Sunday, May 27, 2007


י' בסיון תשס"ז

I dreamt.

A powerful evil wizard ruled the area and had stolen my husband's treasure, making us poor among the people. The evil wizard and his minion of witches and warlocks would kill us if we tried to retrieve our treasure from him. Our treasure was a most powerful, coveted treasure.

The evil wizard and his troupe of magicians put on a show of entertainment for the local population. The stage sat below many rows of seats in a big building that served as a central organizational place. My husband and I went to the magicians' play like everyone else in the area. I knew I was a powerful witch. In fact, I was a more powerful witch than all the witches in the evil wizard's minion combined. More importantly, I knew it, and I was going to retrieve our treasure.

At one point during an act on stage, audience participation of witches was invited. I got up and went down from the greater audience to sit among the front rows with the other witches who had volunteered to "do magic" before the two witches on stage. The two witches on stage were facing each other with their hands held up, fingers outspread, facing closely but not touching, the corresponding hand of the other witch. They were casting some kind of magic spell.

A big black cat like a black panther guarded the stage and came out into the audience to get each witch who had volunteered to "face off" (from below and before the stage) with the witches on stage in a demonstration of witchy showwomanship. Each time he came to get a witch for her turn, he passed me by and wouldn't choose me for any turn. Finally, I was the last volunteer witch left in the front rows. The black panther came to choose me. "I saved you for last", he spoke. Even if the neither of the witches on stage nor the ruling wizard nor any in his minion knew it, the black panther knew it - I was an unusually powerful witch. And he had saved me for last.

I went down before the stage and stood before it, facing the two witches on stage. I held up my hands, fingers outspread just like the two witches - only I didn't face another witch to cast my spell. I worked magic alone, my outspread fingers opened into the air. I swayed, saying nothing, casting a spell of words unspoken. No one realized what I had done. Finishing my witch's spell, I went back to my seat in the audience beside my husband.

The magic show over, the audience went home, and I waited for the oppressive system to fall apart, to retrieve our treasure. It began.

The central organizational building was going to collapse into the earth. I knew it. Somehow, the wizard now had an inkling as to what I had done, and all his own efforts to prevent it would bring his system down. I made my way, as did some other poor women like me, to the outer edge of the building so that I could escape when it collapsed and wouldn't be sucked into the pit of the earth.

My husband and all the other poor men like him of the community were caught in their workstations in a huge blast. My husband and the other men like him had also been at the edge of blast area. Their eyes had been blinded shut by the blast, but being at the edge, they had survived.

My husband and his men, like myself and my women, were thrown face to face, against a clear glass-like pane with bars in it. The barred glass-like pane formed a barrier separating the men from the women - each husband and wife opposite one another. The men were hard pressed and blind against the glass-like separation. The women were hanging from the edge of the pit into which the big building had collapsed, swallowing up the evil wizard and his ruling minion.

I looked across at my husband, separated from me by the glass-like pane with bars. His eyes were shut. Open your eyes and look at me! I commanded him. See me! I commanded him. He struggled to open his eyes. I struggled to hold on, as he had commanded me (he must have commanded me to hold on because I struggled to hold on, just as he struggled to open his eyes to see me as I had commanded him). He opened his eyes. As he opened his eyes and saw me opposite him, the separation became permeable to him. He reached across through it with both hands and grabbed both my hands. Our fingers intertwined. We were reunited, face to face, hand in hand, fingers intertwined, the separating barrier melting away.

I woke up.

mechitzah - מחיצה

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