Friday, January 31, 2014

Willed Fire Synchronicity

Kenaz Rune

In follow-up to my previous posts (Royal Hamingja and Fire Dragon Synchronicity), tonight's rune drawing is Kenaz (a perfect follow-up to last night's Fehu rune drawing, my dream of two fiery flights - the second fire flight being one I willed into being, and the Up Helly Aa fire festival synchronicity).

On Kenaz, Edred Thorsson writes (in Futhark):

Ritually, Kenaz ,,, is fire controlled toward a willed result.

Just like in my dream. It's amazing just how incredibly in sync my runes are with my life.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scottish Clan Connections

In follow-up to my previous two posts, among my paternal ancestors are the Scottish surnames of Scottish Clans significant to the making of Scotland - Clan Taylor (my father's surname) and Clan Wallace (my paternal grandmother's father's surname).

An interesting tidbit, each of my three children each gave to one of their children a first name of one of the surnames of the Scottish Clans.

My eldest son gave his younger son the name Logan. His nickname is Logie.

My daughter in the middle, gave her eldest son the name Cameron.

My youngest son gave his daughter the name Makenzie.

Fire Dragon Synchronicity

An awesome synchronicity with my dream (and previous post) just posted 10 minutes ago on my Facebook newsfeed - read article and watch the Up Helly Aa festival video here - Fire festival celebrates Norse heritage of Shetland in Viking style

Royal Hamingja

Dragon Raven Banner

Last night's rune drawing was Fehu.

I dreamt.

I was a young woman at the University. I lived in the living quarters with other students. I pretty much kept to myself and didn't get involved in any of the social activities with the other students. I wasn't shy really, I just wasn't very skilled at being sociable. I was also a rather socially reserved personality.

But one of my acquaintance girlfriends came and talked me into going with her to an important university dinner party. I went with her, glad she had pulled me toward going. I sat at one of the round banquet tables in the banquet hall.

There were little creatures (small-sized like miniature dogs, but they weren't dogs) that went around entertaining and performing at the feet of all the students. Though they were entertaining, their purpose was not to entertain - it was to scout out for the special one, sort of like making a preliminary assay to determine candidates who might be real witches.

I was identified as one among a group of female students to be tested for being a real witch. I decided to go along with the test.

Some of the candidates put on their coats because it was cold, icy and snowy outside and the dance would take us outside of the banquet room, but I didn't. I knew I wouldn't be cold as I danced.

We began the group dance in the banquet hall, but as we danced, we danced out the large doors to the outside where it was snowy. We danced into a trance as we danced. I felt no cold. As we danced, we levitated and rose into the air like ravens. Our dance became a dance in flight.

Suddenly, we all had wings and our wings became wings of blazing fire! We danced on fire. Thus, all of us who had passed the initial assay were all confirmed to be true witches. We were true witches.

The dance completed and the fire of our wings ceased, including mine. We began our smooth descent back to the ground. But then I did an unexpected thing. I willed my wings to be on fire a second time, like a dragon, during descent as opposed to during trance dance, and to ascend in flight and dance a second time! No one else did that, only I could do that. All those present were completely amazed that I was the one who would be able to do this second willed ascent on fiery wings. At this point, I didn't know the significance of what I had done, but since on the spur of the moment, I had wanted to do what only I had done, I did it because I could - I was happy, playing, joyous at just being me, this was the motivation for my willed dance.

When I finished my second willed fiery flight, I too smoothly descended to the ground and joined the group. We went inside. There was talk among the elders. Whispers went like wildfire through the student body and all those present. It was unexpected, but the talk was that I was the Witch Queen heir apparent. No one would have guessed that the new Witch Queen was me, I was so not the 'type' they had expected.

There was one final test - rowing in a longship - a strange kind of rowing, but the motion we were to do was a rowing-like motion. The group of us who had flown on fire, were put sideways into a longship (the longship was one longship, but we each had our own too such that we weren't sideways in our own space, this kind of longship cannot be fit entirely into the physical world). We each 'rowed' with our arms.

