Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heikhalot, The Nine-Tenths Gate

ט' בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 10

On Blodlessing 10, Tishrei 9 ... I dreamt.

In a harbor on a cabined boat sitting on the water glistening with light under a full moon on a clear night, were two couples. Facing them from the middle, on my left the woman was sitting on a bench and the man was in the pool-like chamber at her feet submerged under the water in the pool-chamber. Like a link cord to outside the pool-chamber, she was holding on to him with her right hand. She could pull him out if he started to drown.

Facing them, to my right, the couple was standing facing a wall. The woman was going to ascend the wall. It was dangerous, but she was going to do it. The man at her side had a decision to make - was he going to lay it all on the line and follow her or not? He would die if she failed. He would live eternally if she succeeded. Did he want her enough to risk dying for her?

He decided. He took off his shoes and began to take off his clothes. He was going to ascend the wall with her, be the result death or life - all that mattered was being with her.

The scene changed. A single couple was flying down a lonely bare prairie dirt road in the middle of nowhere. There was only pale beige land on either side of the road leading to who knows where. All of a sudden, the woman left the bare dirt road and turned at a right angle into the land on our right of the road. He went with her, and in our tracks the trail blazed behind us lighting up with sparks like fire.

We were among a small handful of people who were in a chamber between worlds. The chamber was like an enclosed windowless greenhouse with rows of enchanted trees in it. The trees were guardians. The trees were fruit trees but I saw no fruit - the trees themselves may have been the fruit, because the temptation was to eat of the tree itself. Looking back as we walked on, I saw one person reach up to pluck of the tree - and as he reached, touched and ate of it (which were somehow all one simultaneous action), the tree hideously transformed into a tree-like venus flytrap which chomped down on the man, biting him in half. The trap-tree ate his top half above his waist first as his bottom half stood motionless in the path between the rows of trees waiting to be also hideously eaten.

Untempted by the enchanted fruit trees, I and the man with me and a few others, walked on into the next chamber. There were guardians in this chamber as well. They were humanoid guardian spirits, but they were completely chalk white like clouds and dressed all in white. They were also deadly feminine. I and the man with me kept moving through it, but I looked behind me - one of the males in the group had been tempted to kiss one of the female guardian spirits - he immediately died.

Moving on, I and the man with me, and fewer others, moved on into the next chamber. This chamber was just like the last chamber only these white guardian spirits were deadly male and functioned to tempt the female to kiss them. I was completely untempted.

A flashback or remembrance - I was a single woman among couples sitting at a table playing cards. I laid my five cards on the table - four cards were a straight and the last card was a wild card. Just then, one of the couples' corresponding human female opened the door and came into the room. She was very pregnant (at term) and dressed in a white nightrobe (her skin had the color of life in it) - I was a nurse and she asked me to help her. We went into the bathroom, and she showed me that she was bleeding. There were streaks of blood in the water in the water bowl. I told her she needed to call the doctor. She wasn't hemorrhaging, it was just a little bit of spotting, but she did need to see the doctor immediately.

Back in the otherworldly chamber, I remained untempted to kiss any of the male guardians. They became frustrated with me because I was successfully resisting all of them. One guardian lost his composure and with frustrated impatient desperation, came over and bit me (or the man with me, as our identities were no longer separated) at the base of my neck - if he could bite me, he thought, he could make me bleed and I would die. I didn't bleed at all. I saw that, while all the others still had skin with the color of life in it, my skin was completely chalk white just like the guardians. I had no blood in me. I failed to bleed and ...

... woke up. As I was waking, I saw fire spark into a peaceful brilliant radiating light (like when spirits touch) at the place on the north corner of my altar where I burn a red autumn spice tea candle sitting in a sea green pentacle bowl. (Now I know with confidence that the elemental directions of my altar are as they need to be and are: North - fire/light, East - air, South - water, West - earth. My altar itself sits along the east wall of my bedroom.)

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