Saturday, August 29, 2009

Confirmation By Omen

ט' באלול תשס״ט
Belz 10

In ancient Germanic runecasting rituals, the eighth step of the rune rite calls for confirmation of a rune reading by omen. So, after reading last night's rune, what confirms the rune reading and it's related rune dream last night? While not driven to confirm by omen the previous rune readings, the horribleness of last night's dream calls for corroborating evidence in the physical world that the rune-dream reading was based upon an honest insight that the Reaper had indeed been let loose to roam the world to reap last night (as opposed to the idea that I was just having a bad dream). Foxnews reports this evening with the front headline:

Mobile Home Massacre

Seven people are dead and two critically injured in a massacre at a southeastern Georgia mobile home, though police won't say whether they think the killer is on the loose or among the dead.

"This is a record for us. We've never had such an incident with so many victims," Doering told reporters. "It's not a scene that I would want anybody to see.

The 1,100 acre tract is all that remains of a Crown grant made in 1763 to Henry Laurens, who later succeeded John Hancock as president of the Continental Congress in 1777.

Laurens obtained control of the South Altamaha river lands and named it New Hope Plantation, according to the plantation's Web site.

In Jewish kabbalah, seven is the magical number-letter (zayin) of an adornment - like mannaz is the adornment of the ship of safe passage in relationship to my dream. Again, the magical alphabets of my ancestors are in agreement within me.

There was a massacre ... on a tract of land which is all that remains of a Crown - just as the massacre in my dream concerned the cut up crown of a woman's head.

The first owner of the land was involved in 'politics and wealth' as the President of the Continental Congress in 1777 - just I was chosen by the President in my dream to investigate the massacre.

The President's tract where the massacre occurred is called river lands in the news article - which links to Mysteries of the Staircase, the rune dream previous to last night's rune dream which contained references to a race of land-bound people and a race river-ice people.

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