Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding My Tribe

I'm really excited - I believe my ancestors are trying to communicate to me the ancient tribe to which I belong!

This is going to be a convoluted post, but I want to explain recent events that have happened (through which the "story of transmission" is being communicated) and also the mechanism by which I think this communication is being transmitted to me so that my experiences and the numinous power through which my "folk story" is being built from connections to these events is given such that recognition among others in my folk may be ignited (to both help me identify my tribe and to help others identify their tribes as well).

Before I go into all that, I want to put out there my conclusion - that the ancient tribe to which I belong / come from starts with the letter "H" and also has the letters "O", "L" and "Y" in it, and has a similar number of letters (or one more) in it as does the name "Harlan." I am also associated my tribe's name with the name "Hoyt" for some reason, although the tribal name isn't the name Hoyt (but may be related or similar to the name Hoyt in some way). My tribal name may also have a letter "N" in it at the end, but I'm not as sure about that as I am about the other letters. I am most certain about the tribal name beginning with the letter "H" (so this is likely why my patroness is Hela, and my birth letter is Hagalaz). Maybe something like Holboyn or Hoylbyn (but not necessarily exactly like these, as this full name part is foggy).

Anyway, the events with necessary details and the numinous power to drive the construction (by my ancestors) of my "folk story" in my dreams are these:

1. a Conan post by Steve (on a Asatru forum) which led to my dream of my transformation into a Valkyrie
2. another post about another Asatruar searching for his own genetic tribe and his own family's name Harlan
3. a RedIceRadio radio show that I listened to last night with English Asatruar Dan Rayner, who wants to awaken his folk
4. the Mjölnir Dan Rayner wears on the radio show's program banner - on Dan's facebook page (which I visited after listening to the interview), a commenter on this RedIce program FB post asked where Dan got the hammer he is wearing - Dan hadn't commented yet, but I sell one "similar" (if not exactly like) the one Dan is wearing, so I linked the guy to where (on my website) he can get a hammer like the one Dan is wearing (this highlight's the Law of Similarity or the metagenetic Law of Near Relatedness, as my family most recently came from England as is Dan an English-Germanic person).

So, these recent events in my life (as many dreams are constructed from details present in recent life) are the events which held many of the details and the numinous power necessary to fuel the construction of the dream through which my ancestors are trying to communicate to me the name of my ancient tribe.

Since historically most tribal affiliations are inherited through the father's line, I am assuming my own tribal affiliation is also one from my paternal ancestry. My dad's surname is Taylor, which is an English occupational surname - where occupational surnames are relatively recent inventions and do not identify the tribe. The tribe is not an occupation, so the name Taylor is not my dad's ancient tribal name - it must be something else other than an occupation (although occupations may be passed down through families as well, so the historical occupational name is not without its own clues).

My dream last night was this - I was in a very large university class - like the ones they hold in hall-auditoriums). We all brought a class-book in which to record our work for that class (like a lab book and/or a grimoire). The book each of us brought was named, each one we brought had a general name that could fit many people. My book (at least after I had recorded my work in it) had a general 4-word name - at first. After everyone had done the work for the class, we recorded our work each in our own book - only I ended up with a general book that another woman had brought into the class (as I had) and another woman ended up with my general book. It was the way it was supposed to be - the woman who had brought the book I ended up with had a different book now - we were all happy with the books we ended up with (the one in which our own individual works had actually been recorded).

We were to each be graded on the work in our book by the professor of the class. We all got into a line to make our appointments with the professor to have our class work graded - and as we did this, the names of our generally named books changed (at least mine did I know). As I neared the front of the line of students waiting to make appointments with the professor, the male "secretary" helping the professor to make the appointments for work-grading called out for the student with the booked named "Harlan" - I opened the front cover of my book to look again at the name of my book (which had been 4 words) - it had changed to a 1-word name. My book's name definitely started with the letter "H" and had the letters "O', "L" and "Y" in it and was similar in the total number of letters (or maybe one more letter, as I wrote earlier) as the name Harlan. It was something like Hoylbyn or Holboyn.

So, does anyone reading this know of an ancient tribe among our Northern European folk with a name like this?

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