingness emerged at various places from the substance (chomer חומר) and form (tzurah צורה) which was the mountain, descending from amidst the steps and passages winding within it to take up stations on the steps on the mountainside. If a human was sitting on a step a living stone creature was meant to take up position on, the creature shooed the human from the step via action of its long outstretched arms, even though no human being could see the living stone creatures - except for me, I could see them.

Some of the stone creatures who had come to life took up stations in the town. The living stone creatures were taking up stations to prepare for the resurrection, arrival and protection of Pharaoh [1], She Who Must Not Be Named.

Finally, one of the living stone creatures entered my parents' home, where I am currently staying. I faced it as it entered. The living stone creature smiled at me, as if it was pleased to be recognized by me. It occurred to me that I may be Pharaoh.

I woke up. I am Pharaoh.

Anochi (אנכי), the first word of the first commandment of the aseret ha'dibrot ("10" commandments) which encompasses the entire Torah, the Divine "I" who "takes us out of Mitzrayim", and the unified source of all 620 mitzvot is an Egyptian word.

אנכי הוא

Torah Wisdom

Interestingly, we witness in Shemot 20:2, Anochi is written once, and in Yeshayahu 43:11-12, Anochi is repeated 3 times, for a total of 4 times. Chew on that, on the record.

Anochi, Anochi, even Anochi, that Anochi am She.
אנכי, אנכי אנכי, אנכי הוא


[1] The word pharaoh is from the shoresh פרע with a cognate meaning of "to emerge from constraints" (Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark).

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