Friday, August 25, 2006

LiorahChanah on AIM is NOT ME

Well, I just downloaded AIM and when I went to sign up for a screen name, I found there's already a LiorahChanah on AIM. I didn't realize that combination Hebrew name was common. Anyway, please don't confuse ME with this LiorahChanah, whoever she is. While liorahchanah has been my yahoo ID for several years, I do not know nor have I ever been the LiorahChanah on AIM. I have never had AIM before today.

My new and first AIM screen name will be LiorahChanah1. With so many enemies who have sought to besmirch me in the past, I think I need to make that perfectly clear. I am not whoever this "LiorahChanah" on AIM is.

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