Saturday, August 12, 2006

Daat Torah & Reverse Vision

More on daat Torah and making the Torah personal for parashat Re'eh:

Analyzing with reverse vision, my anglicized english 4-letter [1] name Lori transliterated into hebrew letters לורי

לורי using atbach substitution (the reflective - aur chozer - transformation) is:

ל -> ע
ו -> ד
ר -> ש
י -> צ

In other words, Lori can be transformed via two permutations [2] (transliteration and atbach transformation) into עד ש"ץ, where עד means witness and embodies the complete shema, and where ש"ץ refers to שליחה ציבורה, a shliachah tziburah (emissary of the congregation, mystical cantor).

From wiki, on chazzanah, a shliachah tziburah:

In the Talmud the term is used to denote the "overseer": (1) of a city; (2) of a court of justice; (3) of the Temple; (4) of the synagogue. It also comes from the word Hazzon, denoting a "visionary." The early hazzanim (the plural of hazzan) were most likely prophets.

In summary, for parashat Re'eh, using reverse vision, I see that "prophetic Torah (service) visionary" is hidden in my anglicized (english) name, Lori.

dalet, hitkalelut & doing The Work


[1] 4 is associated with the letters dalet ד and ע ayin (as discussed above, עד) and the soul power, shiflut

[2] reflecting the two vavim of the 4-headed shin of binah into two by two - letters/words

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