Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beyond The Boundaries Of The Universe

שמע ישראל יי אלהינו יי אחד

In Aramaic, א is a feminine ending, where גמרות is the well-known feminine plural of Aramaic גמרא. The Hebrew root גמר , from which the Hebrew letter-equivalent to the Aramaic word גמרא is derived, implies "end", "conclusion" and "ceasing to exist". In other words, גמר refers to a "boundary of the universe". Likewise, גמרות pertains to all boundaries of the universe (Sefer Yetzirah 5:2), from א to ת. Consequently, the Aramaic word constructs גמרות - גמרא pertain to the feminine experience (one of many unified attributes, ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד) of going to and beyond the boundaries of the universe into the Infinite One. (This "unified end of ends" I've experienced is described in this poem where all ends cross over into the Infinite One.)

Tradition tells us את comes to add, and תא comes to receive it. Similarly to the word גמרא, in Aramaic אתתא means woman. I've discussed the word אתתא as it pertains to the evolution of woman previously, for example here, here, here and here.

Pertaining to my own experience as an אתתא, the word גמרא comes to offer further insight as to the "many ends/conclusions into the Infinite One" גמרות I have received within me and have written about as described in this poem describing my remembrance and experience of incarnation and first encounter with life as a physical creature (first posted on this site 07.25.06):

edging edges
blowing an ever cleaving melody
flying with the night
one heart, one mind, returning together
lights of chaos, one thread of many corners stringing
as reverberating pearls tumble from the shabbat river
splitting open time, delight playing peacefully
a harmony of singularities from the endless sea
entwining grains of history, flowing with the flame eternal
cutting clarity into focus with complexity, considering
destiny between simple moments pivoting
thought bare and bursting full
bright and beautiful field of wonders running through it
born fully aware, like a gentle spring wind
brilliant this day when, joining times
my whole world sings again
splendors completing remembering words
unfolding the song shalom
established truly in it

steadfast, truth & diligence

In conclusion to this particular post, only an observation:
ביום ההוא יהיה יי אחד -- ושמו אחד

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