Friday, September 25, 2009

Top Performing RN MDS Coordinator

Lori A. Lappin, R.N., B.S.
RN MDS / PPS / Care Plan / Clinical Data Coordinator (email)

Seeking a professional business-oriented opportunity in MDS or clinical reimbursement data management with an organization offering excellent benefits and compensation.


RN MDS Care Plan Coordinator, The Hawthorne Inn of Danville
Danville, IL [217-431-1600]
July 2008 – present

Turnaround Accomplishments:

*Average Daily Medicare Rate for the second quarter 2009 increased 23% over the Average Daily Medicare Rate for 2008, and increased 8% over the first quarter 2009. (Average Length of Stay for Medicare admissions also increased in parallel.)

*During my tenure as MDS / Care Plan Coordinator, my facility won the multi-state multi-facility Corporate organizational award for the Best Overall Medicare Program.

*Average Daily Medicaid Rate for the second quarter 2009 increased both over the rate for 2008 and exceeds the Average Daily Medicaid Rate for our state region.

During my tenure, no delinquent assessments, no regulatory survey tags related to the professional standards of the clinical care plans I write as Care Plan Coordinator.

Said by current supervisor and corporate officers about my professional work and ability:

Corporate Administrative Asst. of Operational Finance – “she’s on top of things” as it pertains to my ability to critically analyze and report changes in our clinical reimbursement rates.

Corporate Director of Rehabilitation Services upon reading one of the clinical care plans I had written – “this is a masterpiece.”

Facility Director of Nursing – (my) “work is excellent.”

Received 4.4% wage increase at first year performance review.

Additional current benefits: private office, no nursing call, Jewish Sabbath & Holiday observances off, no weekends, no dining room, staff nursing or other department head duties.

RN MDS Care Plan Coordinator, The Waters of Covington
Covington, IN [765-793-4818]
May 2007 – July 28, 2008

Turnaround Accomplishments:

*Increased facility CMI 16.2% since May 2007, reversing a 2-year downward trend prior to my employment.

*100% records supported on EDS audit for the period July 2007 – July 2008.

*CMI 17.3% above Indiana state average CMI for the second quarter 2008.

*CMI 13.1% above facility CMI goal for the second quarter 2008.

*CMI 12.1% above company-wide average CMI for the second quarter 2008.

Received 10% salary increase at yearly performance appraisal.

Supervisor/CEO’s written remarks on performance evaluation: “Lori is very organized and timely in her work practice. She monitors closely resident activity and changes in an effort to maximize CMI. Lori has learned her job well as reflected by the facility CMI. Lori’s ability to capture CMI scores has placed our facility above the company average and even greater for the state of Indiana.”

*Attended 2-day 2008 Case Mix Workshop sponsored by Myers & Stauffer.

*Attended MDS Workshop sponsored by the Indiana State Department of Health.

*Created company MDS orientation and training manual for new MDS Coordinators.

*Created training material for guideline instruction of MDS Coordinators and Directors of Nursing regarding skilling nursing home residents for Medicare.

Additional benefits: no nursing call, Jewish Sabbath & Holiday observances off, no staff nursing duties.

Current license in good standing as a Registered Professional Nurse in Illinois and Indiana.


Lakeview School of Nursing, Danville, IL, R.N. Diploma (1986 - 1988)

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (1990 – 1993)


Clinical Trials Data Coordinator, Biologist-Biochemist, QI Analyst, QM Coordinator, Clinical Development Coordinator, Research Specialist, Nurse-Trainer Consultant, R.N. staff nurse (ICU/CCU)


Awarded monetary recognition for a novel critical assay I developed as a pharmaceutical research biochemist.

Conducted 2 years undergraduate thesis research for Department of Biology at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL.


Current Employer:

Corporate Director of Rehabilitation Services
Director of Rehabilitation Services
MDS Assistant/ADON
Director of Social Services
Director of Activities

Previous Employer:

MDS Assistant
Director of Social Services

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