Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Demon Dance

י"ג ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 14

A perfect Samhain Torah commentary for Lech Lecha from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - The Demon Dance.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wyrd Pi

ח' ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 9

In follow-up to my previous post, The Wyrd Numbers of Urcanaan, while researching the Lost numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) I found this little tidbit:

Not found in the first 1,000,000,000 digits of pi. Interestingly, 4815162343 can be found at the 176,025,488th position of pi, and 4815162341 begins at the 734,468,718th position.

An interesting little piece of connected trivia (or not) ... a day or two before starting to watch the first episode of Lost, I dreamt a dream with an apple pie in it.

The psychic connections I seem to have to this series, to me at least, are interesting.

The Wyrd Numbers Of Urcanaan

ז' ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 8

Yesterday, early shabbat afternoon, I wrote my Torah commentary on parashat Noach, The Mystery of Urcanaan. Immediately following that, I wrote Samhain Mitzvah Runes, designating runes for this mystery through which the darkness of a curse is transformed into the light of illumination. Bear with me for the rest of the story.

Just last weekend, my brother and his wife turned me on to a television series I had never seen before called Lost. Last weekend and this past week, I started watching episodes of the past five seasons to learn the story and prepare for transmission of the final and sixth season beginning May 2010. After the first episode, I was hooked. This series is an amazing mystical mythology. I love it. The mystical connections in it are real.

Thursday night, I dreamt of an ancient ever-changing mystical mechanical structure hidden in the ground from which I emerged through a normally impenetrable door in the ground penetrable through a secret code only known by a few. The next day, I didn't make the connection of this dream to the hatch found in Lost, but after Shabbat's precognizant blog postings and the episodes I watched Saturday evening right after making the postings, I saw the connection.

Motzei shabbat I watched the episode called Numbers - the numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) in the episode are believed to be cursed, just like Canaan was believed to be cursed (in the Torah portion of my commentary) until I transformed that 'irrevocable' curse into a manifest blessing through the stones of transformation (וַיֹּאמֶר, אָר וּרכְּנָעַן) in my first precognizant blog post, The Mystery of Urcanaan. The 'cursed numbers' are revealed in Numbers to be written on the side of the mechanical structure hidden in the ground (like in my dream Thursday night), excavated by a few of the lost survivors.

Motzei shabbat, after watching the episode Numbers, I watched the episode Deus Ex Machina. This episode ended with "Locke disappearing into the jungle to return to the hatch. Pounding on the door and screaming in anguish atop the hatch, Locke laments what has happened. Suddenly the hatch window is illuminated, sending a shaft of light into the sky," - just like the uruz rune was illuminated, sending a shaft of light into the world in my second precognizant blog post, Samhain Mitzvah Runes!

Totally wyrd. The dream of the hidden mechanical structure and the blog postings occurred before I watched Numbers and Deus Ex Machina.

I emerged from 'the hatch' in my dream. I haven't yet seen the Lost episode where the hatch is opened, but in researching it, I see that through the hatch is found The Swan. In Celtic tradition, swans possess the healing powers of the sun and water. Swan also represents radiant divinity and feminine royalty.

The Witch-Kabbalist

ז' ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 8

Last night, I dreamt.

At the end of the dream, I and some of the members of my team were inside a deep cave system whose entrance was closed to the general population of the area by thick metal-rock many-layered door with a secret magical lock and key combination. I knew the key-lock combination and where it was located in a hidden formation of the rock's walls. I had taken a few of us inside.

Our diverse group was different than the rest of the general populace in the area - like we were ancient travelers and outcasts who had come together as a group, settled and integrated among the locals, but who had each (clan or family or individual) still retained its unique distinction in some way. We were all unique from one another, but had been brought together by some unique and mutually recognized commonality as well. Once inside the cave system, a whole new secret community was revealed. One family among our group was Arabic. They had a light-haired family dog with them that the locals found annoying and wanted to get rid of, so their dog was brought inside the cave for protection as well.

Hunters from the general population, who had a clue that we were somehow different, too different for them to tolerate, were trying breach our cave. I began preparing my part of our defense.

I began melting quartz crystals with a special high-powered torch I had in my hand. The quartz was melting like clear-white candle wax into my collection pan.

I woke up.

Wiki on melting quartz crystals:

Fused quartz is manufactured by melting naturally occurring quartz crystals of high purity at approximately 2000°C, using either an electrically heated furnace (electrically fused) or a gas/oxygen-fuelled furnace (flame fused). Fused quartz is normally transparent.

Fused quartz can also form naturally. The naturally occurring form is usually referred to as Metaquartzite and is formed under metamorphic conditions. An increase in heat causes the crystals within the quartz to become fused together.

Along with the association of quartz crystal as the 'envelope' through which the long-life high brightness of halogen lamps is made, are its associations with metamorphic conditions, a low extinction rate, high thermal shock resistance, resistance to cracking under conditions of rapid and large thermal change, sheathing electric elements, fiber-optic communications, information storage and transmission, energy amplification and focus, and as a substrate for projection masks for photolithography.

