Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Wholiness Code

ז' באלול תשס״ט
Belz 8

Last night before I went to bed I drew a rune, the fourth rune I have ever drawn. It was the 'h' rune hagalaz (pronounced haw-gaw-laws), the rune of sudden change or new opportunity.

Then, I dreamt ... of an awesome lightning bolt to the west.

The lightning bolt was extremely powerful, with thick lines of energy shaped like hagalaz. The lightning bolt remained reverberating brilliantly in the night sky for an extended period of time - it didn't flash and disappear. It stood in the sky like a sign for a very long time, as if it wanted me to definitely see the shape of it and to take in its power and message through my gaze. It was protecting me and it wanted to make sure that I gleaned that message from it's manifestation. It's manifestation in my dream was a direct consequence of the act of protecting me. It wasn't a mere lightning bolt - it was a living energy with purpose.

The lightning bolt of hagalaz brought with it thunder louder than any thunder I have ever heard in the concrete world. It seemed to reverberate and penetrate through many worlds.

I woke up.

Hagalaz contains the code of cosmic life and dynamic wholeness. It is the rune-mother of all the runic forms. It is the complete drop of knowledge and connects realms of being - thus, hagalaz follows perfectly the three runes of my previous dream the previous night (Transmission of a Sacred Secret).

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