Monday, August 21, 2006

Matir Assurim, A Tapestry Of Beauty

In a previous post, I described a dream about meercat-like creatures and luminescent elephants, writing (of the meercat-like creatures):

Focus changed. I saw a meercat-like creature. It was half visible. The rest of it was dark and/or invisible. At times it appeared dark, but it was really just invisible. It was and I saw both somehow. Only part of it was visible to normal vision. The dark part seemed to be in another dimension, yet the darkness of its "invisible" part I could nevertheless see. The dark part was reverse "inside out" also.

(and of the luminescent elephants):

Focus changed. There was a large white elephant. Time was primordial. The elephant was like the meercat-like creature - part of it was reverse inside out - dark, yet at the same time, invisible. It was in a dense forest. It had a baby elephant as it walked. Immediately after the baby elephant was born, it shrank in size and the mother elephant put it in her mouth to protect it until it grew a little bit. The mother elephant "tucked" the baby elephant with its tongue like a mother tucks a child into bed at night.

The meercat-like creatures and the luminescent elephants are symbols related to the dynamic complexity which powers the ultimately permitted klipat nogah and the intrinsically bound “evil” klipot. The dark invisible portions represent that which is bound (assur, prohibited), while the visible portion represents that which is unbound (mutar, permitted).

Moreover, the bound/unbound portions were dynamic [1] and changing, turning inside out. In other words, the bound portion of the meercat-like creature in the first frame of reference, was the unbound portion of the elephant in the second frame of reference, and vice versa –> the unbound part of the meercat-like creature was the bound part of the elephant in the forest. These two paragraphs of the dream represent the realm of avodah (service), where in the realm of the klipat nogah, one is charged to unbind and redeem the holy sparks that have fallen and become trapped within the realm of the klipot.

(and on the gathering of clearly luminescent elephants):

The mother elephant proceeded on its journey [2] through the forest and came to a huge primoridal field full of many white elephants. All the white elephants were luminescent with beautiful pearly [3] skin. The field was full of thick tall beautiful, holy even, green grass which grew nearly as high as the elephants' backs. A beautiful field full of pearly white elephants as far as the eye could see.

I felt it was a significant gathering of elephants. They had all migrated to this beautiful, pristine place. The mother elephants all had a baby elephant in their mouths.

These two paragraphs of the dream represent the condition where all that was assur becomes mutar, where evil has been transformed to good. There are no dark, invisible parts – only a pristine luminescent tapestry of beauty. In other words, the sparks redeemed through the avodah processed through the first two paragraphs are here, in the latter two paragraphs from the dream, elevated and returned to their source in complete kedushah (holiness).

Baruch atah Adonai eloheinu melech ha’olam, matir assurim.

ברוך אתה יי אלהינו מלך העלם מתיר אסורים


[1] Inner Space, R' Aryeh Kaplan
[2] see tabernacle (mishkan)
[3] see also birkat kohanim

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