Quartz also has the ability to split light into a spectrum. Through its use as an oscillator or resonator, quartz crystal is clearly associated with Hod (the reverberating sefirah as named by my Jewish ancestors which gives energy form) and sekhel shalem (perfect whole consciousness, original arrangement, sustained growth, balanced knowledge and mind, a magical-mystical adept, a kabbalist). Grian cloch is the Irish term my Irish-Celtic ancestors gave to quartz and means 'stone of the sun'. Meta-language and language wholistically as one is key to the mystery of form given by Hod. In my experience, given to me by my Germanic ancestors, uruz is now known as the rune of the sun. Given to me in the shamanic tradition of my Native American ancestors, quartz crystal is now my shaman stone of the sun.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Samhain Mitzvah Runes

ו' ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 7

The mitzvah runes to be inscribed (facing the letters left to right) on my Samhain ritual candle spell out the transformative words of the phrase shine Urcanaan (אר ורכנען).

The Mystery Of Urcanaan

ו' ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 7

Commentary on Noach from Garden of the Dark Moon Jubilee - The Mystery Of Urcanaan.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Secret Of The Peaceful Warrior

כ"ג בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 24

In follow-up to Magical Disaster At The Sweat Lodge, last night I dreamt.

There were three major groups of nations present at the gathering of peace negotiations. One group was represented by a Muslim leader and another was represented by President Obama. I was observing. The outcome of the global peace negotiations would be decided by a series of tests each leader of nations would undergo. The leaders who survived all the grueling tests would be judged fit to lead the nations to peace.

The final two tests involved successfully navigating descent down a tall tower whose top reached high into the skies. Only those chosen by The Peaceful Warrior could and would survive.

The first of the two tests involved drop-flying a small aircraft nose first straight down the skyscraping tower's side and then immediately, hairbreadths before smashing into the ground, turning the aircraft at a right precision angle parallel to the ground and flying The Craft parallel to the land a mere hairbreadth above the surface of the land. Making the proper angle at the proper moment was impossible unless one was guided by wyrd destiny to do so. Only the soul of the peaceful warrior could successfully manage the maneuver. I transmitted the maneuver to President Obama and he flew the course precisely.

The second of the two tests involved climbing down the outside surface of the tower. The only tool one could use was one's body. It was impossible to succeed at this test unless one knew the secret of doing it. You see, even the very breath you breathe as you climb down will push you off the tower and to your death if you don't know the secret.

I knew the secret and I transmitted it to President Obama. There are two magical elements which come together to complete the whole secret. Interpret them correctly, and you will succeed.

First, there is an invisible outward-pushing notch in the tower which no one can see, not even you. It runs down the length of the left side of the tower (from the left side of the one who faces it as it is faced). You must make a complementary inward-pulling notch running down the left side of the front of your body with which you can 'lock' your body to the structure of the tower as you make your descent. I transmitted to President Obama how to craft the proper notch into the form of his body to fit the notch in the tower precisely. President Obama cut the notch precisely.

Second, there is a special breathing technique unique to the successful completion of this test. Breathing any other way, any other way at all, will create enough force with descent to push every climber, body locked or unlocked, off the tower and to his or her death. I demonstrated the unique breathing technique to President Obama. He practiced breathing and then, began breathing uniquely.

Nations, President Obama's wife and family, and a blonde-haired woman gathered in the middle of Main Street (busy with traffic) in Danville, IL, in the heartland of this land, opposite the Towne Centre to watch his warrior's descent from the tower of truth. The blonde-haired woman was greeted by President Obama's wife - they shook hands and prepared to watch the descent. The unknown blonde-haired woman had transmitted to him the ways to survive this test. The Peaceful Warrior suddenly appeared among us. The Peaceful Warrior was a ritually dressed Native American shaman who had passed over from the Otherworld to attend, watch and bless President Obama's warrior's ordeal. He had been the one who had shared the Secret of the Peaceful Warrior all along with me specifically to teach President Obama. President Obama descended the tower of test successfully, becoming through survival of the warrior's trial, a peaceful leader of many nations.

After the ordeal succesfully completed, the wife and family of President Obama, the blonde-haired woman, the Native American Peaceful Warrior, and some national security people got into a car. Driving down the road, thanks was given that the blonde-haired woman had been found worthy to transmit the Secret of the Peaceful Warrior to President Obama, and thanks was given that President Obama had been found worthy to receive it.

After thanks was given, it was time for The Peaceful Warrior shaman to return to the Otherworld. I laid my arm touching upon his back, giving thanks for his teaching, as he flew out the window of the car and returned to the Otherworld.

The dream scene changed. There was a group of men who had been watching the whole ordeal. The blonde-haired woman was a member among their group of equals. The group was like a cabal and coven. Though unusual, the woman was part of 'the gang of guys' because, as one of the guys remarked to the reporter reporting on it, "she's an awesome shiksa!" and they all affectionately laughed and nodded in agreement. Like a cabal and a coven, this gang of guys and a woman was a magical learning group, like brothers and a sister.

"Shiksa!?" I turned to face them exclaiming, swatting my hand at each one of them.

