Saturday, October 03, 2009

Time Travel Without The Mother's Hood

ט'ו בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 16

Commenting on my dream The Tzohar Book, my friend Lisha brought to my attention that the Hebrew word tzohar (צוהר) can mean "a small window, a skylight, or an opening, aperture, or opportunity." Given my response that the baby's swelling, in my dream, was secondary to the birth process itself (as opposed to the result of an inherent abnormality of the baby herself), she further suggested that the "aperture" or "opportunity" was also related to the birth process.

This association makes perfect sense to me, particularly within the proximal context of the Heikhalot dream and the runic divination, By Force Of Destiny.

It may be that the first Heikhalot dream "flashback scene" with the pregnant woman was "flashing back" to my own birth. Then, this follow-up dream with the baby was expanding, to elucidate further, upon the forces at work around my own birth.

As I've written in many blogs over the years, I was born actively remembering my preincarnate existence and perinatal birth experience - and I have never forgotten imy existence or experience. Perhaps being "born without the mother's hood" (as telepathically brought forth in the baby dream) pertains to "not forgetting" those experiences. I was born not forgetting. I was born remembering. The memory of actually physically being born is a psychospiritually traumatic memory that has left a lasting impression on my consciousness to this day even. The "mother's hood" would therefore be the source of forgetting. The traumatic memory of physical birth is the source of the baby's swelling.

It becomes clear then, from the Heikhalot dream in proximal combination with the Tzohar dream, that I participated to bring forth into my carnate life the circumstances necessary for healing myself even before I was born.

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