Monday, May 07, 2007

Bar H, The Little Tavern That Could

י"ט באייר תשס"ז

An anonymous commenter on Mitzvah Of Besom [1] & The First Tzimtzum has made an interesting observation regarding the gematria of 207, as follows:

ain 61 sof 146 aur 207
61 + 146 = 207

So, what we have in this gematria are two sets of 207 - one set, a dark essence (ain sof אין סוף) and one set, a revealed light (aur אור). Ain sof aur means light without end. Yet, ain sof is a dark essence, while aur is revealed light. Consequently, we can see that the light without end is a reunification of dark and light.

In this gematria, we also have another connection to the lone structure which remained standing following this weekend's devastating Kansas tornados, the tavern Bar H (בר ה), also with a gematria of 207. Bar H corresponds to the light (aur) of the complete phrase ain sof aur.

Bar H, the tavern which became a beacon of light. What an elevation for that humble little bar! Like sacred ground.


[1] A besom is a witch's broomstick.

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