I woke up.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Magical Disaster At The Sweat Lodge

כ"ג בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 24

An interesting article from Beyond Growth, The Dark Side of The Secret: Reading James Arthur Ray’s Sweat Lodge Disaster through a Magickal Lens, looks at the recent sudden deaths at an Arizona sweat lodge "spiritual warrior" spiritual cleansing event gone horribly awry from the perspective of shamanic transformation magic and asks:

From the magickal perspective, it’s not that James A Ray has been bullshitting us about a mythical Law of Attraction, but that he is indeed a powerful magician who attracted some very powerful, albeit unwanted results. We’d want to ask, “how did he attract this experience?” and “how can we protect ourselves from attracting similar experiences?”

Author, philosopher and NLP Practitioner Duff McDuffee further writes on evoking the Warrior and the attempt to transform an archetype of violent war into one of spiritual honor:

One of the ultimate accomplishments of a magician is to be able to transform a demon into an ally. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is a complex, 6-month long ritual designed to gain the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel,” and then using such an accomplishment to summon demons and transform them into allies.

Indeed, this magical task is not without danger:

One could think of a demon as a negative habit or unwanted emotion at the personal level, or a general negative tendency at the collective level. Attempts at such transformation are a dangerous business, much cautioned about in both stories of magic and actual grimoires. Through humiliating failures, magicians (that survive) can learn humility with respect to the gods or archetypes, eventually gaining more mastery with the magick of transformation, but always with the knowledge of one’s limitations.

Read the full insightful article at the link above and choose teachers wisely.

My Mother's Shoppe

כ"ג בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 24

My mother lost her job last Wednesday. Today I helped her create her own Etsy shoppe, Treasures By Cher, where she will sell handcrafted crocheted doilies, afghans, holiday heirlooms and baby items. Check out my mother's shoppe!

May her much deserved early retirement result in the creation of many beautiful treasures by Cher.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Mystery Of Lively Hood

י'ו בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 17

My kabbalistically witchy Remedy For Livelihood Spell Kit sold today at WITCHCRAFTS under the powerful blessing of the full harvest moon. With the money brought to me through that purchase, in turn I purchased a boldy divine and paradoxical dark goddess full harvest moon spell pouch. May the spell kit be a blessing for both seller and buyer. So mote it be. אמן

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Time Travel Without The Mother's Hood

ט'ו בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 16

Commenting on my dream The Tzohar Book, my friend Lisha brought to my attention that the Hebrew word tzohar (צוהר) can mean "a small window, a skylight, or an opening, aperture, or opportunity." Given my response that the baby's swelling, in my dream, was secondary to the birth process itself (as opposed to the result of an inherent abnormality of the baby herself), she further suggested that the "aperture" or "opportunity" was also related to the birth process.

This association makes perfect sense to me, particularly within the proximal context of the Heikhalot dream and the runic divination, By Force Of Destiny.

It may be that the first Heikhalot dream "flashback scene" with the pregnant woman was "flashing back" to my own birth. Then, this follow-up dream with the baby was expanding, to elucidate further, upon the forces at work around my own birth.

As I've written in many blogs over the years, I was born actively remembering my preincarnate existence and perinatal birth experience - and I have never forgotten imy existence or experience. Perhaps being "born without the mother's hood" (as telepathically brought forth in the baby dream) pertains to "not forgetting" those experiences. I was born not forgetting. I was born remembering. The memory of actually physically being born is a psychospiritually traumatic memory that has left a lasting impression on my consciousness to this day even. The "mother's hood" would therefore be the source of forgetting. The traumatic memory of physical birth is the source of the baby's swelling.

It becomes clear then, from the Heikhalot dream in proximal combination with the Tzohar dream, that I participated to bring forth into my carnate life the circumstances necessary for healing myself even before I was born.

Only One Detail

ט'ו בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 16

Most of my dream from last night has faded from memory, but I do remember one detail, only one detail, in fact - Benjamin Netanyahu was in it. It wasn't a political dream, nor was it a particularly personal dream. It was more of an informational dream.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Tzohar Book

י'ד בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 15

In follow-up to the flashback dream scene with a pregnant woman in it seeking help as described in Heikhalot, The Nine-Tenths Gate, last night, I dreamt.

A newborn baby was severely ill and I brought her before the doctor. The doctor looked at the baby whose face and head were swollen. The woman (me as the "mother" of the baby) said, "my husband thinks it's lethal."

The doctor then pulled out several books, one after the other, off his shelf, as one who is totally involved in researching an interesting problem. He pulled out from among the many books one book in particular he called the Tzohar book (not Zohar, it was made clear in the dream that the book was the Tzohar book, pronounced with a tzadi and not a zayin and it was called the Tzohar book). He studied quickly over many pages, then "erased" some shadowy things somehow along the baby's spine (I saw it and he did it through something like X-ray vision and motion - he could reach into the baby's body like a spirit-being), saying as he did it that "it's not necessarily that bad." I "heard" telepathically that the baby had been "born without the mother's hood", something to the effect that a "special interest had been taken in my case" and something suggesting that the doctor "went back for a cure."

I took a pregnancy test. I was not pregnant.

I woke up.

Dare to be true to yourself.