Saturday, July 19, 2014


In follow-up to my previous post (Finding My Tribe), maybe the name in my dream was Hoyland (Holland-Netherlands or related to Halland-in Sweden)!

I was looking up ancient Germanic tribes and one that caught my attention was the people Hallin (of Halland in Sweden). Looking this up, I came across the information that Holland is also called Hoyland - which fits the letters in my dream really well.

Google also says that:

The surname Holland is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational surname deriving from any one of the various places in England called Holland or Hoyland, such as those in Essex, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

My Dad's genetic I-M223 fatherline is Anglo/Saxon-Viking-Germanic, so Hoyland is a very plausible possible link to the identity of my own ancient tribe.

This is so cool!

Google says of the surname Holland:

Toponomical surname indicative of ancestral origin in the Dutch region of Holland, the Netherlands, or the English region of Holland (Lincolnshire), or the English towns of Upholland (Lancashire) and Holland-on-Sea (Essex). It is also an Anglicized version of Ó hUallacháin (or Houlihan or Holohan) and is a common surname on the Beara Peninsula in southwestern County Cork, Ireland. It is also found in places where Beara immigrants settled, such as Butte, Montana and southeastern Massachusetts. 

Also, Holland (the Netherlands) is by the North Sea, and my Dad's I-M223 genetic fatherline is believed by genetic scientists to have arisen in Doggerland which was submerged under the North Sea when the ice Age glaziers melted. It all is fitting together quite nicely! So, my ancient fathers may have migrated from Doggerland into the area we now call Holland (and the Netherlands). The people Hallin of the area in Sweden called Halland may be related as well.

UPDATE - I've found out that in some old surnames, the terminal D is sometimes dropped - that may be why in my dream, I felt the name endsed with an "N", but that there may also have been one more letter that I didn't see (but felt might be present) - the terminal D! HOYLAN was the name of my book! 

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