Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Ship Of Safe Passage

ט' באלול תשס״ט
Belz 10

Ki Tetzi

כִּי תִקְצֹר קְצִירְךָ בְשָׂדֶךָ וְשָׁכַחְתָּ עֹמֶר בַּשָּׂדֶה
when the reaper reaps in the field ... Devarim 24:19

Last night before bed I drew the sixth rune, the first rune of the second row in my developing set of personal runerows. It was the 'm' rune mannaz (pronounced mawn-nawz), the rune of Divine consciousness made manifest in the individual and within the race of humanity. Mannaz is also known as the adornment of ships, the androgyne and the guardian of the institution of blood sisterhood.

I dreamt.

Political structures and of the wealthy filled the atmosphere. I was neither a political figure nor wealthy in the material sense, but for some reason I was among these kinds of people and in the politically charged situations. I wasn't a central figure, but my presence had been deemed needed. I was just there - just in case I had been chosen as some believed I was. Some weren't sure if I had been chosen, so I was given no real role in the proceedings - I was only there because some believed I had been chosen. So, I was just there, one among this group of people.

Then, news was delivered to the gathering. There had been a horrific massacre of a group of people. I was chosen by the President to go with the team to investigate the crime scene. We went to investigate.

There was blood all over the place. The people in the place had been brutally butchered, literally. The people had been killed on account of one particular woman's presence, they were her supporters and her group. She had also been killed. Looking around the place, I 'saw' back in time the manner in which the woman had been particularly gruesomely butchered and cut up - her head had first been methodically cut in half from the crown of her head down to her neck. Then, both her breasts had been chopped into large chunks and then rechopped into smaller chunks. The vision was awful, but in it was also a message.

That this gruesome fate had been called up and sealed for either this woman or myself was the message. We could not both occupy the office for which I had been chosen. The actuality of the fate had been called up to discern between us. Watching the woman's dissection at the hand of the Reaper, I did not feel she had been a woman obviously deserving of such a horrible fate. Nevertheless, having been summoned (by whom I don't know), the Reaper reaped.

I woke up.

With it's association as the adornment of ships, mannaz follows perfectly from Thursday night's dream, Mysteries of the Staircase.

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Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

well that puts me in shits, because it's meek, also the third letter is dead, take alef and turn it white, number eight is fixed...begin to wirte

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Dare to be true to yourself.