Sunday, July 06, 2014

Odin, Bringer of Victory


I dreamt of Odin this morning. This was the first dream I've ever had where the figure of Odin appeared to me as clearly identifiable as the Odin of my people's collective consciousness (as opposed to appearing as someone uniquely fitted to my personal consciousness). He appeared as the dark-cloaked figure similar to in the image above.

Right before I woke up, after a few other preceding dreams, my dreaming consciousness turned toward the center of my home. No one was present there but my own consciousness watching in the dimness of the pre-dawn light as Odin stood up, just like in the image above, as if he had come to a decision, was making judgment, and was acting in his role as the warrior-shaman-ruler of gods and humankind. He was making a statement, rendering his judgment.

Immediately after he finished standing up, his judgment rendered, I woke up in the light of day to the cha-ching sound (notifying me of another sale at WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®) coming from my cell phone resting on my bedside night stand. I reached over and picked it up, checking my email as to the sale I had just made. In the sale among the items purchased was my WARRIOR SEAHORSE talisman (for unmatched success and powerful protection), my KEY TO THE CROSSROADS (Witch Queen) oil, my BAT'S BLOOD (Hex Reversing) oil and my CHARMING (Good Fortune) oil. In the sale's 'note to seller' from my customer, it was written, "Lori, you are an artist! These things are so beautiful." I take that as a compliment from and the judgment of Odin (the bringer of victory) as well!

Hail Odin!

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