Friday, May 01, 2015

Soul Migration To Primordial Antarctica

I had the strangest dream last night - my soul flew to and hovered over primordial Antarctica (like many earthly creatures return to their places of origin during periodic migratory journeys). In the dream, Antarctica was the original source (even long before becoming "human") of my unfolding existence as a creature of the earth and I had returned to it. Odd.

These facts about Antarctica are interesting - during the Eocene epoch Antarctica was an area covered in warm rainforests, not ice sheets. The Eocene epoch is also notable for the "dawn" of modern ('new') fauna - new evolutionary forms of creatures upon the earth - so perhaps in my dream my soul was returning to the "dawn" of the evolutionary line which would eventually give rise to humans and to me. During the Eocene epoch, the earliest members of the order of primates evolved - cool! I think my dream (and very deep genetic memory) is revealing to me that my earliest primate ancestors first evolved in Antarctica.

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