Unlike any of the others, I stretched my arms out beyond the conventional water in which we each rowed. I stretched clear across the water to the other shore and dug my fingernails and fingers into the soil of it. I walked with my fingers digging into the soil, stretching my arms even further, to a door and knocked on it. A woman with a young daughter opened the door - these two were significant to me, although I didn't really know exactly how (in the dream), but I knew that they were. I looked at the blond haired little girl (about 6 years old) and told her that I loved her, and that I had kept my promise (a promise had been made to me during shamanic journey when I was about 6 years old) to her - here I was, and things will be okay now (these are the last words my maternal grandfather ever spoke to me - when I was a young woman -, as if he were seeing into the future and preparing me for the tests with the knowledge that I would be okay and get through them). Then, the rowing test was over and I returned with the group back to the banquet room.

There was no doubt now, I was the new Witch Queen. There was also no doubt that the new Witch King was not the one all had expected it would be. The new Witch King was necessarily the one linked to me, as the new Witch King was necessarily the one soul matched to the new Witch Queen, namely, me.

Whispers spread like wildfire again through the crowd, and everyone including me turned to look at the sandy-haired guy sitting quietly at a table across the hall from me. This was the guy who was my partner Witch King. I had never seen him before that moment, but I recognized him as my partner and the one who had brought me to the school. He hadn't expected it to be him either. Though he had for awhile suspected that I was the Witch Queen heir apparent, he was just as surprised as everyone else that he was the new Witch King, partner to the Witch Queen.

I woke up.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Proving Hamingja

From The Road to Hel:

In the Vatnsdæla Saga, Ketill tells his son that he intends to teach him the laws of warriors - 'you are now at an age to prove what hamingja will be granted to you.' 'Now it is hamingja which will decide' exclaims Gestr in Bárðar Saga ... as used in the sagas, hamingja stands for an abstract conception, that of something belonging to an outstanding person which is partly a matter of character and partly of personality, and partly something more than either - that strange quality of luck or lucklessness which attaches itself to certain individuals more than others.

To read more about the Norse soul quality of hamingja, click the link above.

Today, just a few hours ago, a friend told me that I gave her good luck - awesome! (a person's hamingja may be shared with others)

Tonight's nightly rune drawing - laguz, the rune of increasing vital power and life force.

Last night I dreamt that a lion ate the balls (yes, it made a meal of those balls) of a man chasing to harm me. No more balls has he. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blót - Gebo Rune Drawing

Kragehul Spear

Fittingly, tonight's nightly rune divinatory drawing was Gebo.

ek e⸗rila⸗z asugisalas m⸗uh⸗a h⸗aite g⸗ag⸗ag⸗a ginu g⸗ah⸗e […] lija […] hagala wiju big–[…]

I, the Erulian, am called Asgisl's retainer g⸗ag⸗ag⸗a. The magical working (sign) ga. To the helm-destroying hail I consecrate (them) by spear ...

Like the vial of blood I hurled in my dream as written in my earlier posts (Birds and Odin & the Blood of the Einheri), according to Edred Thorsson on the rune Gebo:

The spear was hurled over (or at least in the direction of the enemy army) to dedicate (give) all of those slain on the other side as a sacrifice (to the Aesir Odin and/or Tyr).

Odin & the Blood of the Einheri

In follow-up to my previous post (Birds), I am thinking that the male guide beside me in the dream was Odin (assuming the form of my fylgja) and the male from whom I gathered the blood (lost to him but acquired by me through the performance of a magical operation) which redirected the death-bringing ravens away from me (they followed the smell of spilt blood) was an Einheri (one of the Einherjar).


Earlier today, I woke up from a dream of birds. I should've written this down sooner, as I've forgotten the beginning of the dream, but nevertheless, I still remember the most important part.

I was with a guiding male spirit by my side. A huge flock of big black ravens had been sent to kill me. Without a word, I knew what to do to divert them, to turn them away, to redirect them elsewhere away from my group and I.

I had a vial of blood from a person with my group - he had inadvertently lost it during some magical operation he had performed - I had retrieved and collected it. He wanted me to re-infuse the blood into him, but I knew that if I did that, he would surely die. He was in critical condition, but he still had a chance of survival if he left things alone, If I re-infused the blood he had lost, it would surely kill him. Simply observing me, my guide said nothing.

Sensing the ravens coming towards us in the distance, I took the vial of blood and threw it into the midst of another nearby but separate group of people. The birds followed the smell of the blood spilt from the vial, turning away from my direction and toward the direction of the other group.

I woke up.

Just now writing this post, the smoke detector right outside the room door in the hallway chirped. The battery was low, so I got up from the computer, put in a new battery, came back, sat down and published this blog post. That takes care of that. All fixed.

Dare to be true to yourself.