Monday, August 21, 2006

Elephants In The Field Of A Dream

the Land is full of pearls ...

I dreamt.

I was in university. We were in groups. Each group was to write a paper. My partner and I began from the point of an immune cell, and discussed where to proceed from there. In our paper, we would cover the dynamics of immunity. Class was over for the day, so I went out into the hall looking for my next class.

Focus changed. I saw a meercat-like creature. It was half visible. The rest of it was dark and/or invisible. At times it appeared dark, but it was really just invisible. It was and I saw both somehow. Only part of it was visible to normal vision. The dark part seemed to be in another dimension, yet the darkness of its "invisible" part I could nevertheless see. The dark part was reverse reverse "inside out" also.

Focus changed. There was a large white elephant. Time was primordial. The elephant was like the meercat-like creature - part of it was reverse inside out - dark, yet at the same time, invisible. It was in a dense forest. It had a baby elephant as it walked. Immediately after the baby elephant was born, it shrank in size and the mother elephant put it in her mouth to protect it until it grew a little bit. The mother elephant "tucked" the baby elephant with its tongue like a mother tucks a child into bed at night.

The mother elephant proceeded on its journey [1] through the forest and came to a huge primoridal field full of many white elephants. All the white elephants were luminescent with beautiful pearly [2] skin. The field was full of thick tall beautiful, holy even, green grass which grew nearly as high as the elephants' backs. A beautiful field full of pearly white elephants as far as the eye could see.

I felt it was a significant gathering of elephants. They had all migrated to this beautiful, pristine place. The mother elephants all had a baby elephant in their mouths.

I woke up.

I wish I could describe how exquisitely beautiful and pristine the place and the elephants were. It is just beyond words. The sight of it left me awed.

When every stone, every blade of grass becomes holy, then you will begin to understand ...
from a story told by the Rebbe


[1] see tabernacle (mishkan)
[2] see also birkat kohanim

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