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Masoret, Key To The Temple

Temurah 16a:

Chazal says that Torah was forgotten by the end of the days of Yossi ben Yoezer.

The language used in the phrase "the end of his days" is l'sof yamav. The masculine light of Yossi ben Yoezer is aur yashar, the straight light, represented by the aleph-beit in the order of rachamim, mercy (מדת הרחמים, middat harachamim). The first and last letters of the order represent the whole order, similarly to a name pasuk in the kabbalistic tradition. Consequently, the letters א and ת represent the entire מדת הרחמים. Together, these letters form the word et, את. Tradition teaches us that את comes to add.

The feminine order of the aleph-beit is the order of din, judgment (middat hadin, מדת הדין). Just as את comes to add, the first and last letters of the feminine order are תא, a cell of the Temple. Each cell of the Temple was completely dark, emanating the dark essential light of night, the aur chozer.

Taking the masculine and feminine orders of the aleph-beit together, we see that את comes to add to a תא of the Temple. Consequently, at "the end of his days", where "his days" refers to the masculine order of the aleph-beit, there is ideally a cell of the Temple to receive it.

So, why was Torah forgotten at the end of ben Yoezer's days? Answer - because there was no תא of the Temple at the "end of his days". In other words, there was no feminine force found to balance him and as his ezer knegdo. This balancing feminine force represented by the word תא begins with the letter ת.

Interestingly, it took 400 years1, from the end of nevuah (at the end of ben Yoezer's days), to arrive at the time when makhloket began to greatly increase, i.e., the time of Hillel and Shammai. Four hundred is the numerical value of the letter ת, the first letter of the feminine light. The letter ת is HaShem's seal (chotem) of truth in creation.

This is the truth-seal of 4002 in creation to be unsealed at "the end of days" (acharit hayamim) mentioned in Sefer Daniel (12:4,9). Sefer Sha'are Orah (R. Yosef Gikatilla) tells us that "the end of days" refers to the dark feminine force3, to Lilith. Lilith is the key to the Temple. Importantly, the essential nature of Lilith (representing the dark feminine force) is necessarily Holy, given her key connection in the Temple.

Taking all this together, we can see that:

1. The dark feminine force is the key to the Temple.

2. The dark feminine force is the key to unsealing the mysteries of "the end of days" and consequently, to initiating the "days of redemption" and the era of mashiach.

3. The dark feminine force is the key to yemot hamashiach.

4. The dark feminine force is the key to renewing the institution of nevuah and to reunifying this institution with the wisdom of the sages, thereby merging wisdom and prophecy into "a single stream of enlightenment".

5. The dark feminine force is the key to unlocking and releasing the brilliant light of (תא) ein sof (את), which is ein sof aur (אתתא) from the Malchut of Echad.


1 The (second) Temple stood for approximately 400 years. Nevuah ceased at the beginning of this period, and Hillel and Shammai lived at the end of it.

2 There are 400 gematriot about the lengths of times the Temples stood.

3 The feminine "end of days" (acharit hayamim, ra'oh) is the reverse vision of the masculine "end of his days" (l'sof yamav, chazon

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