Monday, August 07, 2006

Aur Yashar - Story Of A Line

About 1965-66, I wrote a story with the form of a line when I was a little girl, before I could read and write.

Soferet - Story Of A Line (see My Ba'alat Teshuvah Story)

a thin line writhed reverberating
yet straight
charcoal unfolding its story
so long ago, in the beginning it told
letters unknown
a doodle I presumed, but truly I knew
even then
like a sofer, fit to tell the story
I wrote, a scroll of that becoming known
a journey of edges with pages
upon pages with holes ripped as I worked
diligently, fingers gripping
and telling, the line falling through
because, just because, it was true to do
another page and again
another page added to the story
the only word a line
the whole story of a line
jagged, pressed hard, the point broke
shattering the tip of the tool
charged to tell the story, the whole story
of a line
grey-black, reddish
crayons adding to some places
with the other hand, colors telling truth
sometimes it wound around lightly
in inner places wandering
in one and more, corners and other spaces
fallen fallen over the edge
lifted, drifted, hovering over and hiding
under the page of writing, the tool
in my hand, time for decision
was it the end?
time to stop with this doodle?
the tool paused, lifted and set
down upon the paper
another page
time after time, and always faithful
to the truth
to the the story of a line
the line as I saw it
from somewhere beyond yet within
the boundaries, beyond the boundaries
to the end
coming in from beyond the limit
of my mind
so many pages, one after another
not counting, I wrote
and cried, reeling and feeling
the pain in the story
of this line lonely and wandering
jagged and broken
so hurt, so alone
I had to end the story, the story
of this line of letters unknown
collecting in holes torn
through pages upon pages of paper
the line to the last page came
the last page
I would tell, broken and shattered
forsaken and left to die
the line fell, like the teardrop
from my eye
simply, into peace ...

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