Friday, May 01, 2015

Voice of the One

It is taught in Celtic Witchcraft that there are 3 states of evolving magical consciousness (and conditions of Being) known as the Voice of the Many, the Voice of the Few and the Voice of the One.

The first condition of magical awareness crossing the threshold from the Otherworld is the Voice of the Many, a cacophony and sea of ancestral voices, some of which call out for vengeance against past wrongs. The test of this first condition is to resist these calls and to screen out all voices but those which have meaning for your current life and life task.

The second condition of magical awareness is the Voice of the Few. In this state of Being you encounter spiritual teachers who can guide you in your life's work.
The third and most evolved condition of magical awareness is the Voice of the One. This is the voice of the Sacred Land of the world, the First Ones embodied in the land, and the Original primal parents not of this world.

The Voice of the Sacred Land of Antarctica is the One Voice I followed in my recent dream - the Sacred Land of the First Ones of my primordial ancestral anthropoid primate line incarnate during the Eocene "dawn" of the human primate family.

Africa Not the Birthplace of Early Anthropoid Primates

New fossil finds suggest that Africa is not the original birthplace of EARLY ANTHROPOID PRIMATES - and I'll bet that one day we'll find that "out of Antarctica" preceded "out of Asia" for our own ancient anthropoid primate line.

New Fossil Points To 'Out of Asia' Theory

The origin of anthropoids — the simians, or "higher primates," which include monkeys, apes and humans — has been debated for decades among scientists. Although fossils unearthed in Egypt have long suggested that Africa was the cradle for anthropoids, other bones revealed in the last 15 years or so raised the possibility that Asia may be their birthplace. ..
An international team of scientists has unearthed a new fossil in Southeast Asia that may prove that anthropoids originated in what is now the East, shedding light on a pivotal step in primate and human evolution ... The fossil is named Afrasia djijidae ...
The teeth of 37-million-year-old Afrasia closely resemble those of another early anthropoid, the 38-million-year-old Afrotarsius libycus, recently discovered in the Sahara Desert of Libya. The anthropoids in Libya were far more diverse at that early time in Africa than scientists had thought, which suggested they actually originated elsewhere. The close similarity between Afrasia and Afrotarsius now suggests that early anthropoids colonized Africa from Asia.

Significantly, these two anthropoids (Afrasia and Afrotarsius) are 37 million and 38 million years old, respectively. The Eocene epoch lasted from 56 to 33.9 million years ago, so the first 18 million years of anthropoid primate evolution during Eocene epoch is unaccounted for - Antartctica could have been the home of our earliest anthropoid primate ancestors during those first 18 million years of the Eocene. No anthropoid primate fossil aged earlier than 38 million years ago have been found (to date) in either Asia or Africa - go Antarctica!

The scientific evidence for an Antarctic origin for our earliest anthropoid primate ancestors just keeps piling up!

My ancestors, even my not-yet-human ones are freaking awesome! and their voices still live in me!

Eocene Primate Anthropoids

In follow-up to my previous post (Soul Migration to Primordial Antarctica), on Eocene primate evolutionary origins:

The other group of haplorhine primates, anthropoids (from which monkeys, apes, and humans evolved), also first appears in the Eocene fossil record. Over the past 25 years in particular, our knowledge of anthropoid origins has expanded greatly due to new fossil discoveries. A number of these putative fossil anthropoids, however, are quite controversial and are the source of much debate. The geographic origin of anthropoids is also a contentious issue, with competing theories alternatively suggesting either Asia or Africa as the most likely source.

Of course, since Antarctica has since been in the grip of glacial ice sheets for millions of years, we wouldn't be aware of any Eocene primate fossils lurking there buried in the land now buried under the ice.

How did the first primordial primates make it to all of the diverse continents of the world? Right before the Eocene, all of the continents we know today were still joined together into a supercontinent called Gondwana - and at the beginning of the Eocene (when the earliest ancestral anthropoid primate line first evolved), Anarctica was still joined to Australia and South America.

By the beginning of the Eocene, Gondwana had ALMOST split apart, but Australia, Antarctica and South America remained joined. The Antarctic portion of Gondwana straddled the South Pole but because the global climate was warmer it was free of ice and snow. A forested corridor linked Australia and South America.

Genetic memory tells me that our earliest ancestral primate line first evolved in Antarctica, and science has no significance evidence to the contrary of what my genetic memory has revealed to me. Equally significantly, science does support the plausible possibility that what my genetic memory has revealed could in fact be true - First, during the Eocene, Antarctica was a warm forest covered land quite capable of hosting early primate (anthropoid) evolution. Second, during the Eocene early primates are known by science to have inhabited every major warm continent currently amenable to exploration by fossil hunters. Third, warm forested Eocene Antarctica was still joined to continents proven by science to have hosted early primate evolution - so a physical way for early primates to migrate to and/or inhabit Antarctica did in fact exist during the Eocene epoch. Consequently, there is no reason to suppose that ancient warm Antarctica (like the rest of the ancient major warm continents) did not also host primate evolution as did the others. In fact, the known scientific facts support that Antarctica very likely also hosted early primate evolution.

In summary, the known facts of science support the plausibility and good scientific probability that my shamanic dream experience delivered to me information, critically evaluated in the light of scientific rationality, more likely to be true than not true.

Soul Migration To Primordial Antarctica

I had the strangest dream last night - my soul flew to and hovered over primordial Antarctica (like many earthly creatures return to their places of origin during periodic migratory journeys). In the dream, Antarctica was the original source (even long before becoming "human") of my unfolding existence as a creature of the earth and I had returned to it. Odd.

These facts about Antarctica are interesting - during the Eocene epoch Antarctica was an area covered in warm rainforests, not ice sheets. The Eocene epoch is also notable for the "dawn" of modern ('new') fauna - new evolutionary forms of creatures upon the earth - so perhaps in my dream my soul was returning to the "dawn" of the evolutionary line which would eventually give rise to humans and to me. During the Eocene epoch, the earliest members of the order of primates evolved - cool! I think my dream (and very deep genetic memory) is revealing to me that my earliest primate ancestors first evolved in Antarctica.

Dare to be true to yourself.