Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Tzohar Book

י'ד בתשרי תש"ע
Blodlessing 15

In follow-up to the flashback dream scene with a pregnant woman in it seeking help as described in Heikhalot, The Nine-Tenths Gate, last night, I dreamt.

A newborn baby was severely ill and I brought her before the doctor. The doctor looked at the baby whose face and head were swollen. The woman (me as the "mother" of the baby) said, "my husband thinks it's lethal."

The doctor then pulled out several books, one after the other, off his shelf, as one who is totally involved in researching an interesting problem. He pulled out from among the many books one book in particular he called the Tzohar book (not Zohar, it was made clear in the dream that the book was the Tzohar book, pronounced with a tzadi and not a zayin and it was called the Tzohar book). He studied quickly over many pages, then "erased" some shadowy things somehow along the baby's spine (I saw it and he did it through something like X-ray vision and motion - he could reach into the baby's body like a spirit-being), saying as he did it that "it's not necessarily that bad." I "heard" telepathically that the baby had been "born without the mother's hood", something to the effect that a "special interest had been taken in my case" and something suggesting that the doctor "went back for a cure."

I took a pregnancy test. I was not pregnant.

I woke up.

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