Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Future Yet Unmade

Joe Settler asks us where we will be on August 22, writing:

You have to be living in a cave (or not reading Debka, listening to your local Kabbalist/Astrologer, or paying attention to the Madman in Iran) to not know what is going down. ... Debka keeps implying a possible nuclear attack or mega-attack on Israel particularly in the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Kabbalists/astrologers keep saying stay away from Jerusalem.

Nava of Dreaming communicates to us a fix in time from kabbalist Rav Menachem Menashe:

He writes that 40 days is the equivalency of 6 1/2 seconds from Zohar Vayera 119a. 40 days prior to Rosh Hashana 5767 will be great din (judgment). When counting backwards on the solar calendar, the date is August 21/22, on the lunar calendar the date is Av 28, 5766. The moment of Din is specifically tied to very major catastrophic events.

What is wrong with everybody? Haven't we learned anything from history about the consequences of calculating exact dates pertaining to end-times events? Av 28 is also אב-כח Av Koach. Choose your future.

PEOPLE! The future is not yet made. Stop with this madness. We don't have to go down the road that leads to massive destruction. IMPORTANTLY, all the apocalyptic prophecies littered with visions of massive destruction are instructing us as to what nevuah is UNWORTHY (in terms of consciousness preparation by Hashem) to usher in messianic consciousness. Do we STILL not get it?!

Those who do not forthsee!!!!!!!! massive destruction, those prepared by Hashem for the task of forthseeing messianic consciousness, are the voices we need to hear and whose messages we need to thoughtfully consider.

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