Sunday, May 26, 2013

Forspá and Eftirryni

In follow-up to my previous post in which I quote Alice Ogilvie's article on weather magic:

One type of divination is also at work here, the forspá, as supposed to the discovery of hidden knowledge (eftirryni).

Google Translate translates the Norwegian word forspá as bias. Interestingly, another synchronicity of this word with recent events comes to light through this translation. Earlier today, an Etsy and Facebook friend of mine brought up the idea of bias in divination as we chatted through Facebook (she indicated that she wouldn't do divination readings for herself due to her own bias, while I indicated I would never trust the divinations of others for me because all divinations go through the personal lens of the diviner and I only trust for myself readings I do myself).

I'm happy to discover that my Jotun dream divination can be associated with the Icelandic word eftirryni (uncovering hidden knowledge) as opposed to the Norwegian word forspá (biased knowledge).

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