Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Infantile Amnesia - Why (Most) People Can't Remember Being a Baby

This article (Research explains why you can’t remember being a baby) discusses new research claiming to explain infantile amnesia - the reason why babies can form but later forget memories formed in childhood - you know, that thing that doesn't apply to me (and to a few others too), as I do still have memories of my babydom - including memories I formed in my brain regarding my experience of preincarnate consciousness.

They claim infantile amnesia directly results from rapid neurogenesis as children grow. But, that can't be true, because I'm pretty sure my childhood "rapid neurogenesis" proceeded along just fine similarly to other children. If this rapid neurogenic phase has any impact on intelligence, then the scientific hypothesis definitely can't be true as presently understood. I have above average intelligence, graduated valedictorian of my class several times and have been in accelerated academic classes all of my life. My parents were approached when I was in grade school to advance me up a grade, but they wouldn't do it because they thought it would hurt my social development. So, I'm damn smart - suggesting my childhood "rapid neurogenic phase" went along just fine. So, if rapid neurogenesis has any influence on the phenomenon of infantile amnesia, it is pretty certain in my mind that it isn't solely responsible for it.

I even wrote a story about 20 years ago of the first memory I formed in my brain! I still remember it. I've retitled the story several times over the years, but the original title is A Story of Quantum Consciousness.

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Here's the abstract of the paper in Science -

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