Friday, August 18, 2006

Barefoot In The Lions' Den

I dreamt.

I was in a hospital which consisted of several of my past places of employment combined. One of my former female bosses from a small community hospital was there. She was my boss, and although my experience as her employee had not been good, in the dream, I didn't feel that she was my enemy. On the contrary, I felt she was trying to do teshuvah for what had she had done. Oddly though, as she crossed her legs at a staff meeting (in the dream), I saw she was wearing sandals and had hair on her toes.

The workday was over. I was trying to go home, and to leave the hospital, which was now mostly the hospital in town. I went out one of the doors leading outside, and stepped into a den of lions. I saw I was barefoot.

There were a few other people also in the den. Some were petting the lions, but they were all going to end up as lunch. Crazily, they thought they wouldn't, but I knew they had been lulled into thinking they had power over the lions. One lion was eating a person down below where I stood. The other people in the den dismissed the person who had become lion food, thinking it was only because that person had shown fear. Idiots.

I tried to back away from the place, back toward the hospital doors from where I stood on top of the rocks that comprised the roof of lions' den. But, one lion had eyed me. For dinner. Barefoot, I saw I had stubbed a toe somehow. It was bleeding only a teeny bit, not even enough for a drop really, but enough for the lion to smell the blood and to stake me out.

It jumped up on the rocks and licked at my foot. It was just waiting for me to run so it could pounce and eat me. But, I just stood there, thinking what to do.

I kept backing away toward the door, inching closer and closer. The lion stayed with me, licking at my foot. I was now on the platform right before the door. The lion was momentarily distracted by something in the den, and I lept into action, making a break for the doors.

The lion was in hot pursuit behind me when it discovered I had made a run for the doors. I made it through the doors and slammed them shut. The lion slammed itself against the closed doors. It was enraged.

Now there were 3 layers between the lion and I: two clear thick plastic-like wall barriers (with a room-like space between them) and the heavy hospital doors. The enraged lion backed up and charged the plastic barriers, breaking through. It couldn't immediately break through the thick primary doors though, so I had time to escape into the innards of the hospital.

But, the lion would eventually be able to break through, and when it did, the whole lot of lions from the lions' den and other dangerous zoo animals would invade the hospital. I tried to warn the people inside. Some listened. Some didn't. Some followed me looking for a safe place inside the hospital. Some were out in the halls when the dangerous animals began to stampede through.

The one lion who had smelled and licked the blood on my foot, was hunting me down. But I and a few others were inside a big inner locked room, like a conference room, safe. I could sense the lion outside the big huge wall that formed the barrier door, sniffing me beyond its grasp. Chaos and hungry dangerous animals were roaming the hospital, but I and the few who had followed me to the protected room were safe.

Then, somehow I snaked my way outside of the hospital, past the legions of roaming dangerous animals in it, and past the den-zoo which surrounded the hospital. I found myself on a road outside of the deadly whole setup, walking home in the light of the morning.

I woke up.

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