Monday, May 20, 2013

Runic Transformation of Ubilaz

Ubilaz is a proto-Germanic word typically translated as evil. Etymologically, ubilaz is thought to come from the "Proto-Indo-European root *wep- (bad), making it cognate with Old Irish fel (bad), Hittite  (huwap(p)-/hup(p)-, to mistreat)." Alternatively, ubilaz may come from the "Proto-Indo-European *upélos (evil, literally "going over or beyond (acceptable limits)"), from Proto-Indo-European *upo, *up, *eup (down, up, over)."

One website describes the concept of evil:

Definitions of evil vary along with analysis of its root motive causes, however general actions commonly considered evil include: conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish their psychological needs and dignity, destructiveness, and acts of unnecessary and/or indiscriminate violence that are not legitimate acts of self-defense but aggressive and designed to cause ill-being to others. 

Transliterated into Younger Futhark runes, ubilaz is spelled:

ur-bjarken-iss-logr-ar-sol -

A master over evil can take the runes and runic energies which comprise this word, break them apart, and transform the letter-energy into anything she or he desires, thereby nullifying the evil through transformation. As the old saying goes, would that good had the singleminded power of evil!

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