Monday, September 07, 2009

Wyrd Shema

י'ח באלול תשס״ט
Belz 19

The tenth rune I drew before bed is the 'd' rune Dagaz (pronounced thaw-gauze), where 'd' is voiced softly like the letters 'th' in the words 'the' and 'then' - dagaz is never pronounced thickly like in the word 'thick' or like a 'd' in the word 'dog'. Dagaz is the rune of total awakening, encoding the mysteries of whole paradox and unity in multiplicity. Through dagaz, seeming opposites are One.

I dreamt.

The dream was wyrd. In it and among a group of different ones who had gathered together like gypsies on the move to avoid capture by hunter-constructs of a rigid mechanical-like world seeking to control us, I met a man. This man was to become my mate. We tested each other sort of, in the sense of having the ability to accept one another completely, then came together. In doing so, we were lifted out of ourselves and into the stars - into, and as returning members among, a civilization of which the Universe is made.

I woke up.

The tenth and eleventh 'places' in my developing personal runerows are occupied by dagaz and the wyrd rune.

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