Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's An Old Halachah

I dreamt.

There is more to the dream than what I'm going to report, which is merely the end of the dream. A master kabbalist, like a combination Jedi warrior-king, was in retirement. He had a son who sat at a medieval-like table in the main receiving hall observing all that was about to transpire. There was no woman or mother to the son around. The Jedi and his son were the only members of his immediate family unit. He and his son comprised his entire core family unit.

A golem came to his place and sought an audience with the retired master Jedi. An audience was granted.

As the golem approached the Jedi master, he picked up the master's hand off a plate (like a scepter might rest on) and handed it to the master. The master Jedi put his hand back on for the audience with the golem. It was like a scepter hand of some sort. He would talk with the golem, Jedi to Jedi.

The golem was trying to convince the retired Jedi-warrior king to come out of retirement for the upcoming war with the aliens. The Jedi-king was reluctant. He had suffered much in battles of the past. His heart was wounded. He wanted to maintain his peaceful retirement. He felt the battle couldn't be won in this time.

The golem was persistent against the Jedi-king's refusal to reenter service as a Jedi warrior. The Jedi-king felt it would likely be futile to try to explain his reluctance to the golem. How could a golem possibly understand his thinking and feeling on the matter!? the Jedi wondered to himself - yet nevertheless, he went over to the golem to try and demonstrate why it was futile for him to even try ...

He put two long thin alien-like fingers on the golem's white [1] robot head. What if the aliens have two fingers? the Jedi asked the golem, as if the two fingers tracing all over the golem's white robot head were a torture of some sort that the golem hated. The golem was silent.

What if the aliens have 3 or 4 fingers? the Jedi upped the trial of the golem, putting 3 and 4 fingers on the golem's white robot head - now the golem broke a heavy sweat. The Jedi put 5 and 6 fingers on the golem's white robot head, saying: what if the aliens have 5 or 6 fingers!? The golem was now sweating profusely, indicating its weakness as a golem. It was having a hard time not breaking out in phobic terror to the 6 fingers on its head. The Jedi was confident that the golem could now see its weakness and the futility of fighting the upcoming battle.

The golem did not deny its achilles-heel weakness, so the Jedi removed the fingers from the golem's sweating terrified head. But, the golem was not perturbed away from its mission to draw the Jedi-king back into service for the upcoming battle, despite its recognition of its own flaw. The golem knew it could not fight the aliens like a seasoned Jedi-warrior king, but it could accomplish what it came to this master Jedi to accomplish - to draw him out of retirement and back into service.

The Jedi had moved away from the golem, sure now that he golem could see the futility of his plea to the Jedi. But the golem had a wild card that the Jedi master could never have imagined - and he played it.

Ok, the golem said, offering up this final wild card argument. The golem's white robot head spit out a piece of paper toward the Jedi - what about this! - the golem challenged as the piece of paper drifted like a feather, falling to the floor between the master Jedi-kabbalist and the golem.

The Jedi-master froze, recognizing the slip of paper. He was astounded, absolutely astounded! He stood frozen with amazement for a moment looking at the slip of paper before picking it up. As the Jedi's fingers picked up the slip of paper, the memory flooded back.

He remembered the prophecy a black woman had delivered to him during his youth, when he was a young Jedi warrior. She hadn't understood the prophecy, but she had delivered to him this note with the message-prophecy (which consisted of some old obscure halachah that not many people remembered) written on it for sometime in the future - the contents of the note may have been sent to him from his Jedi superior officers at the time.

I could hear the words she had said to the Jedi-warrior as she had handed over the note to him in that ancient time ... it's an old halachah ... she had shruggingly told the Jedi-warrior, handing over the note with the prophecy-halachah written on it.

As he had looked down at the same slip of paper the woman had delivered so long ago as it had lain on the floor at his feet, the Jedi-king knew! the prophecy was true!

The golem knew his mission was a success. He could read the Jedi's reaction. The Jedi-warrior king, in picking up the slip of paper, was leaving retirement and reentering service as not only a Jedi-warrior, but now, as a Jedi-warrior king.

I woke up, with the words - it's an old halachah - reverberating in my mind.


[1] The white flame corresponds to the love of Torah. The Inner Dimension on the letter shin ש.

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