Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Witch-Kabbalist

ז' ברמחשון תש"ע
Phasma Priscus 8

Last night, I dreamt.

At the end of the dream, I and some of the members of my team were inside a deep cave system whose entrance was closed to the general population of the area by thick metal-rock many-layered door with a secret magical lock and key combination. I knew the key-lock combination and where it was located in a hidden formation of the rock's walls. I had taken a few of us inside.

Our diverse group was different than the rest of the general populace in the area - like we were ancient travelers and outcasts who had come together as a group, settled and integrated among the locals, but who had each (clan or family or individual) still retained its unique distinction in some way. We were all unique from one another, but had been brought together by some unique and mutually recognized commonality as well. Once inside the cave system, a whole new secret community was revealed. One family among our group was Arabic. They had a light-haired family dog with them that the locals found annoying and wanted to get rid of, so their dog was brought inside the cave for protection as well.

Hunters from the general population, who had a clue that we were somehow different, too different for them to tolerate, were trying breach our cave. I began preparing my part of our defense.

I began melting quartz crystals with a special high-powered torch I had in my hand. The quartz was melting like clear-white candle wax into my collection pan.

I woke up.

Wiki on melting quartz crystals:

Fused quartz is manufactured by melting naturally occurring quartz crystals of high purity at approximately 2000°C, using either an electrically heated furnace (electrically fused) or a gas/oxygen-fuelled furnace (flame fused). Fused quartz is normally transparent.

Fused quartz can also form naturally. The naturally occurring form is usually referred to as Metaquartzite and is formed under metamorphic conditions. An increase in heat causes the crystals within the quartz to become fused together.

Along with the association of quartz crystal as the 'envelope' through which the long-life high brightness of halogen lamps is made, are its associations with metamorphic conditions, a low extinction rate, high thermal shock resistance, resistance to cracking under conditions of rapid and large thermal change, sheathing electric elements, fiber-optic communications, information storage and transmission, energy amplification and focus, and as a substrate for projection masks for photolithography.

Quartz also has the ability to split light into a spectrum. Through its use as an oscillator or resonator, quartz crystal is clearly associated with Hod (the reverberating sefirah as named by my Jewish ancestors which gives energy form) and sekhel shalem (perfect whole consciousness, original arrangement, sustained growth, balanced knowledge and mind, a magical-mystical adept, a kabbalist). Grian cloch is the Irish term my Irish-Celtic ancestors gave to quartz and means 'stone of the sun'. Meta-language and language wholistically as one is key to the mystery of form given by Hod. In my experience, given to me by my Germanic ancestors, uruz is now known as the rune of the sun. Given to me in the shamanic tradition of my Native American ancestors, quartz crystal is now my shaman stone of the sun.

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