Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Place In Israel

I dreamt.

I was someplace in the settler territories of Israel. My feeling was that it may have been Hevron, but it also may not have been. The exact location was a secret, classified (something mosheshmeal wrote yesterday about a secret "google earth location" on It was definitely in an area rather isolated from the main Jewish portion of Israel. The community was small and surrounded by enemies. A militarily defensive feeling was also in the environment.

I was being taken to a community meeting there. To get to the meeting, I walked down a long narrow hall within some kind of community building complex. The hall reminded me of "moshiach's alley" in Tzfat posted by Akiva at Mystical Paths.

I was walking down the narrow hall to the community meeting with a group of people being led by a man who seemed to be a military commander of some sort. As we were walking through the window-lined hall, through a window in the middle of it, a guard looked in on us as we passed by and spoke greetings to us. The guard was standing watch right outside the hall, guarding it as we passed through. This guard reminded me of the mezuzah which guards the doorway to Kever David HaMelech, also posted by Akiva at Mystical Paths this past Monday.

I felt emotionally connected to the guard, like he was family even, even though I didn't know him personally. He is part of my soul family. I think he felt it too because I could feel that he was pleased to be able to speak to us as we passed within the hall as he stood watch outside. I felt an overhwelming compassion for and connection to this guard, who wanted so much to go with us to the meeting, but had been assigned guard duty at that time. I wanted to hug him for making this sacrifice to guard us as we passed, and as we attended the meeting. This part of the dream reminded me of Covenant's post yesterday about Gene Simmons blowing a wounded IDF soldier a kiss of loving appreciation.

At the meeting, I don't remember the specifics of what was discussed, except for that there was something said about something like a Bar-B-Que (discussed by many posters in this kabbalah thread started by Gabbe also on yesterday). We sat in folding chairs together as a community while the elders discussed strategic business. I contributed something as well, but I don't recall what it was exactly. Two teenage girls sat together in the row behind me, to my left. For some reason, I noticed the straw hat with a flower on it one of the girls was wearing.

I woke up.

Wow, alot in this dream relates directly to things posted by people I read and converse with on the Jewish internet regularly. Very mystical psychology going on here. Ohmygawd! I'm infected with the ideas of other people! (Just kidding :)

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