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Vayekhulu Hashamayim / Daat Torah

in light I walk ... Iyov 29:3, Niddah 30b

וה vayekhulu hashamayim אה
and the heavens were completed ... Bereshit 2:1
Avraham Abulafia & student, Sefer Mafteach Hashemot & Sefer Hakdamah

daat Torah -> making the Torah personal

ה celtic ogham letters

א unique aleph

ה elements (name in ogham & hebrew, peace in english & hebrew, magen)

ו hebrew letters

R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh of The Inner Dimension on the Divine Name, Akvah:

This hidden Name of God never appears explicitly in the text of the Bible, though it appears abundantly "encoded" in the form of initial letters (rashei teivot) and final letters (sofei teivot) etc, of Torah phrases. Akvah is pronounced thusly, written alef, hei, vav, hei.

It is associated in Kabbalah with the sefirah of da'at (in particular with its "right side," the concentrated power of the mind to elicit love in the heart) or, sometimes, with the sefirot of yesod (the power of the tzadik yesod olam to connect heavens and earth, as will be explained). Just as da'at is hidden within the ten sefirot from keter to malchut, so is the Name Akvah hidden throughout the Torah.

The Name Akvah is often refereed to as "the goodly Name of God," for it is numerically equal to the word "good" (tov = 17). It is the primordial light of the first day of creation which God saw to be "good" and concealed in the Torah only to be revealed to the world (the righteous souls of Israel) in the future.

It first appears in the Torah in the opening verse: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The initial letters of the four words "the heavens and the earth" spell Akvah. The preceding phrase, "God created" = 289 = 17 squared. From this we learn that God's purpose in creation is, in general, to manifest His infinite Divine goodness throughout reality, and, in particular, to combine and unite together the two created realms of "heavens" and "earth"--the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

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primeval, probing, testifying
all around, from where
unfolding the mystery
stampeding like tahtonka
understanding hunting me down
running in endless light, beyond the night
with one more sound
completely true
from the timeless time to come
unsealing a secret of the seventh day
silently striking
igniting unblemished recognition
as candles upon the wind

Footnote: tahtonka is native american for buffalo

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