Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Hamingja

י׳ באלול תשס״ט
Belz 11

In follow-up to my previous entry The Ætheling on my fehu rune-dream, Edred Thorsson (Futhark) teaches regarding the hamingja (a multi-faceted force of a soul-family):

All in all, the F-rune defines a mobile form of power. In the psycho-magical realm this concept of mobile force is closely connected with the old Germanic idea of the hamingja. The hamingja (which is often translated as "luck," and even "guardian spirit") may be sent forth from an individual in a manner akin to that of the "astral body" in other traditions. Fehu is the directed expansive force that facilitates the projection of soul entities and magical power from person to person, or from a person to an object.

Edred Thorsson (Runelore) further writes:

Fehu is the mystery of gold. That is, it is the numinous power of that which is called money or wealth in our society (which is now dominated by "pecuniary mysteries"). This rune exists in a great ecological system of power or energy. The rune must be yielded into receptive fields - : : in order to be increased. It increases in power through circulation, and it is transformed from one shape into another. This must not, however, be done blindly but rather with foresight and wisdom. The power naturally belongs in the hands of the true æthelings, and it is their responsibility to see that it is properly used.

Fehu is the power of well-being, renewal and success. Wealth, be it material wealth or inner wealth in the form of wisdom, understanding and knowledge must be shared generously and ethically to tap into and increase the power of fehu.

In my own magical practice, as it pertains to inner wealth, I generously share my own wisdom, understanding and knowledge with those who are receptive to that which I have to share in the experiences I write of on my blogs. Having myself as a blogger been naturally driven to do this for many years, fehu is the force within the soul which drives bloggers to write and to share our experience.

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