Sunday, October 11, 2009

Secret Of The Peaceful Warrior

כ"ג בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 24

In follow-up to Magical Disaster At The Sweat Lodge, last night I dreamt.

There were three major groups of nations present at the gathering of peace negotiations. One group was represented by a Muslim leader and another was represented by President Obama. I was observing. The outcome of the global peace negotiations would be decided by a series of tests each leader of nations would undergo. The leaders who survived all the grueling tests would be judged fit to lead the nations to peace.

The final two tests involved successfully navigating descent down a tall tower whose top reached high into the skies. Only those chosen by The Peaceful Warrior could and would survive.

The first of the two tests involved drop-flying a small aircraft nose first straight down the skyscraping tower's side and then immediately, hairbreadths before smashing into the ground, turning the aircraft at a right precision angle parallel to the ground and flying The Craft parallel to the land a mere hairbreadth above the surface of the land. Making the proper angle at the proper moment was impossible unless one was guided by wyrd destiny to do so. Only the soul of the peaceful warrior could successfully manage the maneuver. I transmitted the maneuver to President Obama and he flew the course precisely.

The second of the two tests involved climbing down the outside surface of the tower. The only tool one could use was one's body. It was impossible to succeed at this test unless one knew the secret of doing it. You see, even the very breath you breathe as you climb down will push you off the tower and to your death if you don't know the secret.

I knew the secret and I transmitted it to President Obama. There are two magical elements which come together to complete the whole secret. Interpret them correctly, and you will succeed.

First, there is an invisible outward-pushing notch in the tower which no one can see, not even you. It runs down the length of the left side of the tower (from the left side of the one who faces it as it is faced). You must make a complementary inward-pulling notch running down the left side of the front of your body with which you can 'lock' your body to the structure of the tower as you make your descent. I transmitted to President Obama how to craft the proper notch into the form of his body to fit the notch in the tower precisely. President Obama cut the notch precisely.

Second, there is a special breathing technique unique to the successful completion of this test. Breathing any other way, any other way at all, will create enough force with descent to push every climber, body locked or unlocked, off the tower and to his or her death. I demonstrated the unique breathing technique to President Obama. He practiced breathing and then, began breathing uniquely.

Nations, President Obama's wife and family, and a blonde-haired woman gathered in the middle of Main Street (busy with traffic) in Danville, IL, in the heartland of this land, opposite the Towne Centre to watch his warrior's descent from the tower of truth. The blonde-haired woman was greeted by President Obama's wife - they shook hands and prepared to watch the descent. The unknown blonde-haired woman had transmitted to him the ways to survive this test. The Peaceful Warrior suddenly appeared among us. The Peaceful Warrior was a ritually dressed Native American shaman who had passed over from the Otherworld to attend, watch and bless President Obama's warrior's ordeal. He had been the one who had shared the Secret of the Peaceful Warrior all along with me specifically to teach President Obama. President Obama descended the tower of test successfully, becoming through survival of the warrior's trial, a peaceful leader of many nations.

After the ordeal succesfully completed, the wife and family of President Obama, the blonde-haired woman, the Native American Peaceful Warrior, and some national security people got into a car. Driving down the road, thanks was given that the blonde-haired woman had been found worthy to transmit the Secret of the Peaceful Warrior to President Obama, and thanks was given that President Obama had been found worthy to receive it.

After thanks was given, it was time for The Peaceful Warrior shaman to return to the Otherworld. I laid my arm touching upon his back, giving thanks for his teaching, as he flew out the window of the car and returned to the Otherworld.

The dream scene changed. There was a group of men who had been watching the whole ordeal. The blonde-haired woman was a member among their group of equals. The group was like a cabal and coven. Though unusual, the woman was part of 'the gang of guys' because, as one of the guys remarked to the reporter reporting on it, "she's an awesome shiksa!" and they all affectionately laughed and nodded in agreement. Like a cabal and a coven, this gang of guys and a woman was a magical learning group, like brothers and a sister.

"Shiksa!?" I turned to face them exclaiming, swatting my hand at each one of them.

I woke up.

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