Friday, August 04, 2006

Barefoot Path Of A Neviah

R' Dovid Schwartz comments today at Beyond Teshuvah regarding barefootedness:

The Nefesh HaChaim explains that @ the burning bush when Moshe was commanded to slip off his shoes/sandals he was not merely being told to assume the default shoeless-ness for consecrated ground (see comment 3) he was also being told that prophecy requires the casting off of his outer physical husk so that all components of his neshoma/core could commune with HaShem in a prophetic experience.

As for shoeless-ness on all consecrated ground: I remember hearing once (I believe in the name of the Ramchal) that shoes were only required to separate man from the post-sin cursed earth. Odom and Chava weren’t just naked in Gan Eden but barefoot as well! The idea that bare-footedness obtains in the Bais HaMikdosh is that the Bais HaMikdosh is the one place left on earth (before the Messianic era) that is still Eden-like i.e. exempt from the curse that afflicted the rest of the globe.

This information sheds further interpretive connective light on my dreams/dreamwork earlier this week: House Shoes For The Healer, Hospital Of Divine Delight, Curious Numbers, and Malbush Chashmal & Original Language; and the poem, Gleanings Of The Faithful Olive Tree. Taking these dreams together, collectively indexed under the category Ruach Hashem, suggests true prophetic communication, nevuah. My dreams are not "divinely inspired", they are illustrations of a true prophetic path. In other words, they document prophetic preparation under the guidance and direction of Hashem. Not a malach. Not a human teacher. Hashem.

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