Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Transmission Of A Sacred Secret

ו׳ באלול תשס״ט
Belz 7

Sunday night before bed I drew my first rune. It was Raidho (pronounced rye-though), the 'r' rune, signifying right order of cosmic law and wholiness.

Monday night before bed I drew my second rune. It was Elhaz (pronounced ale-hawz), the 'z' rune, signifying protection and linkage of the Witch and her personal Divinity, her daimon and her genius.

Last night before bed I drew my third rune. It was Perthro (pronounced perth-row), the 'p' rune, signifying the guarded secret of ørlög and the way of wyrd.

Last night, I dreamt.

I was at a small older house. It was my house, but it was not any house I have ever lived in. I was looking at it to move into, I think. The person showing me around was telling me about features of the house as we moved through it. We came to the small humble kitchen.

I spied a small closed inside doorway across from the doorway to the outside in the kitchen, like a broom-closet door. Immediately I 'saw' that an exact replica of the seemingly one story home existed as a second story to the house and this doorway led up a narrow staircase to it. I stepped toward the closed doorway to go up to see the home upstairs. The home now had a very discernable good spooky feel to it - to outsiders and enemies it would be very scary like a real haunted house, but it was goodly spooky to me. I felt thrilled inside.

The person showing me around said "you don't want to go up there. A Witch lives up there." "Ohhh, but I do want to go up there," I thought. I moved past the person who was showing me around and stepped again toward the doorway.

Just then, the outside doorway in the kitchen opened suddenly and a ritual procession of the Witch's coven and her witchy 'children' came through. They all wore hooded black robes, with their heads angled down yet positioned straight ahead toward the inner doorway, such that their faces were hidden from those looking on at them from the side, like I and the guide were.

But, as each one passed beyond the guide's direct line of sight and came directly opposite me on their way to the inner doorway (which was now open), each covenor turned and looked directly, powerfully and penetratingly into my eyes, held my gaze for prolonged moment, and then turned his or her face again toward the inner doorway. There was an immediate deep wordless mutual communication transmitted through each connected gaze. An instantaneous connection was made. It felt like a reverberating embrace of mutually reciprocating power - like a deep gripping handshake of the essence through the eyes. Like recognition of family. My eyes met each covenor's eyes in this manner, one by one.

Then, at the end of the ritual procession, the Witch who lives upstairs revealed herself and came over to me as I came over to her. She walked with a smooth grace as if she was walking on air. Our eyes met eye to eye in the same manner as with the others. Yet, we also came together, resting our foreheads together like a mindkiss between and slightly above our eyes. Through this manner she spoke to me a secret of practical magic. She transmitted to me a sacred secret. The words she used concerned a special instruction of practical magic contradictory to something I'd recently learned, but in it was so much more. The words were a little drop, which now in me will unfold the teaching.

I woke up.

Though she did not indicate to me that I should not tell the words of the secret, I feel that the words of the secret are not to be told. They are precious wholy words to me, so I shall not share the words through which the secret was transmitted.


kim said...

Do you use Rune cards, like tarot cards? Curious, because I am going to take a Ruen class. My friend prefers Ruen cards and I am drwan to Rune stones.

Myfanwy said...

No, I don't have any card or stone runes. My runes are pyrographed into apple wood.

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