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Mysteries Of The Staircase

ח' באלול תשס״ט
Belz 9

Last night before bed I drew the fifth rune I have ever drawn. It was the 'i' rune isa (pronounced ee-saw), the rune of ice, cosmic stillness, concentration and rest.

Then, I dreamt.

In the dream, in order, there was one ship. There was one road with two sides. There were two races of people. There were two rivers. There were two babies. There were two women. There were two dogs. There was only one me and only one wildish man with steel teeth able to interpret the code which dwells in me.

I remember nothing about the ship except that it was there.

Then, I was in a bus traveling with others down a road. I had a window seat on the left. Looking out of the window on the side of the bus I was on, I saw that many of the shoppes in the town through which we were traveling and which lined the road had witchcraft-related signs on their storefronts and in their windows. It was nighttime, but the street was softly and warmly lit by pretty quaint streetlamps all along the road. The walkway in front of the shoppes glowed comfortingly. I was traveling down a road through a town where witches thrived. I was happy.

Then, of one race of people I don't remember much except that they seemed to be land-bound and I was running from them for some reason. The second race of people were people who lived in a river of ice and whose bodies were largely composed of ice. Hiding in the icy river from the land-bound people, I discovered the ice people. The ice people were known throughout the world in the dream as all-fearsome and terrible. They were the 'terrible ice' people and the land-bound people were land-bound because they feared the incredible power of the terrible ice people. The terrible ice people took me in, protected me and kept me moving up the icy river so that I would not die in the terrible iciness of it. Safely upriver, I emerged upon the right bank.

Then, I came upon a baby who was pulled out of a dark river with the dying in it. It was dying, blue skinned and on the brink of death. It had been left for dead with the man who buries the dead. The man there who buries the dead had placed the baby in a wooden box for burial already, but the baby - though very near death - was not quite dead yet. I could still see it struggling for it's last breaths. I couldn't stand to think that the baby would die like that - in a box struggling for breath with no one to hold it in it's dying moments. All alone in death. I took the dying baby out of the box and the man responsible for the dead let me do it. I told him I would hold it as it died so that it didn't have to die all alone laying in a cold wooden box. I let the dying blue baby nurse from me. It stopped struggling for breath and expired peacefully in my arms.

Then, I was in the front passenger seat of a moving car. The woman driver was holding a chubby living baby she had adopted while she drove. The baby's mother had died, but I saw the spirit of the baby's dead mother hovering over the driver of the car, nursing her living baby from the spirit world.

Then, I was standing on a sidewalk after getting off a bus with many others. It was daytime. There were two women reporters standing near me. They were arguing about who was going to get to report on this story. Both of them were pretty and each thought she herself would be chosen. Neither of the two women reporters was chosen. Unexpectedly, I was chosen. The team sent to report on the story told me to go inside the house - a wildish-like man lived in it - and give them the inside scoop. People were a bit afraid of him I think because he was so 'outside the box' in terms of his lifestyle. They wouldn't go inside his 'demon' domain. I wasn't afraid. I am a witch, after all.

Then, I went inside and heard a fierce noise nearby. Turning to see, I saw two 'guard' dogs rising up from underneath a old low-laying whitish-greyish somewhat wide staircase that, although it was clearly a staircase with stairs, the floors which it connected together were the exact same floor. By the time two 'guard' dogs reached me, I could see that they were really sweet docile dogs with the cutest friendliest eyes. I heard the wild-man's voice from another direction, muttering to the dogs as he approached, "you are sorry excuses for guard dogs." He petted them lovingly and smiled. I saw that he had steel teeth, long hair and a mildly untamed look about him. Then, we became really good friends. Actually, we became lovers and he began interpreting my code. In all the world, he was the only one able to do it. He would throw out and report tidbits of it to those waiting outside there to report on the code.

Then, I woke up.

Clearly, this dreams links to the staircase of my earlier dream (Transmission of a Sacred Secret).

Personal Runerow 1

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