Friday, August 18, 2006

Ben Issachar, Iyov & The Soul Of Mashiach


kadkode + 24 = 72

Significantly, I had the dream this morning of the lion's den the 24th of Av. Av is the month of the letter tet ט; tet as described last night by Dave at Balashon here.

Av is also the mazal of aryeh, the lion. Two holy days occur in Av, on the 9th and the 15th. Today, the 24th of Av, the day of the lion's den dream, is the sum of them both (9 + 15).

Twenty-four is the gematria of "and Iob" (ויוב, Bereshit 46:13). "And Iob" [1] is Iyov איוב spelled with a vav ו as opposed to an aleph א. According to Sabbatean kabbalah [2], Iyov symbolizes the soul of mashiach in bondage, trapped. Like in a hospital.

Twenty-four is also the value that completes kadkode (3 X 24 =72). Like the light of the morning in which I walked down the road at the end of the lion's den dream.


[1] v'Iob, third son of Issachar's 4 sons listed in Bereshit 46:13
[2] Sabbatai Tsevi: The Mystical Messiah, Gershom Scholem

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