Sunday, September 13, 2009

Power To Do It

כ'ד באלול תשס״ט
Belz 25

Last night before bed I drew the fourteenth rune for my personal runerow, namely, the rune Ingwaz (pronounced eeeng-wawz) with an 'ng' phonetic value like the nasal 'ng' in the word singer.

Edred Thorsson (Runelore) writes, 'The Ingwaz-force is that which is released to give the plentiful year." It is a rune of peace, prosperity, cosmic nourishment, deep-level gestation and new power. In it are new ideas and solutions. Through it, people reach their potential, and homes and hearth are protected. Ingwaz is the principle of isolation, of wholiness, of being set aside in a period of contained concentrated transformational separation, of walking widdershins against the sun into the peaceful darkness of solitude. Ingwaz describes the nature of my life situation for nearly two decades now.

Drawing this rune last night immediately after posting Times Of Judgment And Blessing indicates to me that my life experience has now been concentrated, focused and magnified in Ingwaz, and through Ingwaz, the force to bring to fruition my Mabon-Rosh Hashanah spell working to project and distribute magical power, prosperity, success, healing, health, and protection from the evil eye person to person among my soul family is ready to be released.

What a wonderful divination!

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